Forever And Always (Sequel)

(Sequel To Friends With Benefits) Holly Winters and Harry Styles are finally together like they've always wanted. But what if Holly gets a new job that will distant the new couple? Will they face it together? Or will they face it alone?


17. Diner With Uncle Si

The boys had a concert tonight before we leave London to Newcastle tomorrow morning. Niall and Kiera agreed to tell Simon later today about their engagement and all of us were nervous as shit. Right now, they were practicing “Little Things” and I was watching Harry from the chairs. He wouldn’t look at me, which upsets me even more. Suddenly, I felt a tap on my shoulder and I see Eleanor, Danielle and Perrie.

“Oh, hey girls!” I say, standing up. I give them equal hugs and they take a seat beside me.

“We heard about Niall and Kiera.” Perrie says, looking at me. “We want to be there when they ask Simon.”

“Is it that bad?” I ask, jokingly.

“Very.” Danielle answers.

“Really, really.” Perrie adds with wide eyes. “Even Jade, Jesy and Leigh Anne came with me.”

“About that, I never even met them yet!” I smile.

“They’re great girls.” Eleanor says.

I nod my head. “Hey, El. I never got to see you ever since you came here a few days ago.”

She nods with agreement. “Well, I was mostly out, modeling. Sorry about that.”

“What are you talking about? It’s alright!”

“Anyway, how are things with Harry? We heard you two fought?” Danielle asks.

“Yeah…” I admit. “I ‘kinda lied to him.”

“Lied to him about what?” Perrie urges.

“About dating Tyler.” I answer.

“The hot wolf from LA?!!” Eleanor asks, panicking. I giggle and Danielle smacks her to stop fan girling. “You dated him?”

“Yeah, I did.” I blush. “Harry must’ve heard it when we were drunk or something.”

“Ouch, why did you have to lie to him anyway?”

“I didn’t!” I defend myself. “He just didn’t ask so I never mentioned It.”

“Are you sure?” Eleanor asks.

“I don’t know… Things are blurry.”

“Well, what are you planning to do?” Danielle asks, changing the topic.

I shrug. “I’ll talk to him after the concert.”

“You should.” Eleanor agrees. “I’m sure everything will go the way you want it.”

“And besides.” Perrie adds. “We’re here if you need us.”

I give them a smile. “Thanks, girls. You’re the best.”

Few hours have passed and the arena is getting packed by screaming girls minute by minute. The boys were currently fixing things back stage and here I am, nibbling on a pack of gummies on the way to the 5 seconds of summer dressing room. Lou must’ve heard about me and Harry’s fight because she doesn’t ask me to fix them. When I get there, I knock on the door once, and Luke opens it for me.

“Hey, Holly!” they cheer.

“Hey!” I say. I swallow the gummy I was nibbling and I hide the pack on my pocket before I wipe my hands behind my jeans and made my way over to the table and started fixing the things I’ll need like mousse and hair gels.

“Where’s Lou?” Calum asks.

“Fixing the boys,” I answer. I drag Luke to the chair and steady myself on him and started fixing his hair. I brush his hair to the side and spiked it up a little behind just the way he likes it. When he was done, I did Calum then Michael.

“There.” I sigh after brushing Michael’s hair down with hair spray. “Ashton you’re up.”

He nods his head and takes a seat in front of me. “We’ll just get ready, mate?” Luke asks while they head out the door leaving both of us alone.

“So,” Ashton starts when the other boys were gone. He spins the chair so the he was facing me then his hands find my hips and he grips them. “Why are you hiding a pack of gummies?”

I roll my eyes. “Fine, you can get some.” He laughs like a little school girl before he roughly went to my jeans and took them out. He grabs the yellow gummy first and I panic.

“Hey! Not that one!” I say, laughing. I try pulling the tail from his mouth but he held it tight between his teeth.

“Bite it off.” He teases. I actually took him seriously and bent down, biting the gummy with my lip from his mouth and our lips were only inches apart. He freezes and I smirk with triumph.

“What were you saying, Irwin?” I ask, teasingly. I didn’t give him a moment to respond before I spin his chair around so he was back to facing the mirror. I fix his wavy hair and carefully swept them to the left side and brushed them thoroughly.

“Hey, Holly, when are you planning to talk to him?” he asks.

“Later,” I answer and I reach out for another gummy before I continue to brush his hair. When I was done, I lay the brush back down at the counter and sat on the couch and crossed my legs. I pull my phone out and went to twitter to find anything new.

Miraculously, Harry finally tweeted. He replied to one of his fans and the whole fandom went wild for he hasn’t tweeted the past week. Suddenly, someone knocks on our door and a girl holding a clip board said, “We’re 5 minutes ‘till show time.” She says and we nod our head.

“Well, that’s my cue to leave.” Ashton says, standing up. He had his hands inside his pocket while he went out of the room and I follow. I run into Niall and Liam, and they give me a smile.

“Hey, haven’t seen you in forever.” Liam says, rubbing my arm.

I sigh. “Well, I’ve been busy.”

“Busy going out on dates with Ashton?” Niall teases, poking me with his index finger. Suddenly, Liam elbows Niall in the ribs and Niall shuts up. “I’m kidding,” Niall adds.

“Wait,” I say, squinting my eyes. "How'd you know about me and Ashton?" I ask. Niall remains silent and he looks down. When I looked at Liam, he was doing the same. "Are you spying on me?" I ask them, taking a step toward them. They take a step back but remain silent. "Liam, Niall, answer me." I grit.

"Fine!" Niall admits. "We were." I eye him like a hawk and tried to stand taller than him but failed because I was only 5 flat while Niall was 5"10. Liam came to the rescue and drapes an arm in front of him.

