Forever And Always (Sequel)

(Sequel To Friends With Benefits) Holly Winters and Harry Styles are finally together like they've always wanted. But what if Holly gets a new job that will distant the new couple? Will they face it together? Or will they face it alone?


32. Party

When it was time, the boys left earlier than us, girls. Maybe because it took hours for us to fix ourselves.

“That dress looks so good in you, Holly!” Kiera gushes. She was wearing a white dress and her hair was messily braided. Honestly, she looked like an angel.

“Thanks, I like yours.” I tell her. She smiles at me and gestures to turn around and I did, and she starts fixing my hair, like she normally does.

Perrie, Danielle and Eleanor came in noisily, holding their shoes in their hands, They were laughing at something and when they saw us, Perrie spoke first. “Don’t’ get too pretty girls, remember, we’re having a pool party.”

“We won’t,” I say, laughing. “So, is it just us?” I ask.

“Yeah,” Eleanor says, She brings out a duffel bag and starts placing bikini’s inside and other stuff we might need at the party.

“I feel like it’s gonna be wild..” Danielle whispers with a smile.

"It will," Kiera says with a grin.

We arrived at the pool half an hour later, and it was beautiful. The moon shined brightly and there was small lanterns everywhere. We made our way to the table and sat down, admiring the food. "Wow, Kiera!" Perrie gushes grabbing a cupcake. We all removed our heels and decided to go barefoot.

"Vodka anyone?" Kiera asks bringing out bottles.

We all cheer and grabbed it from her and laughed as we drank. Some waiters arrived to lay down some pasta and we dig in, hungry as ever. "So, how was your coffee date with Ed?" Kiera asks.

I blush. "Well, we talked, is all. Nothing special."

"You should have seen Harry!" Perrie squeals. "He was so jealous!"

I laugh. "Harry gets jealous at everything." the girls laugh with me and I turn to Kiera. "Niall seems pretty nervous, are you too?"

"Of course I am!" she answers nibbling her pasta. "What if I wake up so ugly? You know?!" she asks freaking out.

"Don't worry, I'm sure Niall will still love you even if you looked like Shrek," Danielle says.

I take a sip of my vodka and I put my fork down, not feeling hungry anymore. "Where do you plan to have your honeymoon?"

"Oh, I don't know, I hope Hawaii or The Caribbean." she gushes.

"That will be so sweet! You can have sex on the sand or something!" Eleanor jokes.

Kiera blushes madly and giggles. "Stop making me blush, guys!"

We laugh and I took another sip of my vodka. "Anyone want to dance? I'm not feeling hungry anymore." I suggest.

"Let's go!" Perrie screams. We ran toward the middle and I brought my drink with me while Kiera ran to the speakers and plugged in her phone and the song “Blame it on the Alcohol” starts playing. Suddenly, Eleanor ran to the duffel bag she brought and threw all of us a bikini. We started running to the nearest place where we could hide and started stripping from our dresses and we changed into our bikini. When we were done, I was the first to jump at the pool followed by Perrie. We swayed our hips from side to side in the water and we raised our hands in the air.

“Blame it on the goose, don’t you feel loose?” I sang out loud and I swam and pulled myself out of the pool to grab ourselves another round of vodkas. “Girls!” I shout heading back to the pool. “Here you go,” I say handing them a bottle each.

We drank our vodka and spilled some in our chest and we continue dancing. The next song was “Gentleman” by Psy and even though we couldn’t sing the lyrics out loud because it was Korean, we still did the dance where you sway your hips. “Mother, father gentleman!” Danielle screams as we dance, turning around. We were all laughing, drinking our vodka’s until we almost had 10 bottles.

“Let’s play a game!” I shout climbing out of the pool. “From among us, let’s see who the best twerker is!” I say. I ran toward the DJ booth and changed the song to “Booty Werk” and we waited until we reached the chorus.

“Left cheek, right cheek,” it sings and we start shaking our asses. We were a laughing mess until someone stops the music and we whine and turned around to see Liam holding Kiera’s phone in his hand.

“Liam!” I purr. “Don’t be such a party wrecker!”

“You girls should be asleep by now!” he scolds.

“Liam!” I hear Louis from behind him. “Let’s just join the party! Clearly it’s fun!” he says pointing to us, girls.

“Yeah, Liam.” Harry says stepping in. He wraps an arm around my waist and I nuzzle my head into his chest. He smelled like alcohol.

“Fine, but only this time!” he says giving in. He laughs and Danielle drags him somewhere while Kiera and Niall were trying to push each other in the pool.

“Hey babe,” Harry says, looking down to look at me.”

“Hey,” I giggle stepping on my tippy toes to give him a kiss.

“Mmhh,” he moans. “You taste so good.”

"Really?" I ask. I step on my tippy toes again to kiss him but I did a double take and turned around to see his reaction.

"That's not fair!" he growls. He runs after me and I take a sprint for the exit until I bump into someone and I look up to see ginger hair. Ed.

"Hey!" Ed says holding out a hand for me to take.

I stare at him and took his hand and he helped me stand up. "Hi Ed," I greet, blushing madly.

Harry came in just in time and he looked at Ed, "Hey man,"

"Hey Harry," he calls.

"Ready for the wedding tomorrow?" Harry asks.

"Yes, you?"

"Ready as I'll ever be."

"What about you, Holland?" he says calling me by my whole name and I blush madly.

"Ye- yes." I stutter. If it was possible, my whole body could be blushing.

Harry caught me blushing that he pulls me toward him and he says, "Ed, do you mind if we head to my room? I'm pretty hard already just seeing MY girlfriend wearing a bikini."

"No, go ahead," he says laughing and Ed walks away toward the pool area to probably join the party.

"Harry!" I shout, scolding him! "Why did you-"

"Shut up," he growls and quickly carries me across his shoulder. He stomps toward the elevator and presses his floor number and when we reached his room, he throws me at his bed and I squeal. "Do not ever do that again," he says ripping my bikini off me.

"Do what?!" I ask, covering my body with the comforter.

"Blush madly at someone else," he answers attacking my neck.

"Are you jealous?" I smirk.

"Yes." he answers roughly. "Now shut up before-"

I push him off me before he could continue and I was on top off him in a second. "Before what?" I ask out of breathe.

"Before I fuck you," he growls and held on to my waist and started grinding himself on me.

I moan and went along with him and he quickly takes off his shirt and jeans and was only left alone with his boxers. He grabs a condom out from his pocket and rips it open. While he was, I kneel and sucked him off.

“Ugh, Holly,” he groans and flexes his hips so he could go deeper in my mouth. I release him quickly roll down the condom on him and using my left hand, I place it on his shoulder while I used my right one to position his erection at my entrance. Using my clit, I rubbed his tip again and again before he groans and pushes me down in a swift.

A loud scream attacks my mouth and instantly, Harry covers it up by kissing the shit out of me. He wraps his hands around my waist and he starts moving my pushing himself up and down and I meet each thrust. “Holly,” he groans and he rests his head on my breasts and continue his thrusts.

“Harry, faster please.” I beg.

“As you wish,” he answers and lays down on his back and held on to my waist and he pushes my body up and down faster than before. I made it faster by bouncing up and down and both of us were a moaning mess.

“I could do this forever.” I breathe.

“Forever and always.” He breathes.

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