Forever And Always (Sequel)

(Sequel To Friends With Benefits) Holly Winters and Harry Styles are finally together like they've always wanted. But what if Holly gets a new job that will distant the new couple? Will they face it together? Or will they face it alone?


1. A Day Out

"Move, move, move!" Niall shouts as he ran over to the the pool and jumped, making a big impact. There was a huge splash of water and he accidentaly splashed Kiera with water.

"Niall!" she shouts, angrily. She wipes herself and Niall calls out to her.

"Babe!" he shouts swimming to the edge of the pool. "Help me up!" he shouts bringing his hand out. Kiera rolls her eyes before she walked over to Niall and brought out her hand and tried helping Niall up. But instead, Niall pulls her in and she falls to the water. Everyone laughs while we watched them. We have finally arrived back in London from the past places we've been. So far, we have been to Liverpool, Sheffield, Nottingham and Bermingham. We were gonna stay here in London for a week before we go to our next destination, which is, New Castle.

As for me and Harry, we were finally official now. Like, official to tell the press and paparazzi's. And for the first time ever, Simon agreed in our relationship. The past few places we have been, there were interviews and every interview, they would ask Harry if our relationship was true. And he always answers that it was true. I also have been getting a lot of attention lately. Paparazzi's were following me whenever I need to go somewhere or fans would ask me to take a picture with them and they would give me a piece of paper with their twitter username in them. I would follow them, of course. I didn't want to be rude but most of the time, I always reach the follow limit and I would feel bad.

Niall and Kiera are known for the "opposites attract" relationship. The press and fans always thought that Niall would date a sweet princess but instead, he dates someone like Kiera. The flirt and slutty type. Not that Kiera was a slut, she was just so girly that the fans get the wrong idea. Niall also revealed their relationship to public. Just a bit later that me and Harry's so everyone was having caoz especially the dedicated fans.

Today, we rented a water park for us to hang out at. It was just us. (The girlfriends, the lads and 5SOS) Luke, Ashton, Calum and Michael started hanging out with us most of the time since the get together in Manchester. Me and Ashton were actually a great chemistry and we would hang out once in a while.

"Holly!" someone calls out to me after I placed some sunblock on my legs. When I looked up, it was Ashton who was approaching me and he smiled, showing me his perfect dimples.

"Yes?" I say, sitting back down and stretching my legs. I caught Ashton staring and I smirk, breaking the silence.

"Wanna swim?" he asks. I shake my head and he lifts an eyebrow. "You're not swimming on a water park? That's crazy." he says.

"Well, I'm crazy." I answer. He just rolls his eyes before he lifts me and carries me across his shoulder. I start pounding and punching his back and started screaming until he throws me to the water with him. I scream louder and when I pulled back up, he was laughing hard. "Ash!" I say, shouting at him. I splash him some water and he fights back by doing the same. When I was about to fall, someone was behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist. He kissed my neck and I giggle.

"Harry, that tickles." I say, pulling away from him. He groans and pulls me back and he wrapped my arms around his neck and started swimming to the deep part. Louis and Eleanor were there too and when we reached there, Louis and Eleanor gave me a wink. They were so alike. "Hey, guys." I say, smiling.

"Hey!" Louis cheers. Eleanor smiled at me in return and me and Harry continued swimming.

"Let's try the slide." Harry tells me. I nod with excitement and he started swimming to the edge of the pool and we walk toward the slide, grabbing a circle floater with two holes for two people to fit in. We made our way to the top and when we reached it, I sat down infront while Harry sat behind me and wrapped his legs around me. "Ready?" he asks. I could feel his breathing in my neck and I nod.

"Ready as I'll ever be." I say and he pushed us and we started sliding down the slide. I scream out with laughter and pleasure and when we reached the bottom, we both fell on the water and I swam to Harry and he smiles. "That was fun." I say.

"Wanna go again?" he asks. I nod and he takes my hand and we made our way towards the top again. When we reached the top, we sat down on the slide without any floaters and I go sat infront again. When we were finally settled, he kissed my neck and I turned around at him with a bewildered look. When I looked down, I noticed he had a boner and I gasp with shock.

"Seriously, Harry?" I ask, raising an eyebrow.

"It's not my fault you're turning me on." he says, fighting back. I just roll my eyes and kissed him. He was shocked at first but soon later, kissed me back. We have probably been making out for the past few minutes that Louis shouts. "You guys are staying up there that long?"

"Give us a minute!" I shout and turned back to Harry. "This will be quick." I say. He nods his head and I quickly remove my bikini and he unzips his trunks. When we were both naked, I lowered myself on him and I started bouncing up and down. He groans and wrapped his hands around my waist and he nibbles on my neck, leaving me a mark. When I was close, Harry sensed it that he brings his hand to my clit and that made me explode. I cum all over his dick and I I let him stay inside me while I even out my breathing.

"That was... Fun." Harry says as he fixes his trunks. I did the same to my bikini and when we were both fully dress, we sat back down on the slide and we slid down again. When were reached the bottom, we made a huge splash and when I looked up, everyone was staring at us with a weird expression.

"May we help you?" I ask. Suddenly, Louis runs toward me and lifted my hair up and showed everyone my new hicky. "Proof #1." he states. He brings my hair back down and pushed me and I started walking. I was still affectd with Harry's size that I was still walking in a weird way. "Proof #2." Louis says, pointing at my walking. "Proof #3." he finally states showing the unzipped trunks of Harry.

"Oh my god, you totally did it in the water park." Perrie breathes, sucking in her breath.

"Good job, mate." Ashton says, giving Harry a thumbs up. I was so embarassed at the moment, that I blushed really red and Harry laughs, scratching the back of his neck.

"You should try it too?" Harry tries. Everyone just rolled their eyes but Niall had a spark in them. He started dragging Kiera up the slide and we groan. "Don't forget about the condom!" we all shout in unison.

"Of course!" Niall shouts back, grinning while Kiera was just following him blushing all the way.

"Today was a tiring day." I say as we reached me and Harry's hotel room. I collasped on the bed and Harry did the same. We stared at eachother the whole time until Harry leans in and kisses me. I kissed him back. His hand was roaming my bare back and was supposed to unclasp my bra when I moan in disagreement and pulled away. "I'm tired, Harry."

His face fell. "No, it's okay. I'm sorry." he says.

I smile. "You don't have to be sorry for anything, babe." I say and I kissed the tip of his nose and nuzzled my head in his chest and I finally fell asleep.

"Love you, babe." I hear him whisper.

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