Forever And Always (Sequel)

(Sequel To Friends With Benefits) Holly Winters and Harry Styles are finally together like they've always wanted. But what if Holly gets a new job that will distant the new couple? Will they face it together? Or will they face it alone?


18. A Choice

Simon’s face turned white the moment Niall said it. We were staring at him, wondering what his next move was. Suddenly, Simon takes his hand out to shake Kiera’s hand. “Nice to meet you, Kiera.” He says.

“Nice to meet you too, sir.” Kiera answers with a smile.

“Please, call me Simon.”

Kiera nods her head and went back to Niall’s arms when Simon scans the crowd and notices me. “You must be Holly Winters.” He says, walking toward me. “I’ve heard so much about you.”

“I wish I could say the same.” I answer with a joke. Everyone laughs and we take a sit on the table. When I was finally seated in my chair, Harry went to take a seat beside me. I was shocked at first but I liked how he was putting effort with the both of us.

“Harry, aren’t you and Holly dating?” Simon asks.

I stay silent, nervously playing with my hair and suddenly, Harry speaks up. “Yes, we are.”

“Well, enough about us! We should talk about Niall and Kiera!” I say breaking the awkward conversation. I look over at Harry and he gives me tight smile before we return our attention to Simon and he nods with agreement, leaning on to Niall to ask him some important questions.

“Niall, when and where are you planning to get married?” he asks.

“Well, I was thinking of doing it in Paris.” Niall answers just the same time our food arrives and we start chewing our food.

“Are you planning to do it 4 weeks from now?” he asks.

Niall nods his head, “If that’s all right with you?”

Simon lifts an eyebrow. “I have no choice, do I? You’re in love and that’s perfectly clear to me.”

Niall had this huge smile on his face and he quickly gives Kiera a peck on the cheek before he swallows a huge amount of pasta.

“Thank you Simon.” Kiera says with s killer smile. “To be honest, we thought you were going to faint.”

Everyone started laughing and Simon smirks at Kiera. “I like you; you’ll be a good wife to Niall over here.”

“So, girls, how’s the DNA tour?” Simons asks Little Mix.

Perrie squeals and answers, “It’s crazy. Our fans cry all the time.”

“Perrie and Leigh Anne are so intimate with their dance partners every time.” Jesy teases.

“And Perrie loves to wear cheeky little shorts all the time.” Jade adds.

Zayn lifts an eyebrow. “Intimate with who?” he asks.

“I think someone is jealous.” I sing, teasing Zayn.

“Yeah, we absolutely have one.” Simon says.

“Well, it’s normal, right?” Zayn answers. “Harry would feel the same if you dirty danced with some random dancer.”

I look at Harry for approval and he smiles, nodding his head. “But, anyway.” Jade says, “Kiera, can we go to the wedding?”

“Of course!” she answers. “Will you be able to go?”

“We’ll find a way.” Perrie adds.

“Please don’t tell me the bridesmaid dresses are Orange because I look awful in Orange.” Eleanor jokes.

“Or Black.” Danielle adds.

“You look good in every color.” Louis states.

“And who wears Black in weddings?” Liam asks with sarcasm.

“Touché,” I agree. We continue to talk about the wedding details and manage to joke about things once in a while and when we were almost done with our dessert, we started planning where to go next.

“I think we should go clubbing,” Louis states.

“But we’re leaving for Newcastle tomorrow!” Liam objects. “We have to wake up early.”

“Psh, you can wake up, right?” Danielle asks, rubbing circles around Liam’s chest. “Please? You’re the only one who objects.”

Liam turns red. “Fine, just so you know, we’re leaving at 10.”

Everyone cheers with joy and started standing up and walking to the exit. “You coming Simon?” Niall asks.

Simon smiles. “I’ll follow.” He answers. We all nod and started walking but Simon calls out to me. “Holly!”

I turn around. “Yes?”

“We need to talk.” He says sternly.

I nod and told the girls that I’ll be following and they each whisper “good luck” before they left. When they were all gone, I took a sit in front of Simon and I smile. “What’s wrong?” I ask.

“I was wondering if you would love to work under my label.” He asks.

“Like SYCO music?” I ask, astonished.

Simon smirks. “I think you’re capable of standing out.”

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