Forever And Always (Sequel)

(Sequel To Friends With Benefits) Holly Winters and Harry Styles are finally together like they've always wanted. But what if Holly gets a new job that will distant the new couple? Will they face it together? Or will they face it alone?


15. Maybe He Wasn't My Hero After All

*Kiera's POV*

"Kiera Anne Holt." Niall starts. Everything went slow motion went Niall dropped down on one knee and brought out a small box from his pocket. When he took my right hand and inserted a ring on my finger, tears started flowing and I couldn't stop crying. I tried looking up so the tears would stop but Niall's voice made me look down at him. "Will you marry me?"

I brought a finger to my teary eye. "Niall, I- I can't."

Niall is now standing up, looking far away. "I understand." He looked sad and almost dark.

"I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you." I continue with a huge smile on my face. Niall looks back at me and snapped by lifting me up in the air and gave me a passionate kiss. I kiss him back and slowly, he tips me downward so he was kissing me while my feet were in the air.

"Thank you." he whispers against my ear.

"No, thank you." I say, holding his hands. "I love you, Niall."

"I love you more." he grins kissing me again. I wrap my hands around his neck and he leads me inside and we sail back to land, excited to tell the others.
*Holly's POV*

I watched while Kiera ran outside and hailed a cab. I was excited on what will come next. I wish I were there where Niall will propose. I wanted to see the expression Kiera will make while he's getting down on one knee. I wonder if she will cry. I decide to go back inside Ashton's room and chill out and wait until they come back so I walk to the elevator and pressed the floor number. I knock on the door and Ashton opens it. He was wearing a tank top and boxers. He had a guitar on his right hand and he smiles when he saw me. "Hey, you're back." he says.

"Yeah, long day." I mutter while I walked inside the room. Michael, Calum and Luke were inside as well and they grin at me when I enter the room.

"Hey Holly!" Calum sings.

I roll my eyes. "What are you guys doing?" I ask.

"We were just jamming." Michael answers.

"Fun!" I say walking toward the laptop. I turn it on and open Twitter and they all watch me. Perrie has finally replied to my post two hours ago.

@imhollysummers: That was a great video! You could actually be a singer! Love you, Holly! xxPerriexx

"You're friends with Perrie?" Luke asks.

"Uh, obviously?" I answer. Luke pinches my arm with my comment and I laugh. "It's true!"

A few minutes later, they go back to what they were doing but Ashton stays beside me and I lean on to him while I follow some girls and guys. When I check Harry's profile, he hasn't tweeted since our fight in LA. I slap myself with my stupidity and Ashton rubs my back for comfort.

"I have an idea." Ashton says. "Why won't we do a twitcam?" he suggests.

"That's a great idea!" Luke says, standing up. He was pumped and Michael and Calum fix their bed so we had a place to position the laptop on the bed.

“I’m not really in the mood.” I say, standing up. “I’ll just take a dip.”

“You’re going swimming at night?” Calum asks, lifting an eyebrow.

I nod my head slowly. “Yes?” I answer walking toward my luggage and grabbed a bikini that was less revealing as possible which was useless that’s why it was a bikini.

“Do you want us to come with you?” they ask.

I decline. “It’s fine. Do your twitcam for your fans and I’ll come back in an hour or two.” I answer. I grab a fresh towel from the rack and changed inside the bathroom and wore denim shorts on top and grabbed my phone when I’ve noticed that I’ve been keeping myself low profile as much as possible. I didn’t know why. I just felt claustrophobic everywhere even if I was in one empty room.

I made my way through the halls and finally reached the pool. There was no one swimming. I sigh with relief and place my phone and towel on the chair and I remove my denim shorts. I stare at the pool first before I walked over to it and jumped. I was expecting it to be freezing cold but to my surprise, the pool was heated and it was warm. I almost felt sleepy. I started by diving underwater and closed my eyes. It felt relaxing underwater. I slowly swam and kicked my feet in slow motion. When I was almost out of breath, I swim upward and took a deep breath of air. I did some backstroke and quickly watch the starts above me and thought of Harry.

“You’re like a star to me.” Harry once said.

“Why is that?” I ask.

He smiles. “I don’t know. I just feel like even though we’re far apart, you’ll always be there for me.” I stay silent because it was so sweet and true but Harry adds, “I know, it makes me feel so emasculated.”

“That’s not true.” I answer. I kiss his lips slowly and I climb on top of him and I feel him grin on my lips. “Am I turning you on?” I ask cheekily.

