Forever And Always (Sequel)

(Sequel To Friends With Benefits) Holly Winters and Harry Styles are finally together like they've always wanted. But what if Holly gets a new job that will distant the new couple? Will they face it together? Or will they face it alone?


3. Meeting The Family

“Babe, I’m nervous.” Harry says as we finally reached the airport in LA. I giggled and turned to look at him.

“They’ll love you.” I say as I caressed his cheek with my thumb. “Seriously.” Harry gave me a light smile before I turned around to grab my luggage and we started to leave the airport. When we were finally outside, there were a thousand paparazzi’s waiting for us outside.

“Harry! Will you please let me take a decent picture of you and your girlfriend?” one paparazzi asks. From the past few days, that has been the kindest paparazzi that asked us so I grabbed Harry’s wrist and motioned him to smile at the camera. Harry followed and smiled. There was a click and the paparazzi thanked us but that wasn’t enough for me. I brought my hand out and made a peace sign and he took another picture again before he walked over to me and said thanks.

“Thanks so much, Ms. Winters.” He says. A lot of paparazzi’s were trying to take a picture of me too but my attention was on that man.

“You’re welcome. I know that will cost a lot. Use that picture wisely.” I say before I walked away with Harry and hailed a cab. I told the taxi my home address before he nods and started driving.

“What was that about?” Harry asks.

“What was what about?” I ask, clueless.

“The paparazzi stunt?” he says.

I smirk. “Well, he was being polite and all so I decided to take a picture. I know that will surely give him a thousand bucks.” I say.

“That why I love you.” Harry says nuzzling his head on my neck. I play with his curly hair while he plays with my knee. A few minutes later, we finally reached my house and Harry gave the driver some money before we went out and stared ay my house. “Don’t be too nervous.” I say, reminding him.

“Me? Nervous? Psh.” Harry says. “They’ll love me!” he says complete opposite to what he’s feeling.

I laugh and Harry wraps his hand around my waist before we started walking toward my front porch. When we reached there, I knock on my door while Harry was sweating like crazy.

Knock. Knock. Knock..

We stare at the closed door for a few seconds before it flew open and my little cousin, came running in.

“Holly!” she shouts. She jumped and wrapped her arms around me. She was actually like a sister or daughter to me. I took care of her most of her life. She was only 8 and she had strawberry blonde hair and light green eyes. She was far most, the prettiest kid I’ve ever seen.

“Hey Darcy!” I say, hugging her back.

“Darcy?” I hear Harry ask, shocked and amused.

“Holly, I’ve missed you!” she says. When we pulled apart, her eyes went to Harry and she gaped. “Is that Harry Styles?” she asks, a huge shock on her face.

I was about to say yes when she shouts and called her older sister, Tiara, who was about thirteen years old. “Tiara! Harry Styles is here!” she shouts. She looked back and Harry and stared at him in awe. I didn’t want to ruin her moment so I let her be and waited for a few minutes until Tira showed up.

“The Harry Styles? Are you kidding?” I hear Tiara ask as she walked over to us at the door. “Oh, hey, Holly, since when were you- HOLY MOTHER OF GOD.” She says as she saw Harry. Tiara was a big fan of One Direction ever since while Darcy just admired them.

“Hi.” Harry says, smiling. My two cousins continue to stare at my boyfriend and I felt awkward.

“Okay, will you let us come in first?” I ask, pushing my way in. I held on to Harry’s hand while we went inside and set our bags in the living room. “I’m sorry about them, they’re just huge fans.” I apologize.

He laughs. “It’s alright, babe. It’s cute and you never told me you had a cousin named Darcy.” He says, lifting an eyebwrow.

“Well, you wouldn’t really care.” I say, fixing my hair.

“I would. I wanted to name my daughter that.” He says, reminding me.

“Oh, yeah. Sorry about that.” I say pecking on his cheeks. “Well, wait a sec, I’ll go call my parents.” I left the living room and made my way to the kitchen to see my parents, preparing the food.

“Hey mom, hey dad.” I say.

They turned around and when they saw me, they jumped with surprise and tackled me with a hug. “Holland!” they say. “We’ve missed you!” I cringe when they said my real name because I’ve always hated it.

“Holly, guys. It’s Holly, remember?” I say, reminding them.

“Oops. Sorry.” My mom says, laughing while my father just gave me a headlock.

“Anyway, Harry is here.” I say. “He wanted to meet you guys.”

“That bastard who broke your heart?” dad says, clenching his fists. He was about to approach him in the living room when I stopped him.

“No, dad. Just.. Please? Don’t make it too hard for me.” I said doing the puppy eyes. He sighs and just smiled while mom clapped her hands.

“I can’t wait to meet him!” she says. I nodded my head and held their hands and led them to the living but stopped when I heard Darcy and Tiara’s laugh. I brought my finger to my lips and gestured my parents to stay quiet. I slowly peeked in the living room and saw Darcy sitting on Harry’s lap while Tiara sat on their opposite direction.

