Forever And Always (Sequel)

(Sequel To Friends With Benefits) Holly Winters and Harry Styles are finally together like they've always wanted. But what if Holly gets a new job that will distant the new couple? Will they face it together? Or will they face it alone?


22. Getting To Know Nathan

I've heard quite a lot of things about Nathan Sykes. He has been famous for his child- like features, and seeing him close up and personal, blew me away.

"Thanks," I say when he helps me stand up. His hands were on my waist the whole time and I could feel the warmth rushing in, especially because I had no shirt on. He was also eyeing me up and down that causes me to blush.

"And you are?" he asks, lifting an eye- brow. I was about to answer him when he answers it for me. "How could I not know? Of course, you're Holly Winters."

I was shocked. "How- how do you know me?" I ask, puzzled.

"You're dating the famous Harry Styles, how could someone not know?" he says with a joke. I look down, feeling bad. I honestly didn't know if me and Harry were still together, I think he hates me. Nathan probably notices my discomfort that he asks, "You are dating him, right?"

I shrug. "Not really," I answer biting my nails.

"That's cute!" he laughs pointing at my habit of biting my nails.

I blush. "I think I need to go?" I say trying to end this awkward moment.

"Yeah, you should." he answers with a sad smile. I nod my head and take a step and started walking back when he runs after me. "Do you have your phone?" he asks me.

"Right now?" I ask. He nods his head. "Sorry, I forgot it at the recording room."

He smiles. "Not to worry," then he brought out his phone. "Can I have your number?"

I take it from his hands and type in my number and he had the biggest smile on his face. "Anyway, I really have to go." I say biting my lip.

"Yeah, bye." he answers then we went separate ways.

"What took you so long?" Mina asks me.

"Sorry," I apologize. "I ran into someone."

"Was it Nathan Sykes?" Summer asks from behind.

I nod. "How'd you know?"

"Well, he's scheduled for throat surgery so he tried recording a couple of songs for the future."

"Oh," I whisper. "Is he single?" I ask out of no where.

"Yeah, he is." Mina answers for her. And without me knowing, I smile and ran to her and we start dancing. Mina and I starts off with stretching then bending then some stunts. It took us about 2 hours until I was tired and hungry.

"That was really good way to start off," Mina compliments me.

I smile and walk toward my phone and checked for any messages.

There was one.

Hey! You up for lunch?
This is Nathan, the cute guy you bumped into this morning while buying water. xx

I blush so hard that Summer notices it from the corner and she snatches the phone away from my grip. "Holy shit! Nathan Sykes is into you!" she screams.

"He is not!" I shout back. "He's just friendly!"

"Psh!" Mina snorts. "Honey, he's totally into you."

I blush harder. "What should I do? Should I say yes?"

"YES!" Summer and Mina shouts at my face and they literally drag me to the other room and started fixing me. Summer grabs my tank top and slither it down my body while Mina wipes the sweat out of my face and ties my hair properly. When they were both done, they gave my phone back and they literally shove me inside the elevator. I wait while it descends and I see Nathan waiting for me outside the building, wearing shades. There were a couple of paparazzi's outside but not as many when I'm with Harry.

When he spots me, he waves his hand and he smiles. "Holly!"

"Hi," I greet casually.

"I'm so glad you could make it!" he says. I smile. "Where do you want to eat?"

I think. "Somewhere really private? I wouldn't want paparazzi's and fans chasing us down or something."

"Good idea..." Nathan mumbles. He starts walking to the parking lot and I follow after him and he stops and enters a car. "Hop in, we're heading to my flat."

"Okay..." I mumble and hopped in. My heart was beating faster than usual and I looked over at him and he gives me a warm smile that causes it to go away.

*Harry's POV*

The next day....

Summer filled me in about Holly's first day at the studio yesterday. I wanted to talk to Holly but Summer says she was exhausted and asleep. I asked her why but she wouldn't answer me causing me to worry more. It was our second day in Newcastle and this time, Liam and Eleanor joined the Louis Tomlinson vs. Tom Parker fight. Danielle was concerned for Liam but Liam said he wanted to fight back whoever fights with his brothers.

I went to Twitter and replied to some fans on the way and when I tried searching "Holly Winters" at the search bar, "Holly Winters cheating" pops up and I am tempted to know what it meant. Then my whole world literally went upside down.

"Holly Winters and Nathan Sykes spotted leaving his flat, yesterday."

It was the exact same moment when Niall enters my room, holding a newspaper in his hands. "Harry! You have got to see this!" He throws the paper at the table and crossed his arms and paced back and forth. "I never imagined Holly doing that!" he shouts. I pick up the newspaper slowly and read the cover.

"Holly Winters cheating on One Direction's, Harry Styles for The Wanted's, Nathan Sykes? More Twitter wars will come up?"

Yesterday, April 8 2013, Holly Winters was spotted leaving Nathan Sykes' flat at 2 pm, wearing one of his favourite sweater. The "couple" then went for a drive and soon later, Winters was dropped off at SYCO and Sykes earns a kiss on the cheek from Winters before they went separate ways.

What do you guys think? Are you rooting for Holly Sykes OR Holly Styles?

I was beyond pissed after reading the article and Niall notices it. "Harry, you are NOT leaving Newcastle."

"Try stopping me." I growl and I made my way outside, ready to leave.

The answer will FOREVER AND ALWAYS be Holly Styles.

Nothing else.

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