Forever And Always (Sequel)

(Sequel To Friends With Benefits) Holly Winters and Harry Styles are finally together like they've always wanted. But what if Holly gets a new job that will distant the new couple? Will they face it together? Or will they face it alone?


21. First Day

The bed I was sleeping on felt heavenly. The pillows were softer than I could ever imagine and it was really fluffy. I was awaken by sun rays peeking from my window and my eyes slowly flutter and landed on the huge window on the corner, showing Beverly Hills. I never really imagined myself living in Beverly Hills but, thanks to Simon, one of my dreams came true.

I sigh and stood up from my bed to check some food but nothing was good enough for my mood. I wasn't in the mood for cereal or oatmeal or rice. I just wanted something simple. Suddenly, there was a knock on my door and I open it to find Summer holding a cup of coffee and a mini paper bag from Starbucks.

"Morning!" She greets cheerfully. She enters my flat and lays the food on the counter. "I bougyou Starbucks."

I smile and walk toward it. "Thanks." Then I take a sip of my coffee to realize that it was White Chocolate Mocha, my favorite. "How'd you know this is my favorite?" I ask.

Summer grins and walked toward my closet. "I have a source."

I roll my eyes. "Really now?" I open the paper bag to find a chocolate muffin, which was my favorite too.

"Yeah, Harry answered some questions last night." She answers flatly.

"He what?!" I ask, choking on my coffee.

Summer laughs. "He was persistent when I was asking Louis." She answers. "I think he really wants to fix things with you."

I fake laugh and took a bite of my muffin before I walk toward my bed and checked my phone for any messages while Summer fixed my outfit for the day.

"Did he mention anything else?" I ask.

Summer cringes. "Not really, he mentioned something about a surprise but I really didn't listen."

We continue talking about Harry until I decided to take a bath, so I made my way to the bathroom and strip my clothes off while listening to music. The song playing right now is "The Way" by Ariana Grande and its one of my faves. I sang with her while I scrub my body and massage my hair. When I was done, the clothes Summer picked out for me were lying on the bed and I check them out.

She picked high waisted shorts with a cute little ribbon in the middle and a black tank top. Their was a cream cardigan for emergencies if ever I get cold. My shoes, were black sandals and as for my hair, I tied it up with a ribbon. My hair started having this mood swings everyday. Sometimes, it was curly. Sometimes, it was straight. Before we left, I tuck the tank top in to reveal the ribbon and took a picture of my ootd before we left and posted it on Instagram. I grab my bag then we were off.

"We'll be introducing you to the crew once we get to the studio and then some vocal training and dance lessons." She tells me while we waited for the van outside.

"Dance lessons?" I ask, making sure.

"I checked your hush school background, and I noticed that you were captain of the cheer leading club and you dance most of the time."

"I was." I answer. "It's been a while since I danced."

"That's why you're having dancing lessons." She says.

Suddenly, a black van stops in front of us and Summer reaches out to open the door and we hop in. "Summer, this is Albert. He'll be your Personal driver."

"Hi Albert!" I say cheerfully.

"Good Morning, Ms. Winters." He says casually.

"Please, call me Holly."

He nods before he stepped on the gas and Summer and I continue to chat about the day. When we reach the studio, I hop off and thanked Albert before we enter the tall building. "You okay?" Summer asks.

I nod. We just entered the elevator and for some reason, my heart was beating faster than usual. "Just nervous, I guess."

She pats my shoulder. "You'll be okay."

Then the elevator door opens and we step out to see a hall, a huge one. There were instruments everywhere and small rooms for recording songs. In the other side, there was a door, and when you enter, it was a room covered with mirror walls. I'll probably have my dance lessons there.

"Holly Winters! It's finally good to see you!" A man says, engulfing me in a hug.

"That's Joe, he's your songwriter. You'll both probably be together a lot because you'll have to write songs and all."

"I can't wait to work with you." I say with a smile.

More and more people enter the hall and Summer introduces them one by one. There's Martha, my makeup artist, then there is Josh, Matthew, Lorenzo and Paul, the band. Then there is Mars and Julian, I don't really know what you call them but they'll be the one making the tune of my songs. Mina, my vocal and dance tutor and finally, Sky, my editor. They were the top people I would be working with, the others were just extras or something.

"Do you want to have a go with the recording room?" Martha asks. "You've been staring at it."

My eyes shone. "Yes please!" Then I ran inside and sat on the stool and wear the headphones.

"Do you want any song in particular?" She asks.

I nod. "The Way, by Ariana Grande."

She nods and closes the door and the song starts playing and I sway my hips and started singing. When I was done, I take a deep breath and exit the room to find the whole crew with open mouths. They said I sounded great and I thank them.

"You were good!" Martha says. "Follow me, we'll start dancing now."

"Give me a minute." I say out of breath. "I'll just go grab some water." I take my tank top off leaving me in my sports bra. Dancers always wear sports bra while dancing and there were not much people inside the building, so who cares, right?

She smiles. "Go ahead," and I ran and looked for a vending machine and bought some water. When I turn around, I collide with someone and I fall to the ground while the guy curses and I hear his British accent.

"Sorry," he apologizes.

I nod and looked up and saw Nathan Sykes from The Wanted right in front of me.

*Harry's POV*

Louis was infuriating with Tom Parker, from the Wanted. They were having a Twitter war and all fandoms were going crazy. "Louis, just calm down." I tell him.

He looks down and clicked his phone shut. "That guy really pisses me off." He states. "I didn't even do anything wrong!"

"Just leave it be." I say, rolling my eyes. "You can't be like that at the concert." We were finally in Newcastle and we were currently takings rest at out hotel.

"I can't! There in LA! And you know what that means, there's like a 99.99% chance they'll be bumping into Holly!" Louis states. I stand there in shock. "Finally you understand me! And for the record, Nathan Sykes is single."

"Holy shit." I whisper.

Nathan and Holly together? No way.

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