This Love is Ours

Mia Johnson is a 18 year old girl who has been through alot in the last 12 years. She has slipped in and out of depression for all those years and finally decides to end it. The depression , her sadness and her life... Until she meets the one man who makes her happy about herself who makes her feel worth something, who makes her feel loved... His name is Zayn Jawaad Malik

Hiya guys my names Beth and i hope you like it :) im going to put a *TRIGGER WARNING* on this cause it will have some content that some people might find triggering
If you like it can you favourite and become a fan please thanks guys love ya xx


1. Chapter 1 <3

Mias P.O.V.

'Dad I'm home' i screamed up as i opened the front door to my house.I waited for a reply...No answer. I walked into the kitchen to see a note on the island thing in the middle of the kitchen it read 'Mia,work called and i have to go in for a few hours ill be home around 8 Dont make dinner ill bring some home for you love always Dad xx'

Okay then home alone for 3 hours. I wandered around the house for a few minutes thinking of what i could do. I could ring Nicole my best she was in scotland for a week. I decided to go to starbucks for a while.I ordered a caramel frappe and went to sit by the lake in the local park. I walked to the park and sat down by the lake I sat there thinking about everything that happened over the last twelve years and started to get depressed again. I thought to myself 'what if i could stop all of this sadness I could finally get off this earth and be happy' i decided this was the night i was going to do it... this was the night i was going to die...

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