“Tell us more about Holly!” Darcy commands. “She never got to talk to us ever since she left.”

“Well, did you know that you’re cousin can sing?” Harry asks.

“She can?” Tiara asks. “We barely hear her sing.”

“Holly never sings for us, she’s always insecure.” Darcy comments. “But she sometimes sing when we take a bath together when I was younger.”

“I know. It’s amazing.” Harry comments.

“Was that supposed to mean anything?” Tiara asks, lifting her eyebrow.

“Huh?” I hear Harry ask in confusion.

“Are you saying you’re taking a bath with her too, Harry?” Darcy asks, tilting her head.

“Damn.” I hear my mom comment while my dad did a disgusted snort.

I felt myself blushing and when I looked up, Harry was blushing too. I knew he was gonna reject it so I broke their little chat and approached them. “Harry!” I call. He looked up and smiled when he saw me. He carefully lifted Darcy up and stood up to shake my parent’s hand. “Harry, this is my mom and this is my dad.” I say.

“Nice to meet you Mr and Mrs Winters.” Harry says with his British accent.

“Please, call me, Renee.” Mom says, in between blushes. I roll my eyes at her mini- fan girl while dad stared at Harry.

“So, Harry, do you like football?” my dad asks.

“Of course, sir.” Harry says. “I’m a big fan.”

“Well, we’ll get along.” Dad jokes. He finally gives Harry a smile and I knew everything was going great.

“Let’s eat?” mom asks as she claps her hand. We all nod our head and made our way to the kitchen while Harry waited for Darcy and they walked hand in hand toward the kitchen.

“Replacing me now, Harold?” I ask, lifting an eyebrow.

“Of course not, babe.” Harry says as he wraps his hand around my waist. I sat first and Harry sat beside me while Darcy tapped on my shoulder.

“Holly?” she calls.

“Yes, love?” I say, looking down at her.

“Is it okay if we exchange seats? I want to sit beside Harry.” She asks doing the puppy eyes. I was shocked, of course. Darcy never really interacted with boys most of the time. Mostly, to my ex boyfriends. She would always tell me she hated them but for the first time, she liked Harry.

“Of course.” I say, smiling. I stood up and went to sit on the other chair while Darcy sat in the middle of me and Harry. Tiara sat infront of me while mom and dad was infront of Harry and Darcy.

The food looked really good when my eyes landed on them. Mom cooked most of my favourites and I was glad I came home. Pecking duck on lettuce and mushroom cheese ravioli. I know, I had some weird favourite dishes but they were really good in my taste buds.

“So, Harry, are you planning to break my little girls heart like what you did to Taylor?” my dad asks awkwardly. I dropped my fork and knife and gritted my teeth at my dad.

“Dad,” I say, annoyed but Harry looks over at me and motioned to me that he was okay with it.

“Actually, sir, I was planning to keep her forever.” Harry says as he chewed on his ravioli. My boyfriend and dad did some weird staring contest while me and my mom were tyring our best to stop the awkward silence.

“Anyway, Tiara. How are you and Matt?” I ask, changing the topic. Matt was Tyler’s little brother, who was a few months older than Tiara.

“Nothing special. Just friends like you and Tyler.” She answers, giving me a grin that means she was telling me something later. I smirk at her before I placed some duck on my lettuce and chewed it slowly.

“This food is really good, Renee.” Harry says, showing her his famous dimples. Nice way to seduce my mom, Harry.

We continue to eat and talk about our job and stuff until we were done eating and me and Harry decided that we were experiencing jet lag so we would love to sleep right now. My mom nods and I kissed their cheeks before I went up to my room. From the corner of my eye, I saw Harry giving Darcy a light peck on the cheek and promising her that they will play the moment he wakes up.

I waited for him to finish before we walked toward my room and locked the door behind us. When I turned back my attention to Harry, he was mesmerized at my room. He was looking everywhere and I joined him. It felt like years since I last saw my room.

It was a really simple room that I've always loved. I sticked posters of places that I wanted to visit on my wall and placed some Christmas lights on the ceiling so whenever I was feeling down, I would turn it on and stare at it while my lights were off. But my favourite part of my room was the mini bed I had beside the window.

I spent most of my nights in it than my bed. I mostly studied in it and I even sticked a clip board on the side wall and sticked some post it's for things I need to remember. Tyler would climb up on it too whenever I was grounded. "Girly, huh?" I say as I placed my hand on Harry's shoulder.

"No, it's actually really pretty. Vintage style. I really like it." he says.

I smile. "I like it too." I say. When we were both done looking at my room, Harry wraps his hand around my waist and kissed me on my neck before he walked away and checked out the pictures up on my wall. This will probably be the best night I'll have.

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