The Chosen One

Ariel is a 16 year old Latina. She is very beautiful and rich. Dispute all that, she has been through many complications in life. Her brother died and her father left without an explanation. Now that it's only her and her mom Jessica, Ariel turn into what they call a slut. When her friend Emily invited her to a party, she expected it to be fun. But when she becomes 'The Chosen One" everything after that night changed her life. She ends up pregnant and not knowing who the father is. But the worst of all, she gets betrayed by people close to her.
Can she find the father of her baby, and find out who decided to make her the chosen one?


4. Chapter 4

" hey baby" Caleb said as I opened my house door.  

I asked Caleb to come over since I haven't been feeling so good. 

He brought me some soup and a movie. 

He's the perfect boyfriend. 

I let him in and we go into the living room and put in the move he brought. 

" thanks" I said. 

I read the movie title. " the pregnancy pact." 

" what is this movie about?" 

I asked.

" I'm not really sure. The guy at the movie store said that this movie would be perfect for us."

Confused as of why the guy at the video store gave Caleb a pregnancy movie and said that it would be perfect for us is kind of weird. 

Caleb and I watched the whole movie. 

It was about a few young high school girls who started to pact to get pregnant at the same time. They would trick their boyfriends into sleeping with them and get pregnant and pretend like it was not in purpose. 

In the middle of the movie one if the girls who is in the pact gave birth to a baby girl and she was put on a breathing machine. She explained to her other pregnant friend that labour was very painful and she told them that she had many painful stitches to her vagina. 

At the end one of the other girls had her baby and her boyfriend no longer supported her. So she was all alone.

I thought that the movie has a message to it. It shows teens how hard it is to have babies at a young age.

" babe lets go up stairs, that movie has got me turned on a little" 

Caleb said.

Even though its been almost a month since that party and the rape. I still felt a little insecure. But I don't want to turn Caleb down cause he would know that something is wrong.

We walked upstairs and went into my room. 

He started kissing me then he threw me on my bed. He got on top of me and started to take his clothes off. 

I just laid there while everything that happened almost a month ago was coming back to my mind.  

I snapped out of my thoughts and I say Caleb looking at we worriedly, I knew that he knew something was wrong.

"Ariel, what's wrong?

" me? Oh nothing, just not really in the mood I guess." 

I said trying to hide the truth.

He got off me and went out my room door. I then heard my house door slam and by that I knew that he left. But why was he mad? This is the first time he's gotten upset because I don't want to have sex.  

Something is up with that boy.

When my mom got home she called me down stairs and she sounded very angry.

" Ariel Maria Theresa Lopez... What is this?" 

She was holding up a pad that I had put in the garbage. 

I put a lot of red food colouring in it so she wouldn't notice that I've missed my period this month.

" do you think that you can trick me with the food colouring trick?" She said angrily. 

" after school today I want you to come to the hospital so I can give you a check up" she continues.

I nod my head and went back up to my room. 

Suddenly I started to notice everything. 

What if I'm pregnant? 

But no I can't be, I've been taking my birth control pills. 

Wait, I don't think I've remembered to take then for weeks now.  

As my thoughts started to get worse i slowly fell asleep.

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