Forever And Always (Sequel)

(Sequel To Friends With Benefits) Holly Winters and Harry Styles are finally together like they've always wanted. But what if Holly gets a new job that will distant the new couple? Will they face it together? Or will they face it alone?


24. Temptations

I was finally leaving for Paris in two days, currently, I was packing my clothes so I won't have to cram tomorrow while I finish some things while Summer was reciting out my future plans when I get back to LA after the wedding.

"Do you seriously have to tell them to me right now?" I ask, while I place a fancy dress on my luggage. "My head is starting to hurt."

"Fine!" she pouts. "Are you sure you want me to come with you?"

I nod. "Of course, is there anything wrong?"

She shakes her head. "No, just nervous." she mumbles.

I gasp. "Don't tell me, are you a directioner?"

She blushes. "Please don't tell anyone!"

I laugh and literally rolled down on the floor, laughing my ass off. "I won't but, seriously, I never knew." I say in between giggles.

She stands up. "Fine, keep laughing. I have to go, I have to start packing as well."

I follow after her and open the front door. "See you, Summer." I say with a wink before I close the door and continue packing.

The next day..

The alarm started ringing at the exact time it needed to be, 8 am. I lazily stretch my legs and stood up from the bed and made my way to the bathroom to start taking a shower. When I was done, I wear my usual clothes, sports bra, loose shirt and yoga pants. I grab a granola bar from the kitchen and my bag before I leave my flat and waited for the driver in the lobby.

As I waited, I went to Twitter and tweeted Good morning lovelies before I notice directioners tweeting that Harry Styles landed on LAX airport yesterday. Does that mean he's here too? I was in complete shock before I notice a familiar van and I stand up and went inside.

"Good Morning Ms. Winters." Albert greets me, handing me my daily cup of Starbucks. "Are you okay?" he asks when I continue to space out.

I snap and reach out for the cup. "Yeah, I go, I mean, yo, no, yes, I am." I stutter.

"Are you sure?" he asks making sure.

I nod and took a sip of my coffee to convince him. "Uh- huh."

He just sighs in defeat and turned back to the steering wheel and started driving. When we reach the studio, I hop off the van and made my way to the dancing room and sat down on the floor taking my loose shirt off on the process just to stare at my reflection on the mirror around the room. I stay there for minutes until Summer and Mina enter the room to find me lying down already.

"Morning Holly!" they cheer. I stay silent and they look at each other. "Everything okay?"

I grunt.

"Is it Harry Styles landing in LAX airport?" Mina asks while her gaze was fixed on her phone. "Just saw this now." she adds.

I stood up. "How can I not know about this? Not even a single warning!" I shout.

"C'mon, it's not that bad, at least he hasn't bugged you." Summer comforts me.

I sigh. "You do have a point."

"Now, cut the crap and drama, and let's start dancing!" Mina shouts and pulls me in the middle of the dance floor and did our usual stretching.


Hours passed and I was exhausted. "Are you sure you want to go home already?" Summer asks.

I nod. "Yeah, plus, I haven't finished packing." I say.

She nods. "Well, let's go then." she says.

We made our way to the van and hopped in. "You okay?" she asks.

I shrug. "I'm okay, just thinking."

"Thinking about what?"

"Harry," I answer. "Maybe I should start fixing things with him."

She smiles. "You should."

The whole drive was complete silence after that. When we reached my flat, I hop down and Summer follow after me. We stop walking when we reach the elevator and I turn around to look at her. "You don't have to come with me." I say.

"You sure?"

I nod. "See you tomorrow!"

"Bye Holly," and she turns around and I enter the elevator. I notice that girls were roaming the hallway and I crinkle my nose in confusion. When I reach my door, I unlock it with my key card and I felt relief when I was finally inside. I made my way to the bed to throw my bag on it but I notice a familiar necklace on the middle of the bed.

It was the necklace Harry gave me.

"Looks familiar?" someone asks behind me. I was scared at first but the voice was so familiar that I knew who he was instantly.

"What are you doing here," I ask turning around. "Harry?"

He shrugs. "Isn't it obvious?" he asks. "To see you." he starts walking toward me and when we were only inches apart he pushes me and I loose my balance and landed on my bed. He followed after so he was on top of me and my breathing was faster than usual. "You miss me?" he asks, grinning.

I was about to protest but I hear my door clicking open and I push him off me and dragged him inside my closet before Summer opens the door. "Holly! You in here?" I had my hand on Harry's mouth and I told him to stay silent. "You left your phone!"

Harry had his other hand wrapped around my waist while we stood in complete silence. It was a bit tight so I was pressed up against him and I felt something hard hit my bum. "Are you serious Harry?" I ask him.

He laughs. "I can't control it and it's not my fault."

I roll my eyes and turned around so that I was facing him. "What is with you Harry?"

"Where is she?" I hear Summer ask herself.

"What is it with you Holly?" he asks, backfiring me.

He pulls in for a kiss and when our lips were only inches apart that we hear the front door slam shut and I quickly open the closet for space. I didn't want to face Harry. I didn't want him to see me blushing.

"Well, see you tomorrow." he says.

"You're leaving?" I ask, showing him the disappointment on my face.

He grins. "Don't worry, I'll pick you up at 7."

"Why won't you just sleep here?" I ask.

He lifts an eye- brow. "I don't know, is it okay with you?"

I shrug. "I guess?"

He smiles. "Well then, sure."

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