The Chosen One

Ariel is a 16 year old Latina. She is very beautiful and rich. Dispute all that, she has been through many complications in life. Her brother died and her father left without an explanation. Now that it's only her and her mom Jessica, Ariel turn into what they call a slut. When her friend Emily invited her to a party, she expected it to be fun. But when she becomes 'The Chosen One" everything after that night changed her life. She ends up pregnant and not knowing who the father is. But the worst of all, she gets betrayed by people close to her.
Can she find the father of her baby, and find out who decided to make her the chosen one?


6. Chapter 6

5 minutes seemed like an eternity. 

Every second I would be looking at the pregnancy test. Waiting for that plus sign to appear.

Finally mom came in and knocked on the bathroom door. 

" Ariel you can check it now"

Without hesitation I picked up the pregnancy test and the results didn't surprise me.  

I am pregnant. At that moment, there were many things running through my head. 

Tears started to roll down my face. 

" what does it say?" Mom said at the door.

Because I didn't say anything she opened the door and saw the emotion on my face. I know she must have been mad but she can't blame me.

She took me to the hospital to find out how many weeks I was.  

I was just almost six weeks pregnant.

I didn't have the guts to look at moms face for emotion. 

I was too embarrassed.

"how did this happen Ariel?" Mom said as we walked into our house.

I didn't reply. After all I'm sure she knows the process of making a baby.

I went to sit on the couch and she followed. 

I wish she would just stop starring at me. I'm still human!

" okay so first we need to decide what your gonna do." 

She said with a serious face on, still starring at me.

" what do you mean by that?" 

I said confused.

" we'll are you going to keep the baby or not? Like I mean a baby is a great blessing but just not at your age. No matter what your choice is I will have your back. But don't get me wrong, I am still very angry that you got yourself in such a situation but those consequences will come after." She said briefly.

I was listening to her but I had one main thing in my mind. If in doing the math right I could have gotten pregnant around the time of the party. But I am sure those guys used condoms plus I don't want to bring that up again. 

But then again I could have gotten pregnant the week before when Caleb and I had sex.

" Ariel! Ariel! Did you hear what I just asked you?" Mom said disturbing my thoughts.

" what did you say?" I said

" I asked if you would call Caleb to let him know about this and you two can decide on what you want to do."  

She said.

" um.... Yeah I might call him but I think in going to go to bed first." 

I said getting up and walking upstairs to my room.

" Ariel make sure you call him. It's really important for you two to make this decision because he's the father." 

She said walking away also.

An hour after laying down and not sleeping I decided to text Caleb.

" hey Caleb, I have some news to tell you. It's really important so get back to me immediately." 

I sent the text and tried to get back to sleep.

As I was about to shut my eyes, I received a text.  

But it wasn't from Caleb.

" hey Ariel. Want to hang out? Anything new? Lets go shopping again. There is a party coming up this weekend we should go." 

Emily said.

" oh hey Em, everything is new... I don't think I should I go to a party right now. I have a lot going on, but have fun for the both of us." 

I replied.

Since I couldn't get I sleep anymore I pulled out my laptop and went on a online chat room that I always go on when I'm bored.

I would always speak to this guy named Chris. From how he's explained him self, he is 6"6 which is very tall and he is around 22. He is light skinned an his background is Trinidadian.

He's a good friend to speak to. I could tell him everything.

Before I looked to see if he was online, he messages me.

" hey Ariel. Haven't spoken to you in a while."

" just been busy. You know with school and stuff. Life is tough." 

I said starting to relax.

I always feel relaxed when I speak to chis. He listens to everything I say and doesn't judge me at all. He would have been the perfect boyfriend if only there had not been a huge age difference between us.

" tell me what's bugging you, I'm all ears." 

He said and sent a smiley emoticon.

" okay well first off I'm pregnant..." I said knowing that he might be as disappointed as my mother.

" wait your what? Who's the father?" He asked curiously.