He tips his head. “Let’s find out.” He answers kissing my neck. I laugh and pushed him off and suddenly, my thoughts were interrupted when I hit my head on the pool cement. I quickly felt cramps on my right foot and I couldn’t float properly. It was about 10 feet and I was drowning. I tried flailing both my arms but I didn’t have enough strength. I take a deep breath before I went underwater and slowly, I go deeper and deeper. Most of my oxygen was out of my lungs and in any minute now, I could die already. And in a snap, my vision blurs and I see stars everywhere. I cough because I was already out of breath and accidentally, I suck in water and I cough again and again just enough for me to see a figure jump into the water.

*Ashton’s POV*

Before our twitcam started, someone knocks on our door and I see Harry. “Hey, man, what’s up?” I ask.

“Just wondering if you want to come grab some grub with me?” he asks.

I shrug. “Sure. Let me get some money and my phone.” I say, walking in. “Hey, just getting some food with Harry. You want some?” I ask the boys.

“Burger and fries for all of us.” Michael answers looking up from the screen. They all nod in unison and I head back outside to Harry.

“Where are the others?” I ask. I haven’t seen the boys for the past few days.

“Out with their girls.” He answers grumpily. I could see why. He was grumpy because he couldn’t be with Holly right now. I grin a little because Harry was being so immature with her.

We had to pass by the pool in order to buy some food in the caf so obviously, we were gonna see Holly. I was excited what will Harry do if he saw her. Will he run away or will he finally forgive her? From the corner of my eye, I see a familiar blonde flailing her hands and she looked like she was drowning. I wasn’t sure if she was Holly but when I look at Harry, he was watching her as well with fear in his eyes.

“Is that-?” I ask.

“Holy shit.” Harry says, cutting me off. He ran over to the pool and was about to take his tank top off and save her but he stops midway, remembering that they fought.

“Harry! Jump the fuck up!” I shout at him. Holly was now under water and she stopped moving. “Harry-“ I wasn’t even able to finish my sentence. I was so concerned about Holly that I didn’t care who would save her. Harry was just standing up, staring at her and never once in my life did I feel like punching him. I quickly remove my tank top and kicked my shoes off before I jumped to the pool and swam over to Holly. Her blonde hair was gorgeously flowing and if she wasn’t drowning, I would forever stare at her and admire her angelic face. Quickly, I wrap my arms around her waist and swam upward and place her on the floor. Everyone was watching us and Harry didn’t even bother helping her. I lift myself up and position my lips on hers and started giving her CPR.

I didn’t even give a fuck if Harry was there. I did my best to keep her alive. “Stay with me, Holly.” I say. I pump my hands on her chest but still there was no response. I gave her one last shot and miraculously, I feel her cough and spit out water. She tasted like strawberry but at the same time, chlorine. “Holly?” I ask, rubbing her back.

“Ashton?” she cries out. She was still coughing and spitting out water and she was breathing hard. Suddenly, she sits up and she hugs me with tears of joy. “Ashton.” She hiccups. “I’m- I was so scared.” She squeezes my arms and I feel her breathing on my chest. “I was so scared.” She repeats.

I stroke her hair. “Everything’s okay now. You’ll be okay.” I hum while straddling her. I give Harry a glare while he watched us with shock. He was completely frozen until I snap at him.

“Harry, call some medics!” I bark. Holly didn’t know that he was there so when I said his name, her head quickly turns to Harry and I could see that they were staring at each other. Holly was about to say something but Harry runs away and calls the medics leaving her frightened and confused.

*Holly’s POV*

I finally had my own room.

Thank God.

Ever since I drowned, everyone has been checking up on me. Especially Ashton. Ever since we kissed while he gave me CPR, things were awkward but he was always there for me. I had enough of people so I told them to leave me alone and they did.

I wanted the space.

Harry was being an asshole. He never once visited me or showed that he cared. Suddenly, I hear the door open and I see an envelope and a white rose on the door. I leave the bed and walked toward and it and bended carefully. The paper felt smooth against my skin and the rose smelled divine. Carefully, I open the envelope and started reading it.

I’m sorry I couldn’t be your hero.

There was no any sign of name from the giver but I knew who it was from. Just from the penmanship, I knew it was Harry. I hug the letter tightly to my chest and inhale the sweet scent of the rose.

Maybe he wasn’t my hero after all.

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