The Chosen One

Ariel is a 16 year old Latina. She is very beautiful and rich. Dispute all that, she has been through many complications in life. Her brother died and her father left without an explanation. Now that it's only her and her mom Jessica, Ariel turn into what they call a slut. When her friend Emily invited her to a party, she expected it to be fun. But when she becomes 'The Chosen One" everything after that night changed her life. She ends up pregnant and not knowing who the father is. But the worst of all, she gets betrayed by people close to her.
Can she find the father of her baby, and find out who decided to make her the chosen one?


12. Chapter 12

I starred at her. Why is she smiling in a situation like this? How could she?

She held my hand.
" Ariel, you were going to have twins. Only one died." She said while crying tears of joy.

" I....I would have had twins?"
" yea, we lost one. But the other has a very strong heart beat. Every disappointing is a blessing." She said.

I lifted my hospital gown and saw that I had a huge white bandage on my stomach. 
I was so relived that I was still going to be a mother.

" we have to put you on strict bed rest for a month. Your stitches have to heal and your baby have to adjust its self in your stomach." Mom said while walking to the end of the room.

I noticed she picked up something. 
" do you want to see how small the baby that we removed is?" She asked
"No! I think it's better if I don't. Mom when do I get to go home?" I asked because I really hate hospitals. They creep me out. 

" you could have went home tomorrow, but since I'm going to be working here, u feel its best if you stayed here for a few days. So I would always be able to check up on you." 

Ugh. Nightmare begins.

The whole rest of the day I just stayed in bed watching tv. Hospitals are very boring. Mom kept coming in and out of the room to check on me. 

The next day, she came in the room and told me that I had to start walking. 

" you have to get some exercise.
You can't just lay here and be lazy. Lets go down stairs and grab some dinner."

" but I'm not hungry" I said to her as I pointed to the IV needle in my hand.

" oh, let me take it off then." She went out of the room and returned with cotton balls and a band-aid.

She picked up my hand and started taking the needle out. I didn't feel a thing. With a cotton ball she pressed down on where the needle came out of. She was making sure that the bleeding would stop.
After when I stopped bleeding, she put the band-aid on.

I was terrified of getting up.
Because of my surgery.
I didn't even clean my self up. Mom had to do everything.

She cleans my stitches, and changes the bandage for it every 4 hours.

I took time to get up but after a few minutes I was up from the bed.

" mom can I have a wheel chair? I'm afraid that these stitches will burst." I asked.
" no honey, your fine. Just as long as your not in pain then your fine."

We started walking to the elevator. The more I walked, I more I got comfortable. 
I didn't need to hold onto the walls anymore.

When we got to the food court, it was very empty. Maybe because
It was almost 6 pm.

Mom ordered us some food while I sat down.
I was so glad that I didn't have to carry around that IV thing.

Looking down at my stomach, I noticed that it was getting a little big. But wait.... I'm not sure if its just swollen from the surgery.

I just can't believe I would have had twins. That would have been a wonderful surprise. But I've lost one. Losing a baby isn't much joy to some people. But I'd rather just lose one than to lose both.

I came out if thoughts when mom put a bowl of soup in front of me.

" soup?!" I said surprised. I expected her to bring me something more filling.

" yeah, but you said you weren't that hungry. Plus I can't have you eating anything too heavy." She said down.

While eating we spoke about the baby and betting on what the gender is gonna be. I couldn't help but notice that my mom was excited about having a little one around. She hasn't had a child for almost 17 years. 

I have a good feeling about this pregnancy thing. 

When we were done with our dinner, we decided to walk around to waste time and keep me on my feet.

We passed some people and they seemed to know mom. 
Very well.
She stopped to speak to them.

While she was talking to them I saw two paramedics bring in someone on a stretcher.

I hadn't notice that we were near the emergency room.

The person seems to have gotten into a fight. I couldn't really see their face. But when I heard their voice, I knew that it had to be someone that I knew.

I saw the chubby figure and heard the ( finger nails on a chalkboard) voice. 
I knew it was Emily.

Before I could have went over and see what happened.
Mom interrupted. " Ariel, come say hi to one of my patients" 

I walked over to where she was and there I saw such a beautiful girl. She looked like an angel.

" hi, I'm Ariel. What's your name?"

" I'm Megan." She said shyly.

She looked very beautiful. She had light blue eyes that sparkle. Her skin was a perfect color
She was just perfect. 

I wondered what she was in the hospital for.
Then I saw it. Her beautiful eyes perfect face and skin took me away from seeing that her head was completely bald.

Despite the fact that she had cancer. She was in good spirits. 
And I don't blame her. Cancer shouldn't take the life out of people.

I couldn't stop starring at her. 

Megan's family knew mom very well. She has been her doctor since she was diagnosed with cancer.

The rest of the night I was in her room, entertaining her.

" what would you like to do?" I asked as I sat on a chair beside her bed. 

" I don't know, I've been in here so long that I run out of things to do."
She said in her sweet little voice.

" oh, I know. Let me paint your nails." I motioned to her that I would be right back. I walked to my room and grabbed my nail set.
I had mom go home to get it since I was bored of watching tv all the time.

While painting her nails. I noticed that she was always smiling. 

I didn't know what to say to her cause I wouldn't want to say anything wrong. So I just painted her nails.

I hope we wins this battle.

The rest of the days I spent in the hospital I mostly spent them with Megan. We went on walks, colored and read. I basically did everything with her to keep her happy. And I was very happy to keep her smiling.

When mom told me that I was getting out tomorrow, I didn't know how to tell Megan. She seemed to like having me around.

Before I left, I promised to come see her at least twice a week.
I am determined not to break that promise.

The day that I got home, the first thing that I did was charge my phone. After I had surgery, mom brought it home and never brought it back to the hospital.

As soon as it turned on it started receiving a lot of texts. 

I left it there and waited until it stopped beeping.
Finally after many beeps it stopped. 46 new messages. 

From what I'm seeing, their all from Emily.

Ugh, what does she want now...

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