"We're just concerned about you and Harry." Liam answers.

I sigh and run my fingers through my blonde hair. "I don't know what to feel. If I should feel freaked out that you're both following me or-"

"Actually, Zayn and Louis were with us too." Niall adds.

"And there it is!" I say flailing my hands. "I want to fix things myself, okay?" I tell them. I got myself to calm down and I look at them with my emerald green eyes. "But, thanks." I say. They both smile at me and gave me a hug.

"We're also sorry for invading your space, Holly." Liam apologizes.

I hug them. "That's okay. Go get your ass out there!" I say, pushing them towards the stage entrance. They both gave me a peck on the cheek at the same time and I watch them walk toward the stage to sing to their fans. Before they went on stage, I turn around to see Harry staring at me. I stare back at him and he gives me smile which, sadly I wasn't able to give back.

The concert finally ended in hours. I was currently eating snacks and drinking water preparing myself for our dinner with Simon tonight. I pull out my white lace dress. I’ve never gotten to wear it because Black was my usual thing but for now, I wanted to change things. Ever since my 2 month fight with Harry about Taylor before, I never actually stayed at home. That’s what I told Kiera. But to be honest, I was mostly out with Tyler. He helped and taught me real well on what and on what not to do when it comes to boys. I know I used to be the sweet innocent type before but now that, I’ve changed; my sense of style has gotten wider. I learned when to use the hot slutty outfit or the good girl kind of thing. For now, I was thinking of princess in pink. I didn’t want to mess up my first impression with Simon so I was keeping it safe.

“Holly?” some calls, knocking on my door. I open it and Lou enters my room.

“Hey, Lou.” I say as she enters the room. “What’s up?”

“Well,” she starts. “I’m here to fix your hair and makeup, you know?”

“Really?” I ask. “Are you sure you’re okay with it?”

“Of course I am! You’re meeting their uncle Si!” she cheerfully says with a laugh. “Now, sit down!” I do what she says and she brings out a huge curling iron from her bag followed by hair pins. She starts the process by braiding my hair in a waterfall way then curling it all the way down. When she was done, I stand up and admire the piece of work. It was beautiful.

“Wow,” I say, amazed. “This is beautiful, Lou.” I touch strands of my silky hair and let it slide down on my finger.

“Why, thank you Holly. Now, go take a seat for I will fix your makeup.” She starts and I take a sit back. She brings out her makeup kit and she fixes me again and by the time we were finished, someone knocks on my door while I was strapping on my heels. When I open the door, the girls including Jade, Leigh Anne and Jesy, were all outside squealing at my outfit.

“Wow, Holly! You’re so cute!” Perrie gushed pinching my cheeks. “But why did you go from hot type to girly type?”

I smile. “I wouldn’t want to mess Simon’s first impression of me.”

“That’s a good one!” Eleanor says. We were silent until Perrie introduces me to the other girls.

“Holly, this is Jade, Jesy and Leigh Anne.” She introduces.

I engulf them in a hug. “Hey. I’ve wanted to meet you all this time!” I say, cheerfully.

“Us too!” Jesy says. “Perrie talks about you quite a lot.

“Really?” I ask, making sure. “I’m honored.”

“I love your bow!” Jade compliments, pointing at my pink ribbon clipped on my hair. “I love bows.” She shows me her bow tie with little hearts and I smile.

“What a coincidence! Me too!” I say, cheerfully.

We continue talking on the way to the elevator and when we were finally inside, I ask Kiera, “Are you nervous?”

She looks down. “So much,”

I give her a pat. “Don’t worry about it. I’m sure Simon will love you.”

“You think so?” she asks.

I nod and at the same time, the elevator door opens, revealing 5 handsome boys in suit and ties standing in the lobby. All couples made their way to each other but I held my ground, not bothering to go to Harry.

“Aren’t you supposed to go to Harry?” Leigh Anne asks.

I shake my head. “We’re not in good terms.” I answer.

“I’m sorry,” Leigh apologizes.

“That’s okay. You did noth-” suddenly, I was interrupted when Louis spins me around in a circle.

“Why, aren’t you a cute little girl.” He teases pinching my cheeks really hard that they turn red.

“Louis!” I scream, punching him with my bag. “That hurts!” I pout like a little girl and crossed my arms. He continues to laugh at me and I just stand there, looking at him.

“Louis, you’re just like her older brother.” Perrie comments.

“I am.” Louis states pulling me to him so he could drape an arm around my shoulder. The girls did some muffled awhs while the boys headlock Louis. I watch them with amusement until Harry approached me and says, “You look beautiful.”

I smile. “Thanks.” I graze my hand lightly against his arm and we stare at each other until Niall claps his hand and started pushing us toward the door. We were all greeted by paparazzi’s and fans and the bright camera flashes blind us. We made our way to the van and finally got inside after five minutes. I sat on the second row beside the window and Harry. I was shocked when he sat beside me but I was happy that he did. Whenever our arms would touch, I would feel goose bumps rise around my body.

When we reach the restaurant, there weren’t that much paparazzi’s so we were able to enter the restaurant with ease. There was no one inside but the waiters. We were guided upstairs and I see a guy sitting by the tables. When he stands up, it was Simon. Everyone but me and Kiera ran to him and gave him a hug. “Uncle Si!” they shout. They were all in one big hug and they looked so cute. When they were done, Niall walks toward Kiera and introduces her to Simon.

“Simon, this is Kiera, my….” He starts and he looks at Kiera. Kiera smiles and nods her head. Everyone was huddled close, nervous on what will happen next. “My fiancé.” He continues.

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