Forever And Always (Sequel)

(Sequel To Friends With Benefits) Holly Winters and Harry Styles are finally together like they've always wanted. But what if Holly gets a new job that will distant the new couple? Will they face it together? Or will they face it alone?


25. His Job

“You can go take a shower now if you want,” I tell Harry as I take a step out of the shower.

“Sure,” he replies, walking toward the bathroom with a towel on his hand. When he finally locked himself inside, I take a deep breath and looked outside the window, admiring the view of Beverly Hills.

I wonder how our night will turn out.

The next day…

As expected, Harry did nothing sexual to me last night. He actually kept his distance while we slept beside each other on my bed. Currently, he was still asleep while I was in the kitchen, cooking breakfast. I decided to cook pancakes and bacon and made coffee for the both of us. When I was done cooking, I fix the table then silently made my way to Harry, who looked like an angel sleeping on my bed. I swear, he looked heavenly and innocent. I gently caress his cheek and whisper, “Harry, Harry.” I coo.

He shifts and grumbles something that I don’t understand and turns his back to me, hugging my pillow tighter to him. “Harold,” I say sternly and his eyes flutter open and he is shocked to see me right above him. “Breakfast is ready,” I say and I turn around but he grabs my waist and pulls me to the bed with him.

“Five more minutes please?” he asks, pouting.

I sigh.”Fine,” then I try standing up but his grip is like iron.

“I want it with you,” he adds and I stop struggling just to stare at his beautiful green eyes. We continue to stare into each others eyes until we hear the door knock followed by Summer’s voice. “Damn, I hate that girl!” Harry murmurs as we both stood up and I walked over to the front door to answer it.

“Good Morni- Aaaagh!” Summer screams the instant she saw a shirtless Harry behind me then covers her mouth quickly. “What is he doing here?” she shouts.

“Summer!” I squeal. “Keep quiet!” I pull her inside the flat and she stares at Harry like a hawk. “Look, nothing happened okay?” I assure her.

“Fine!” she stammers but I knew she wanted a picture with Harry badly just by the color of her flushed cheeks. I could tell that she was staring at his bare chest because she was drooling as well.

“Do you want to have breakfast with us?” I ask, hoping to lift the awkward air.

She nods her head and takes off her coat revealing her in a tank top then takes a sit in front of the pancakes. “Nathan Sykes called this morning,” she states taking a bite.

A smile plastered on my face and I quickly face her from my seat, “Really? What’d he say?” I was getting excited from then news I’ve been wanting to hear from Nathan but Summer suddenly chokes and glares at me to Harry. I turn around to find him going green with envy. “Seriously Harry?” I ask, rolling at my eyes at him.

“What?” he ask, trying to act clueless, just casually chewing on his bacon.

“I can see it in your face, whatever you are thinking of between me and Nathan, they aren’t true, we’re just friends.” I state.

He laughs. “Oh, really now?”

“Geez, stop being a kid.” I mumble taking a sip of my coffee. When I look at Summer, she was obviously having fun watching me and Harry because she had a huge smile on her face. “Anyway,” I start. “What’d he say?”

She clears her throat before she answered. “Nothing much, just checking up on you. He said he was going out on a date with his ex tonight.”

“See?” I tell Harry. “That’s lovely, I’ll go text him later before we leave.”

We continue to eat in silence and when we were done, we place the dishes on the sink and I grab my outfit from the drawer. “I’ll just go take a shower,” when I close the bathroom door, I strip from my clothes and stepped inside the shower. I place shampoo on my hair then soaped up my body. I felt really fresh when I step out and wore my outfit; which is a normal shirt, shorts and knee- high socks. When I was done, I hear Summer and Harry talking from the kitchen and they were laughing.

"And you seriously thought she was into Nathan Sykes?" Summer asks in between giggles.

"Well, I may be a protective boyfriend at times," Harry states.

"So, how are things? Are you both finally back together?" she asks.

I didn't want to hear Harry's response so I walk toward them to stop the conversation. "Are you guys ready?" I ask, looking for my phone.

"Yeah, Harry just finished taking a shower on the guest bathroom." Summer states.

"Summer, what time's our flight?" I ask, checking the time.

"An hour from now."

"Flight? What flight?" Harry asks. "You could ride with me on my plane, if you want."

"I don't know..." I answer. "It's such a waste if we don't use our tickets."

"What if you go with Harry and I ride the plane so it won't be such a waste?" Summer suggests winking at me while I glare at her.

"Actually, that's a good idea..." Harry agrees with her. They both had a creepy grin on their face and I take a step back on what will happen next.

"Well, doodles!" Summer says running away and slamming the front door and I run after her hoping to catch up.

"Summer!" I shout. "Are you fucking serious?"

"What's wrong with flying with me?"he asks, acting like he was hurt.

"There's nothing wrong with it," I state. "I'm just worried."

"She'll be fine," Harry promises as he grabs my luggage. "I'm sure of it."

"If you say so Mr. Styles."

*At the airport*

"Move it bitch!" someone screams at me and pushes me causing me to fall down.

"Harry! Over here!" Another one screams.

Yes, Harry was being mobbed by teenage girls at the airport and they were pushing me from side to side in order to get his attention.




Harry was ignoring them all because he was looking for me and I shout, "Harry! Over here!" and his head looks up and frantically looks for me. I stand up with my two feet and when I was finally in view, he ran to me and gave my head a pat. "Are you okay?" he asks.

I nod. "How'd you find me so fast?"

He grins. "It's my job."

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