Angel Wings And Vampire Dreams

When 17 year old Rose meets the 18 year old handsome and mysterious Damian, two worlds collide. When things start to heat up between them and go the way no one expected it, they both discover things about themselves and each other. When realization comes crashing down on them, they have to fight a battle; between themselves.


3. Chapter Two

Rose Montgomery

I opened my wardrobe and pulled out my black dress; It was short with the top cut low. It reached my mid-tighs. I quickly slipped it on and ran my fingers through my hair to get a bit of a messy look. Before starting on my make up, I put on some music and danced to 'Little White Lies' by One Direction. Yeah, I liked them and still do; Got a problem? 
Anyhow, I got out my black and dark grey glittering eyeliner along with my blood red lipstick. I leaned forward to the mirror and put on the black eyeliner. I quickly wet my thumb with my tongue and ran my thumb over the black line, smearing it out a bit, getting the smoky look I wanted. I then took the dark grey glittering eyeliner and made a thin line on my lower waterline and stopped a bit past half way. I took the black eyeliner again and filled out the empty space. I leaned back and smiled, satisfied with the results. I grabbed the red lipstick and swept the tip over my bottom and upper lip. I put on the lid and put back all my make up. I then looked at myself and smiled; I looked hot, extremely hot. 

I looked through my shoes and quickly grabbed my black pumps. I slipped them on and walked to the kitchen to drink some water. 

When I finished, I heared the door to my apartment open; It had to be Ryan.

I smiled as I walked to the front door, only to see Travis; my enemy. 


"You thought you'd get away with what you did last week?" He smirked and came closer to me. As much as I wanted to take off my heels, I could not because he could all of a sudden launch at me.

And I had right; At that exact moment, he launched at me with a knife in his hand. 

I quickly dodged him and somehow kicked him on his side. Before he could get up, I smashed my elbow on his back and kicked his ass, making him fall to the floor, face first. I quickly kicked the knife out of his hand and grabbed it myself. I rolled him over and he successfully forced in a punch to my ribs. I pucnhed his face with my fists as I pinned down his arms under my knees. 

I don't know how, but all of a sudden, I was under him and he was choking me. My eyes widened as my lips parted to gasp for air. 

"ROSE!" I heard the familiar voice of Ryan, just as I was about to pass out. I could do absolutely nothing, but watch Travis bloody face. 

All of a sudden, Travis was hit on the left temple and rolled off of me. I gasped for air and arched my back to breath in. 


"Shit, are you okay?" Ryan asked me as he helped me to stand up. 


"Do I fucking look okay!?" I growled and coughed more. I finally could breathe normally. 


"Sorry. But, what the hell happened?" He asked with the worry evident in his voice and dancing in his eyes. 


"Oh, I don't know, Travis just fucking broke into my apartment and tried to kill me!" I glared at him and grabbed my bracelet I always wore and put it on. It was a simple silver bracelet with the word periculum, which meant danger in Latin. I remember having it for the most part of my life, I probably got it from my parents. 


My parents?


That's a story for another day.


"I'm sorry okay! I actually did save you, the least you could do is to say a freaking "thank you"! Geez, you're so complicated!" I sighed as he ran his hands through his messy hair. 


"I'm sorry. Thank you, Ryan. Really, thank you very much." I smiled apologetically at him. He sighed and hugged me tightly. 


"It's okay, but just don't do that again. It's extremely frustrating." He said and hugged me tight. I hugged him back, just as tight. 


"I know you love meeeeee." He laughed and I smiled. 


"Yeah, yeah, whatever. You love me too." We pulled away and I kissed his cheek, leaving a red lip mark. 


"WRONG!" He pouted and I laughed while shaking my head.


"Just a peeeeccckkkk!" He whined and I rolled my eyes. I leaned in and waited...And waited...And waited...

When he moved the slightest bit, I pulled away and walked to the door. I stopped mid-way and turned around with a smirk. 


"Coming? The club is waiting for us, you know", I said. He snapped out of his trance and smirked at me. 


"Yeah, but we have to get rid of this body first." He nodded to the limp body in front of him. I rolled my eyes.


"Well, carry it and we'll throw it in the sea or something." With that, I walked out of my apartment and sat in the passenger's seat. 

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