A Night never to forget(ON HOLD)

We ran into eachother on the street, we went out and I fell hard, he left the next week, its been a year, does he remember me what happen?

1. Reunion



It was a night that I'd never forget, it changed my life then POOF he was gone, and now he's back.  I remember everything.

** flashbacks**

I was walking in till I ran into someone, I looked up, he had jet-black hair and Hazel eyes with tan skin. " I'm so sorry" he said helping me up, catching out of my daze, his voice sent shivers down my spine. " no its my fault I wasn't paying attention" Oh well can I have your number" sure" I handed him a piece of paper with my number. " I'm Sophia by the way" I said walking away," Zayn" he yelled wlaking in the other direction. Even though I only knew his name I was falling hard.My phone vibrated I looked at it

Hi Love, its Zayn

Hey waz up

er nothing so I was wondering if maybe we could go out tonight around 6

sure see you then my adress is 4365 Oakland dr. Formal or Casual?



We we started dating the next 3 days I swear it was love at first site, A week later he walked in with as sad expression,"zayzay whats wrong" Uh I'm levaing tommarow"

I ran out of the room crying I didn't want him gone and I knew i would never get over himhe chased after me but I ran to my car and drove off.

** flashbacks over **

That was a year ago and I remember it like it was yesterday.I changed from bright colors to dark colors, and I go out and get drunk. It may have only been 2 weeks, but I fell hard and It might have been short,but I loved him. I was walkingdown the street and I ran into someone, I looked up at the fimilar Jet-black hair, Hazel eyes, Tan skin. "Zayn?" I said my voice cracking, " Sophia?" he said " uh do you two know eachother cause we are completly confused" Uh guys this is Sophia the girl I told you about a year ago" they nodded with sad expressions on their face. " you've changed" I nodded, I had no idea what to say," what happened to your clothes" I uh I " I couldn't take I just burst in to tears ,he pulled me in for a hug. " I'm sorry Zayn I just can't fall again" I said and ran off.



I ran into somebody, she looked familiar" Zayn?" her voice cracked, Once I heard that voice I knew who it was" Sophia?" Uh do you two know eachother cause we are completely confused"Louis really, I looked at her again dark colthes, glasses" you've changed"I said she nodded, " what happened to your colthes" I uh I" She just burst into tears, I pulled her in for a hug, She pulled out of it after a few seconds, " I'm sorry Zayn I just can't fall again" she ran off just like she did the night I told her. I can't beleive I did that to her. " what happened between you and her Zayn?" Liam asked " Last year when were here I asked her out and we started dating, I told her that I was leaving and she ran off, just like that, I think I'm the one who made her like that" I said with tears streaming down my face, " do you still have her number" NIall asked I  nodded it was still under ' Sophbear' Harry grabbed my phone, he scrolled and texted somebody.



My phone vibrated, I looked at it

1 new text from ' Zayzay' I opened it 

'Hey could you meet us at the Hilton Hotel at 7, you and Zayn need to talk.


I texted back'

'Sure just let me get myself together'

I went home took a shower and put on a gray hoddie and some blue jeans. and black converse, I straightened my hair. I looked at the clock, 6:30 it takes about 15 minutes to get there and then I will have took get through the mob of people, cause some famous people are staying there. 

**skip car ride**

I walked through the parking lot, and got greeted with a mob of fans. I pushed through and walked in, in the corner I saw red pants, stripes, brown hair. He looked like one of the guys that were with Zayn earlier. I walked up to them, " um by any chance are you friends with Zayn." he nodded, " Louis" Sophia" He nodded and we walked to the lift he pressed floor 12 the top floor. He walked to room 432, and opened the door. I was gretted with 3 faces I knew nothing about and 1 that had changed my life. " Zayn" "Sophia, you know I never wanted to hurt you right" " where did you go to anyway" Wait you don't know who we are" Asked a blonde with an Irish accent. " uh nope pretty muched have been zoned out of the world for  a year" oh." We are One Direction" Said Louis, I nodded." Zayn I want you to know that the way I turned out after ytou left wasn't your fault, I shouldn't have thought you would be there for ever, Nobody ever stays" I mumbled the last part under my breath. " it is two  and I fell just as hard, I just never knew it, I was like you except for in front of the fans" wow back the truck up, Those crazy physio paths outside are here for you 5" They phyco paths they are dedicated" Yeah surrre by screaming that they want your gravy, calling you five sex gods, giving you carrots wait throwing, and buying mirrors for you because the want to dtae you is soooo normal" They nodded I looked at them weirdly. Ok then" Zayn I don't care if you love me or not or have a girlfriend or are married for fucks sake I love you Zayn Javadd Malik I love you"

" I Love you too Sophia Lauren-Elizabeth Tribeca" HE then came up to me and Crashed his lips into mine, The bombs going off in my stomach felt just the way they did before he left. I then and there knew that he was the love of my life and there was nobody who could ever replace him.


How was chapter one, Should I continue the story





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