Mr Styles

Janet Swift's love life is ruptured as the love of her ife turns out to be her maths teacher. what will she do? will she make it work? find out through her eyes as you live her life.



Janet’s p.o.v

Hi, my name is Janet smith. Last name familiar? Yes, I am Taylor Swift’s twin sister. Oomph. I hate her with all my guts .  The reason why? Well TAYLOR ‘SAYS’ she taught herself how to sing and play guitar. LIAR! It was me who taught her. It started when we were 7…

*flash back*

''Janet!'' I abruptly stop singing and playing to turn around. I turn around to see me WHOLE family staring at me in amazement smiling. I blush cherry red. ''you have and amazing voice and are very talented'' my mum pipes up. ''YOU HAVE TO TEACH ME HOW TO DO THAT!'' Taylor screamed running in my bedroom with a grin on her face. Being me i couldn't say no to anybody so of course that was her first singing and guitar lesson. 

*Flash back over*

Un like miss 'I rule the world' i am just a typical teenager who goes to school and has a part time job. My life is normal compared to her. oh, and I forgot something, I'm the class know it all, teachers pet, nerd and geek if you may say that. If you can't tell i get bullied, a LOT! That sums me up basically



Please no hate. My other turned out really bad and I know but please give this one a chance as I am writing it as i go along. BTW I have my two mates helping me with this so cheers to Matthew and Kurt. please comment if you want me to carry on.

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