Forever And Always (Sequel)

(Sequel To Friends With Benefits) Holly Winters and Harry Styles are finally together like they've always wanted. But what if Holly gets a new job that will distant the new couple? Will they face it together? Or will they face it alone?


6. Disneyland Trip

“Holly, let’s ride there!” I hear someone squeal. I know, you must’ve thought it was Darcy. But it wasn’t. The one who was acting like a little child was no other than, Harry Styles. Suddenly, Harry pulls me and Darcy into a line and when I looked up, we were going to ride the Grizzly River Run.

Harry and Darcy were talking about something while we waited in line. As for me, I checked out the guide the clerk gave me and I started marking the rides we were going next and the food restaurants we would rest at.

“What’cha doing, mama bear?” Harry asks as he places his chin on my shoulder. Darcy was now sitting on Harry’s shoulder so that they could see what I was working on.

“Checking some things up.” I answer. I folded the map and placed it back on my bag while Harry and Darcy started walking toward the entrance. After a few minutes, we made it and Darcy sat in between me and Harry. The ride started slow and steady. We passed by fake beavers and chipmunks and while the log was heading for the top, people were cursing. When we reached the peak, we stayed still for three seconds until we fell and crashed downward, splashing everyone with water. We were all laughing when we saw the picture they took of us near the exit. Our faces were hilarious.

“Holly, you look funny.” Harry teases. I punch him lightly on the arm but I still laughed. I really did look funny. “Where do want to go next?” I ask.

“Why don’t we go to Mickey’s house?” Darcy suggests.

I nod. “That’s a great idea. His house is near here.” I answer grabbing the map from my bag. We started walking north and I held on to Darcy’s left hand while Harry held her right one. We continue to walk until we saw the house and we went inside it and saw Mickey. He was currently taking pictures with kids but when they saw Harry, they stood in shock and moved aside for us. It was awkward for all of us so I decided to break the ice. I voluntreed to take a picture with Mckey and I gave the camera to Harry. I walked over to Mickey and wrapped my arm around his and Harry counted to three before I smiled and he took the picture.

When we were done, it was Darcy's turn and I took the camera from Harry and took a picture. A few minutes later, we left the house and we sighed with relief. We continue to walk around and have some fun in the rides and when lunch came, we went to the nearest restaurant and started ordering food.

"This was tiring." Harry says. "Are you having fun, Darcy?" he asks.

"Yep." she answers taking a bite from her burger. As for me, I brought out my phone and logged in Twitter. Thank God there was wifi. I was soon attracted by the notifications I had. Most of them were pictures of today in Disneyland. God, paparazzi's don't really give up.

"Look. It's us." I say showing the picture to Harry and Darcy. They stopped eating and looked up to see the picture and Darcy smiled.

"Wow, I've never been famous." she grins.

I laugh. "Well, whenever you're with Harry, you sure will." I answer.

Harry rolls his eyes. "Please, your cousin over here is being over dramatic."

I throw a frenchfie on Harry. "Hey! It's true! This has been the first day in public that no one asked for a picture."

"Really?" Darcy asks.

"Well..." Harry starts.

I laugh. "Ha! I win!" I took a sip of my smoothie and we continue talking about the fandom. Darcy mentions Tiara and her friends about going crazy every time they see pictures of them and Harry laughs. Darcy also mentions her friends and her little crush and other kid things and by the time we were done with our food, we paid and left to have some fun in the rides.

We stayed in Disneyland until midnight to watch the fireworks. We bought some soda and popcorn and sat on a nearby chair and waited for it. A few minutes later, everything went dark. They switch the lights off and within seconds, there were beautiful fireworks in the sky. We all watched in amazement as they formed in hearts and twisters. The fireworks almost lasted ten minutes and when it was done, we went straight to the car and we went home.

When we reached the house, it was dark. Everyone was asleep and so was Darcy. She was so tired and exhausted that she fell asleep on the car. Harry and I went straight to her room and tucked her in bed before we went to kitchen to look for food.

I grabbed some ice cream from the freezer while Harry looked for Hazelnuts, Chocolate chip cookies and Sprinkles on the pantry. When he did, he took a can of whipped cream and chocolate syrup. I grabbed a huge bowl from the cabinet and lay it down on the counter and took two scoops of vanilla ice cream and another two scoops of chocolate ice cream. When I was done, I topped it with hazelnuts, chocolate chip cookies and sprinkles and placed a huge amount of chocolate syrup then whipped cream last. When I was done, I placed it in the middle of me and Harry on the dining table and Harry laughed.

"This looks good." he murmurs. He took the spoon from the table and placed some on his mouth. He did this weird face and said, "It taste like heaven."

I laugh and tasted it myself too. "Yeah, it does."

We continue eating the ice cream until it was already done and Harry volunteered to wash the bowl while I fixed the ingredients and placed it back where it belongs. When I was done, Harry just placed the bowl on the dishwasher when an idea popped in my mind. I quickly took a spoon, grabbed some ice cream and tapped Harry on the shoulder. When he turned around, I slapped his face with ice cream and I quickly threw the spoon on the sink and jumped on him. Harry was shocked at first but he continues to watch me lick the ice cream off his face, lips, cheek, neck, eveywhere.

"Holly, what are you doing?" he asks.

"Giving you an award." I answer.

"For what?"

"For being so nice to Darcy.' I say. "Now shut up and kiss me." I demand. And he did. He gripped my hips tightly while kissing the shit out of me. Soon, I had my tongue in his mouth and he groans in pleasure.

"God, I love it when you're rough." he says and he places me on the kitchen counter and spreads my legs wide open. His hands found my underwear, and he slowly played with my waistband before he ripped it out and started pumping his fingers in and out of me.

"Harry..." I moan. "My room." I try to stutter. But he understands me and dragged the both of us to my room without breaking the kiss. When we reach my room, Harry closes the door with his foot and threw me to the bed while he got rid of his shirt and jeans. He went back on top of me and kissed me again and unclasped my bra. Soon, we were both already naked. God, I was never horny like this before.

Without me thinking properly, I got to my knees and positioned my clit in Harry's mouth while I licked his tip so that we were in the 69 position. Harry got the idea and he started licking my clit while I did the same to him and placed it all in. When I was close to orgasm, I stopped what I was doing and faced Harry and kissed him.

"Why didn't you want to cum?" Harry asks with his deep sexy voice.

"I was saving it." I answer. I held on to his shoulders while I played with his tip with my folds and Harry groans pushing me down so that he was in me already. I gasped and started bouncing up and down, while Harry rocked his hips back and forth. He prevents himself from moaning by biting on my collarbone while I did the same to him.

When I was close, Harry rubs my clit with his finger and that's when I exploded and literally collapsed on him. Harry was breathing hard and I didn't even bother pulling him out of me. He was still inside me the whole time until I had the strength to move and lie back down.

Wow, since when was I hard core at sex?


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~ Questionable

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