Midnight Sun (Book 2)

Sequel to Eternal Flame, after hearing some heartbreaking news Renesmee goes on the run. The Cullens are terrified that something has happened to her, something terrible to do with Lukas. Will they find her or will time run out......


1. Running

Have you ever hated someone you love so much? It hurts doesn't it? You want to run and never look back yet you never had the guts to do it. I did.......

I pulled myself up our of Rosalie's arms as my so called family flew through the front door. My mum and dad tried to hug me but I pushed them away. I could see the hurt in my dad's face, as far as I was concerned he deserved it. I couldn't bear it anymore. I had to get away. 

"Nessie, please just let us explain," my mum said trying to get me to listen.

"What, just so you can hurt me even more," I snapped.

"Nessie, babe," Jake said stepping round grandpa.

"Don't, don't call me that, you have no right," I said holding my tears back.

"Nessie, I thought you loved me," he replied hurt by what I had said. "I thought you loved all of us."

"Yeah well, not any more," I said running up the stairs to my room.

I flung my door open and grabbed my bags. I started stuffing my clothes and toiletries into it. I then took off the braclet Jake had made me and tossed across the room before leaving and slamming the door behind me. I walked across the landing and into Alice's room where the safe was hidden, I took more than enough money and stuffed it into my purse. I headed atraight for the garage not wanting to see my family again. I climbed into my car and started the engine. As I left the garage and pulled onto the drive I saw my family in the garden. Mum had her head tucked into dad's chest, Jake was fighting to keep his tears back. Their faces sodden and weak.

I was glad when I reached the highway, as soon as I did, I was unable to keep fighting the urge to cry. I let it all out. There were tears of hate, guilt, and even love. I was terrified as I had nowhere to go. I kept driving all night. I was headed for Pennsylvania. I don't no why, I just always wanted to visit it. So here I was on my way to a state I'd never been to and knew nothing about. I arrived in Pennsylvania and headed for Philadelphia. I had no where to go so I needed to find a hotel. I checked into The Ritz-Carlton, it was gorgeous. I think I had finally stopped running.

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