I started to go back to the thoughts of the party.

" I'm actually not sure." I replied.

" Ariel how can you not know who the father is? I'm sure you haven't been sleep around with every guy in your city. Try to narrow it down." He said.

not wanting to be thinking about all that right now I told Chris that I was going to bed.

It really sucks trying to sleep when you have so many things on your mind.

Maybe I should do something fun tomorrow.  

I texted Emily and told her lets go to the beach.  

Minutes later she confirmed.

My head was a little lighter knowing that I was going to have fun tomorrow.  

Before I fell asleep, I pictured what I was going to wear and how I was going to look.

In the morning, mom came up and gave me these huge pink pills. She told me that I have to drink it to keep the baby healthy.

I wondered why she thought that I was going to keep this baby. I'm just 16 I can barley even do laundry or anything, I can't have a baby. I have a social life to worry about.

I just took the pill and pretended to swallow it then later when mom was gone I threw it away.

It was already noon which meant Emily would be coming to my house soon.

I got in the shower washed my hair and lathered my body.

I got out and went into my closet to find something to wear. I laid down a few outfits and tried them all on to see which one is best.

I was down to a black and white striped sailor button up high waist shorts and a matching white tang top. And a strapless color block high low dress.

I heard the door bell ring. I quickly ran to open the door for Emily.  

While upstairs in my room, I was still choosing what to wear.

" don't wear the high waisted shorts, it will make you look fat." Emily insisted.

" me? Fat? Never, I don't feel like wearing a dress I want something tight actually. So I'm going to wear the shorts." I said while pulling on my underwear.

I am comfortable with changing in front if Emily. Even it I'm naked. She a girl just like me and we have the same parts so why hide?

I was rubbing myself with lotion when I reached my stomach, I rubbed it more than ever. It's like I never wanted to take my hand away from there.

I started to think about what this baby might be. But then I was interrupted by Emily.

" Ariel! What are you doing? You've been rubbing your stomach for like 2 minutes straight."

I quickly jumped and motioned the test of me.

" my stomach was extra dry that's why I need to moisturize it more." I tried to lie.

I want to tell Emily I'm pregnant yet. Like I mean what if I decide to not keep this baby. If I let her know she would be telling everyone she sees. So I might as well just keep it to my self.

I put on my clothes and looked in the mirror.  

My body was looking stunning in these shorts, I couldn't believe it. 

Then I looked up in the mirror and noticed that Emily was watching me very funny like. But I just ignored it.

My hair was still damp from my shower. I scrunched in some curl activator and my hair got curly and nice. I like having damp hair when it's hot like this.

I sprayed on some of my juicy couture perfume and got in my car with Emily and left.

I was so glad that most of my bruising from the party was gone it else I would have ended up wearing sweat pants to the beach like Emily. But I still had to cover some of it up with make up.

We got to the beach an there were a lot of people there.

We got a place to sit and I opened up my giant umbrella and sat under it.

As Emily and I were talking, a huge body figure approached us. I looked up and saw a tall handsome guy.

I couldn't stop starring at him. He should be around 17 or so. He has tan skin with beautiful brown eyes that sparkle like the water. 

My eyes trailed to his stomach.  

He had a perfect 6 pack abs.

He must have noticed me watching him because he followed my eyes and saw I was looking at his abs.

" is there a bug on me or something?" He said joking.

Emily looked at him. She stood up beside him and playfully hit him.

" oh Nathaniel stop playing around." Emily said.

As I heard that name , it sort if rang a bell. It sounded very familiar.

" do I know you? It seems like I've heard your name before." I said.

" oh well maybe it's because I had-" he was cut off by Emily.

" yeah I'm sure you've heard his name before. Because I always talk about him. Remember I told you he's my boyfriend?" She said.

Not remembering that she ever even had a boyfriend I jut ignored it and let her to speak to him.

But there is something weird about all of this.

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