Forever And Always (Sequel)

(Sequel To Friends With Benefits) Holly Winters and Harry Styles are finally together like they've always wanted. But what if Holly gets a new job that will distant the new couple? Will they face it together? Or will they face it alone?


12. Used For Comfort

*Kiera’s POV*

Luke and I stopped over at a local bar and he carefully places me on the sofa before he excused himself to ask for a first aid kit. When he left, I admire the place and noticed some vintage pictures hanging on the wall. There was also a pile of old CD’s and I limp over to it to check them out. Most of them were unknown people to me. I wasn’t really a fan of old music. I was more of a modern girl. Suddenly, I felt a tap on my shoulder and I turned around slowly to see Luke holding a first aid kit.

“Sit.” He commands. I follow him and took a sit in the nearest stool and he opens the compartment and brought out some cotton and alcohol. He dabs the cotton with alcohol and gently caressed it on the huge cut on my knee. I hiss with pain and he pulls back immediately.

“Sorry.” I blurt. “Keep going.”

He does and continues his job. It almost took 7 cottons to wipe clean the blood. When it was gone, Luke places some cream before he covers it up with gauze. He looked around me for more injuries and he notices the cut on my lower lip. He looks for more cotton but found nothing so he uses his finger to wipe the blood away.

“Thank you.” I murmur, leaning on to his touch.

“My pleasure.” He says. We stare at each other for a few seconds until he snaps back to reality and stood up. “Are you hungry?” he asks.

I nod weakly. “Thirsty, actually.”

He covers his hands inside his pocket. “Sure. Let me get you some water.”

“Hey, Luke?” I call out.

“Yeah?” he asks, turning around.

“Make it beer.” I answer. He gives me a grin before he turns around and ordered some beer.

*Louis’ POV*

I was currently on my way to see Harry. Honestly, I was worried about him. He never went out of his room and I have no idea if he ate. On my way there, I thought of all kinds of possibilities that Holly could’ve done that made Harry like that. Suddenly, I see a pool of blonde hair on the floor and I notice that Holly was lying in front of Harry’s door, asleep. Her cheeks were red and she probably stayed there the whole time.

“Shit.” I say. I crouched down in front of her and touched her forehead. Shit. She was hot. I should take her back to our room. “Holly, wake up.” I coo.

Her eyes slowly flutter and she smiles when she saw me. “Oh, hey, Louis.” She says, rubbing the back of her head.

“Don’t “Oh, hey, Louis.” Me. Since when were you here?” I ask, concerned.

She looks up, thinking hard. “Few hours ago. Harry wouldn’t open the door.” I could see that she was sad so I tried changing the topic.

“Let’s get you cleaned up.” I say, helping her stand up. When she was fully up, we started walking toward the elevator and I looked back at Harry’s door. I never knew he could ignore Holly like this.

When we reach my room, I place Holly on the bed and she slowly lies down, admiring the fluorescents. I stare at her for a couple of minutes before she notices and catches me. I turn beet red and I look away. “Louis, I’m hungry.” She whines.

I stood up and rubbed her forehead. “Fine, I’m going out. I’ll buy you some food and medicine. Don’t go anywhere okay?”

“Okaaaayyy.” She shouts burying herself in the comforter.

I just roll my eyes and left the room, without saying anything. That’s what I actually love about her. She’s open to me and she’s never embarrassed about it. While I was inside the elevator, I text Paul that I needed to head out and buy some things important. He replies that he’s waiting in the lobby and I shut my phone and hurried off.

“Louis!” Paul calls out from the entrance. I walk over to him and he asks, “Where we heading?”

“McDonalds and a pharmacy. It’s for Holly.” I explain. He just nods his head before we approach the exit and there were a million fans outside. Some grabbed my arms, some grabbed my hair and I felt like I was going die. Paul came to the rescue by calling to the other body guards and they hover around me. When we reach the van. I sigh with relief and the driver starts heading to McDonalds.

When I reached McDonalds, I order a cheeseburger with fries for Holly and a Double Hot Fudge for me. When it was time to pay, I give the cashier $50 and told her to keep the change and I ran outside to buy some medicine. I bought a box of Paracetamol and on the way, without me knowing, I grabbed a box of condoms too and paid for it. Paul eyed me suspicously when he saw the condoms and I brought my finger to my lips to tell him to be quiet. He grins and told the driver to drive back to the hotel and in ten minutes, I was back. I sprint toward our room and knocked. But there was no response. I knocked again and tapped my feet with impatience and I remembered that I had my key card with me, so I unlocked the door and pushed myself through to see something unexpected.

"Louis! Turn around!" Holly shouts, facing the other way.

I did and I felt a huge bulge underneath. I just saw Holly Winters naked.

*Kiera's POV*

Me and Luke probably had our seventh glass of beer and I was beyond tipsy. I know, this was childish of me to get tipsy with only the seventh glass but I was broken and sad and pissed. I ordered for 3 more glasses and so did Luke, who was rather fun to be with.

"You're hardcore!" Luke shouts and I saw a glimpse of his magnificent dimples. I stared at it for a few seconds before I reached out and poked it with my middle finger, I giggle and Luke does too with my reaction. "You're cute when you're drunk." he comments.

"And you're hot when you're drunk." I say with a mischivous grin. The beer has finally arrived and I drank most of it and some spill on my shirt and neck. I probably looked so hot that I noticed Luke's bulge. Seriously?

"So, uh, how did you and Niall fight exactly?" he asks, leaning forward.

I cough first before I answer. "Well, I saw this article." I slur. "He was cheating on me for an Irish model!" I shout grabbing another glass of beer and chugged it all.

"Wait." he says, now serious. "Are you referring to Zoe Whelan?" he asks.

"YES!" I shout, laughing. I wasn't even sure why I was laughing. "He cheated on me for that skank!" I shout louder. This time, I was laughing but there was tears coming out of my eyes. I probably looked so crazy and drunk.

Suddenly, Luke wraps his arms around me and I lean on to him. We stay like that for a couple of minutes until I let go and stood up, heading to the bathroom. I probably looked like shit so I wanted to check it out but someone pushes me against the wall and pinned me with his hips. When I looked up, I saw the familiar blue eyes and dimples.


*Holly's POV*

"Louis! Turn around!" I shout trying to cover my naked body. When he did, I ran over to the bathroom and wrapped myself with a towel. I grabbed some clothes from my bag and quickly wore it before I faced Louis, with embarrasment. "Look," I start. "Let's pretend like it never happened." I start.

When Louis turns around, I notice that he had a huge bulge on his pants and I roll my eyes, not sure whether to feel amused or horrified. "The things is, I can't." Louis says, walking closer to me until our lips were only an inch apart.

I gasp and just closed my eyes, bracing myself on what will happen next.

Forgive me Harry for I have sinned.

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