Forever And Always (Sequel)

(Sequel To Friends With Benefits) Holly Winters and Harry Styles are finally together like they've always wanted. But what if Holly gets a new job that will distant the new couple? Will they face it together? Or will they face it alone?


31. Here We Come

"Good! Now take a strong swing and make sure to smile!" my photographer calls out to me. I did what I was told and the camera flashes as he took a picture. Currently, we were doing a photo shoot for my upcoming single and the theme was outdoors, you know with the swing, grass and flowers.

"Did I do good?" I ask my photographer.

"Very," he replies with a thumbs up. "Do another one."

I think if a pose I could do and I take a swing and this time, I did a fierce face and there was another flash. I stand up straight and two girls came running to me , wiping the sweat out of my forehead.

"Holly!" Summer calls out from the shade. "Kiera called!"

"What did she say?" I ask as I made my way toward her.

"She wants to know if you're coming with them for shopping. You know, for the bachelorette party."

"Nah," I answer. "I already got a dress."

"Okay," She says and types something on her phone.

"Hey, Holly," my photographer calls out. "I think the pictures are enough. It's a wrap for the day."

"Thank God," I comment with relief. I quickly grab my phone from my pocket and dialed Harry.

"Hey babe," he answers.

"Hey," I greet. "The photo shoot is done. What's up?"

"Well," he starts. "The boys are still planning what to do later on the bachelor party."

"And you?" I ask.

"I was too busy thinking about you." he flirts.

"Cheesy," I laugh. "Well, I'm going for a swim. Wanna come?"

"I would if I could but Niall needs me." he says. "I'm sorry babe."

"It's okay," I assure him.

"I'll make it up to you tonight,"

"I'll be waiting." I joke and I hung up before I let out a deep sigh. I guess I'll be swimming alone.


The pool was almost empty when I got there and I was glad. I never really liked a lot of strangers around me whenever I swim. I look for a spot where I could lay all my stuff down and when I did, I take a sit and brought out my sun block. I start of with my face then my arms and last of all, my back and legs. I wait for a couple of minutes before I made my way to the pool and slowly swam.

The water felt so good against my skin, especially with the very hot weather. I do small laps around and I take a deep breathe before I dove underwater and enjoyed the cool feeling and the peace and serenity. When I was almost out of breath, I swam upward and opened my eyes.

"Hello," someone greets me from behind. I turn around and right there, swimming/standing in front of me is my ultimate celebrity crush of all time.

Ed Sheeran.


"Holly Winters? I'm-"

"Ed Sheeran, I know. Ohmygod, was that weird? I am so sorry." I apologize.

He laughs at my fan girl attack and he extends his hand for me to shake. "It's nice to finally meet you. Harry talks about you quite a lot."

I take his hand and smiled. "Are they good things? Or bad things?"

"Let's just say both," he says with a smile that made me blush. I look down at the water awkwardly and just gave him a smile back. "Quite a hot day isn't it?" he asks.

“Yeah, I just got here from my photo shoot.” I say.

“Photo shoot?” He cringes.

“For my single,” I explain.

“Single?” he starts. “Well, I’ll make sure to buy it on iTunes when it releases.”

“Thank,” I say looking down again. Why does he make me blush so much? Ohmygod, stop it Holly. Stop it you idiot.

“So,” he starts. “Do you want to grab some coffee and talk? It’s quite hard to talk to someone when they’re wearing a bikini.”

“Sure,” I reply and we get out of the water together. I head toward my things while he did to his.

“I’ll text you?” he asks. “Oh, wait, I don’t have your number.” He then brings it out for me to take and I stare at his phone, not believing I actually had it in my hands. I can’t believe Ed Sheeran is actually asking for my number. I shakily type it on his phone and gave it back to him. “See you later then?” he asks.

“Sure,” I nod and then we went separate ways.

*Harry’s POV*

“Does anyone know where the fuck Holly is?” Kiera asks barging inside our room. Everyone looked at me but I didn’t know so I just shake my head. “Then where the f-” she was cut off when her phone starts ringing and she annoyingly picks it up. “What?! Summer?” she says with a shocked face.


“She is?! Since when?!” Kiera asks, panicking. “Ohmygod, I get it. Thanks.” Then she hung up.

“What’s wrong?” Liam asks.

“”Holly is with the love of her life.” She says.

“Isn’t that supposed to be Harry?” Eleanor asks.

“Yeah!” I shout with agreement.

“No,” Kiera comments. “Come with me.”

“Should we walk in or something?” Louis asks.

“If you want Holly to cut your balls into pieces then yes,” Kiera snaps.

“I was just asking!” Louis protests.

“Look at her,” I say. “She never ever drooled on me like that. NEVER.”

“Well, you’re not Ed Sheeran.” Kiera comments.

“I never knew my girlfriend likes my best friend.”

“Why do we even do this all the time?” Zayn asks.

“Do what?” Perrie asks.

“Sneak on her, watch her from afar. This is really creepy.”

“I agree with Zayn,” Niall adds.

“Last time me and Liam snuck up on her and Ashton, she was gonna kill us.”

“Let’s just go,” Liam says starting the engine.

“But Liam-”

“No buts, Harry.” He says sternly. “Just give her privacy.” And just like that, we drove away, leaving me watch Holly and Ed until they were seen no more.

*Holly’s POV*

Ed and I went separate ways when it was almost time for the bachelorette party and before he left, he gave me a kiss on the cheek that made my stomach flip flop. I made my way to my hotel room, blushing on the way and when I was finally inside, I slide down on the wall and giggled like a little school girl.

“It’s about time,” someone says. I look up to see Kiera and the other girls standing right in front of me with their arms crossed.

“Kiera, you wouldn’t believe who I just saw!” I squeal, jumping up and down.

“We know,” Eleanor says.

“You met Ed Sheeran.” Danielle adds.

“How did you guys know?!” I ask, getting excited.

“Summer told us,” Kiera says. “Anyway, go dress up.”

I smirk. “Bachelor and Bachelorette party here we come.”

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