This Love is Ours

Mia Johnson is a 18 year old girl who has been through alot in the last 12 years. She has slipped in and out of depression for all those years and finally decides to end it. The depression , her sadness and her life... Until she meets the one man who makes her happy about herself who makes her feel worth something, who makes her feel loved... His name is Zayn Jawaad Malik

Hiya guys my names Beth and i hope you like it :) im going to put a *TRIGGER WARNING* on this cause it will have some content that some people might find triggering
If you like it can you favourite and become a fan please thanks guys love ya xx


2. Chapter 2 <3

Mia's P.O.V.

I quickly ran back to the house and grabbed Mr.Razorblade and a rope. I walked back to the forest behind the park. I swung the rope over a tree and tied a noose. I then put 6 really deep slits in my wrists. That should do it i thought to myself... I stood on a rock under the tree and put my head through the knot. 'Right this is it I'm actually going to do this...' I thought to my self. I put one of my feet off the rock until I heard someone scream at me. 'STOP!!!!!' as they grabbed my legs and lifted me down. I looked down to see a black haired boy with brown eyes. He was gorgeous.

 'W-why ? Why would you try to do that to yourself ?!?!' 'BECAUSE NO ONE LOVES ME IM NOT WANTED HERE!!!!' I just broke down and cried into the strangers arms while he comforted me. We sat there for about two hours when my phone rang i looked at the caller I.D. 'Dad' I answered once I had gathered myself together abit 'hello' 'hey mia are you home ?' 'Emmm no I'm at the park with some friends at the minute. Why ?' It's just I have to go away to New Zealand for about 2 months and i was wondering if you wanted to come with me or stay here?' 'I think ill stay here dad ill talk to you later ok have a safe journey love you ' 'love you too ill call when I land ' 'ok bye dad' 'bye'

I turned back to the boy that saved me 'I never caught your name? 'Zayn. Zayn Malik' 'I'm Mia nice to meet you Zayn' 'So Mia do you want to talk about what just happened?' ' Not here' 'Come back to mine? Just a warning though i live with my four friends ' 'Yeh I'd love to ' I said with a smile

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