The Chosen One

Ariel is a 16 year old Latina. She is very beautiful and rich. Dispute all that, she has been through many complications in life. Her brother died and her father left without an explanation. Now that it's only her and her mom Jessica, Ariel turn into what they call a slut. When her friend Emily invited her to a party, she expected it to be fun. But when she becomes 'The Chosen One" everything after that night changed her life. She ends up pregnant and not knowing who the father is. But the worst of all, she gets betrayed by people close to her.
Can she find the father of her baby, and find out who decided to make her the chosen one?


3. Chapter 3

As I laid down feeling lifeless, I thought about why Emily left me so quickly and she didn't even tell me anything about where she was going. I have a feeling something is up with her.

" okay bitch, here are the rules..." A deep voice chased me away from my thoughts. 

" so, every year at a party that an anonymous person tells us to come to a party. You may have not heard of us but now you have, we are " the party crashes", basically we are 6 guys that will remain anonymous. Someone that doesn't like you has sent is to ruin your life. After this happens, you are going to go straight down stairs and pretend like nothing happened. If I hear that you are spreading around anything, trust me I will seek revenge. So, lets get on with it. "  

As he finished speaking I suddenly felt like my body was bleeding. Someone was hiring me quite hard with something. It's starting to burn my skin. I felt more tears starting to fall down my face. 

Someone ripped my underwear off and I felt something big enter me. 

I tried kicking and screaming with all my might but nothing seemed to work. 

To the sounds of their voice there seemed to be around 6 of them.  

It seemed like they were all going to take turns with me. 

I wish this night would just end. 

I don't care what they do to me, just as long as they don't hurt me.

Suddenly everything stopped and someone put something over my eyes so I won't see again. 

I heard the door open and a weird voice say " okay guys. Thanks for helping me out with her. I hope you guys didn't take advantage of her... To much." I heard the sarcasm in their voice. 

To me it seemed like someone was using a voice changing app on their cell phone.

Then I remember what one of the guys said. Someone who hated me called them to do this to me. Maybe this was the person speaking.

I had to find out who this person was. 

I felt someone untie my hands and legs, but they were still holding me still.

" okay miss perfect, here's the deal, we will let you go but you have to promise not to get up until you hear the door close. If you do get up there will be serious consequences." 

The weird voice said again.

I didn't want to find out what those consequences were so I nodded my head and agreed to follow what I was told.

I felt the hand let go of me and then I heard the door close.

As soon as it closed I took of the blindfold and noticed that I was in a bedroom. But I'm not sure who's bedroom this is. I looked in every drawer and underneath the bed to at least find out whose room this was.

I heard someone out beside the room door. I grabbed my dress and put it on and hid my torn underwear and bra underneath the persons mattress.  

The door quickly opened.

" omg! Emily thank god it's you. Um let's go home I wanna go now." 

I said as I seem Emily walk in.

" Ariel, I've been looking for you all over. Why are you in this room?" 

Emily said.

Before I responded to Emily I noticed something on the wall, I went a little closer and noticed that it was some kind of award.  

I looked at it and I noticed that this person was given the award for an honor roll. Seem like this person is smart.  

I looked closer and noticed something. It read " Nathaniel Williams ". 

This has to be his house!

" hey Ariel! What are you looking at? Since you say you wanna go so bad, then lets go." 

I tried looking for my phone but I couldn't find it.  

Hopefully my mom wouldn't be mad that I lost it. Maybe one of the guys took it. 

I didn't waste anymore time. I darted downstairs not even looking to see if Emily was following along. 

I got to my car and I searched my dress pocket for my car keys. I noticed that my pockets were empty.  

I asked Emily to go back up stairs and check to see if he can find my car keys.

A moment later she returned with a huge smile on her face. 

She handed me my keys and said keys go. 

I wonder why she was so gloomy all of a sudden. 

While driving we were both silent. 

Then I finally decided to break it. 

" Emily can I use your phone to call my house phone to check if mom is home? I kinda lost my phone in that party." 

I said. 

" of course." 

She search in her purse and I notice she was acting like she was hiding something. She handed me her phone.

" thanks " I said as I took the phone. 

I called my house phone but there was no answer. Seemed like mom was still at work. Hopefully I get home before her and I'll act like I lost my phone at the mall or at school. 

As I was about to hand Emily her phone back I noticed that it was almost 2 in the morning. And I also noticed that she had 9 new text messages. 

" you seem to be popular tonight" I said referring to all her unread text messages. 

She grabbed the phone out of my hand. 

" oh, yeah." She said.

I dropped Emily home and the drive the fastest I can home. When I got home I could help but take a hot shower. I felt like I needed to get out of this skin. 

I went into the bathroom and took all my clothes off. I turned the shower on hot water only. While I waited for the water to get really hot, I looked in the mirror. I noticed that I had a bruise on my back.  

And I was starting to feel very sore down there. 

I jumped on the shower, the water was extremely hot but I still stood underneath it. I took a rag and started to scrub myself very hard to the point where my skin will turn bright red and burn. 

I tried to get all those guys filth off me. I know it's going to take more than one shower. I got out 25 minutes later and got ready for bed. As I was putting on my pajamas, I heard my moms car come in the drive way.

I jumped into bed and pretended that I was sleeping. Usually mom would always check up on me first thing when she got in. 

I don't blame her. She lost her son and her husband around the same time. I'm sure she wouldn't want me to be lost too.

As I predicted, mom came in my room. I quickly closed my eyes. She kissed my forehead and then closed my door and went in her room.

As I lay down in my own bed, I was starting to take in everything that happened last night. As I thought of it as a dream. I slowly drifted off to sleep.

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