The Chosen One

Ariel is a 16 year old Latina. She is very beautiful and rich. Dispute all that, she has been through many complications in life. Her brother died and her father left without an explanation. Now that it's only her and her mom Jessica, Ariel turn into what they call a slut. When her friend Emily invited her to a party, she expected it to be fun. But when she becomes 'The Chosen One" everything after that night changed her life. She ends up pregnant and not knowing who the father is. But the worst of all, she gets betrayed by people close to her.
Can she find the father of her baby, and find out who decided to make her the chosen one?


14. Chapter 14

I've been driving for almost an hour and we still have no where to go. Now I'm kinda wishing that I had listened to mom.

" I need to pick something up from my house." Caleb said.

I drove to his house. Still very confused. I though that was where we were going. He went into his house and a few minutes later he came outside holding a black bag. 

" why don't we rent a room for the night? We can have a place to rest our head while we find a real place to live." Caleb said.
I looked at him, and without saying another word I drove out of the drive way.

I pulled into a hotel parking lot. He got all the bags out the car and gave them to me. Talk about a real gentlemen. He held his own bag.

The hotel lobby was very nice. I asked for a basic room but then Caleb interrupted me.

" actually can we have a penthouse suite with a snack bar."
I couldn't believe he did that. And I bet he didn't have any money. 

After a while of arguing, Caleb got his way. He said that we would only be staying her for a few days until we get out own place. 

We went up to the room and it looked wonderful. There was a nice view and a very big master bedroom with a bathroom. There was a large pantry.
When i opened it up there were tons of snacks. From skittles to cookies and chocolate. I felt like a kid again. 

I unpacked my clothes and put them in a drawer. I felt like I was at home already. 

I lay down on the bed just thinking about my baby. Can't wait to see this little thing that grew in my come out into the world as half of my creation. 
As I was thinking, Caleb jumped on the bed. 
" can you rub my feet? From driving for so long, their a little sore." I said as he sat down.

He gave me a glare and took my shoes off and started rubbing.
" sorry, pregnancy feet." I said reminding him that I was pregnant.

I looked at my phone and saw. Few texts from my mom along with a missed call. 

" Ariel, what were you thinking? Remember you still have to go to the police? Why would you run off with Caleb , he already told you he was using you. How can you not understand he doesn't love you. He's going to harm you." 
One message said.

The last message said" you know what? I'm done. He can do what ever he wants to you but just as long as he doesn't hurt that baby in you. Since you don't care about your self then why should any one else?" 

I took a picture of Caleb rubbing my feet. " mom see this he does care. He's a great guy. He cares about me and his baby a lot. Before I was having second thoughts about leaving with him but now that I seem he has changed completely, I'm happy that I know I made the right choice." I texted her and sent her the picture. 

I put my phone in the night stand so it wouldn't bother Caleb and I. 
It was getting late and I was getting tired of eating junk. We ordered pizza. Of course I had to pay for everything but oh well, at least I'm happy.

After eating I took a nice hot bath. 
While I soaked the tub, Caleb came in an sat on the toilet. 

" where's your phone? I need to use it because mine is dead and I don't have my charger." He asked

" it's in the night stand beside the bed. Who are you calling?" I asked. But instead of responding he got out and went to get the phone. 
I was curious as to who he was calling so I got out the tub and wrapped a towel around me. I stood in the washroom trying to listen to what he was talking about on the phone.

" yeah I know, but I didn't know where else to go. Everything will be fine. She's still pregnant. She was going to have twins but one of them died..." He said.

He must be talking to his parents. They are maybe wondering where he was. I felt happy knowing that they would ask about me. Maybe they accept the fact that it might be his baby. 

I heard him put the phone back in the drawer so I quickly dried myself and wrapped the towel around me and got out. 
While putting on my clothes, I noticed Caleb looking at me. 

" you know you can touch my stomach, it doesn't hurt. " I said making sure he knows.

" um, no I'm fine. I'm gonna get ready for bed. See you in the morning." 

" but you can sleep on the bed with me." I said as I patted a spot on the bed.
" no, I wouldn't want to hurt the baby. Ill take it on the couch ." He said as he walked out the room.

Can he be anymore prefect? 

In the morning we ordered a large amount of food from the hotels room service. I swiped my card when the came to deliver the food, but it was declined. I tried 3 more times but still the same. 

How could it be declined? I started freaking out. I am the only one with money. How are we going to eat, or even pay for this hotel room.

I sat on a chair and started eating snacks. Might as well eat them before we get kicked out of the hotel. 

In the after noon, I went to take a shower after getting out I took a nap. All this stress is making me tired. 

I was woken up by a loud sound. I got up and went into the living room. There I saw my mom. 

She ran to me and hugged me. 
I looked around and saw that she wasn't alone. There were four police officers. 
They searched Caleb then arrested him. 

One officer held Caleb while the other three searched the room. 

A few minutes later they came out of the bed room. " we got it" one said.

" I'm so glad that your still alive. Thank god." Mom said as she cried. 

I wonder what all this was about. 

I saw one of the officers with a bottle in a plastic bag. Maybe that should explain things. 

The next few days, I was in an interrogation room for hours. Asked the same questions over and over. 

" where was the party?" A detective asked.

" I'm not sure of the address but I do know how to get there." I answered. 

" do you know who was throwing the party?" He asked.

" I think it was Nathaniel Williams."
Then I remember something.

" I have proof that I was at the party. If only you could have searched his house." I said.

" get a lead on where Nathaniel Williams lives and get a search warrant." He said to a officer. 

He turned back to me and said " seems like we got a big case ahead. We will be sure to contact you as soon as we get the warrant. As for now I would advise that you go home and rest cause a lot of things will unfold in a few weeks." He got up opened the door and let me out.

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