Angel Wings And Vampire Dreams

When 17 year old Rose meets the 18 year old handsome and mysterious Damian, two worlds collide. When things start to heat up between them and go the way no one expected it, they both discover things about themselves and each other. When realization comes crashing down on them, they have to fight a battle; between themselves.


2. Chapter One

When Rose finally reaches her first period, she knocks on the door and opens the door after she hears Mrs. Walker shout "come in". 


"Hello, dear. You must be Rose. I'm Mrs. Walker", Mrs. Walker introduces herself. Rose closes the door behind her and gladly accepts Mrs. Walkers hand. 


"Rose", she introduces herself and lets go of her hand. 


"Why don't you go ahead and tell a bit about yourself for us?" Mrs. Walker smiles and Rose nods with a polite smile on her plump red/pink lips. 


"I'm Rose Adams. I'm 17 years old and I love dancing and singing. Ummm, I don't really know what to say more so if you have any questions, just come up to me and ask", she introduces herself.

A boy with blond hair and ice blue eyes raises his hand. Mrs. Walker nods at him to ask. 


"Are you single?" He asks with a smirk. Rose raises an eyebrow with a half-smirk on her lips. 


"Yeah. Why so?" 


"Just wondering, gorgeous." He smirks and Rose rolls her eyes. 

Rose is gorgeous and she's aware of that. She is total perfection. Everyone takes second - if not third - glances at her when she enters a room because of her beauty. Her long pin-straight natural cherry red hair falls down her back naturally and her yellow/golden eyes with specks of emerald green makes her seem mysterious, but beautiful. Her high cheek bones, strong jawline, small nose; And her S formed body, her body is the most beautiful part of her. She has beautiful curves, yet she is thin. She's 1.66 metres tall with long smooth legs. She is total perfection; She's every guys wet dream as they call it and she's aware of that. 


"Rose, you can go and sit beside Ryan. From what he's told me, the two of you are best friends", Mrs. Walker smiles politely. Rose nods and walks over to her table with a grin on her face. 


"Hey, babe", Ryan greets her. Rose and Ryan has been bff's since they were toddlers. Just like Rose, Ryan is total perfection; With his light chocolate brown hair with a slight touch of cherry red in it and grass green eyes, strong jawline, high cheek bones and his plump red/pink lips, he has every girl fall at his feet. 


"Hi there, sexy thing", she greets him quietly with a playfull wink. 


"I know I'm sexy, baby." She rolls her eyes and turns her head to Mrs. Walker. 



"Rose! Roza! Rozey! Rosalita! Ro-", Ryan shouts as he chases Rose down the hallway. She swiftly turns around with amusement and annoyance shining in her eyes.


"WHAT!" She cuts him off. Ryan freezes and pulls on his shock face. A few seconds later of eye contact, they both burst out laughing.
Ryan walks over to her and wraps his arm around her shoulders as they make their way to get lunch. 


"Roza, how about we go to a club tonight? It's been a long while", Ryan whines as Rose shoves a bit of her salad into her mouth. She chews it thoughtfully then nods eagerly.


"Sure, why not?"


"Great! I'll pick you up at 8.00, good?" 


"Yeah. Today's going to rock!" 

They both high-five each other and grin eagerly at each other. 

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