Midnight Sun (Book 2)

Sequel to Eternal Flame, after hearing some heartbreaking news Renesmee goes on the run. The Cullens are terrified that something has happened to her, something terrible to do with Lukas. Will they find her or will time run out......


4. Meeting Up

I awoke quite suddenly, I was both confused and shocked about the dream I had been having. It was about Jake. Why was I thinking about Jake? He was nothing to me anymore. I was starting to get frustrated so didn't push the problem further. I sat up in bed and glanced at the clock. 9am. I saw my phone light up. I checked out the message, it read,

Hey, we're meeting at Lucky Strikes bowling alley at 12 noon, we're gonna grab lunch whilst we are there, hope you come. Taylor x          

A smile spread across my face, I had exactly three hours to get ready. I slowly left the comfort of my bed and made may way across the room to the shower. I stood in the shower for a while, just letting the warm water relax my muscles. It felt good. I stepped out of the shower onto the stone floor. I quickly brushed my teeth, before heading out of the bathroom. 

As I left the bathroom I saw that my bed had been made and my clothes had been picked up from the floor and taken for laundry. Lucy (housekeeping) must have come in. She's my age, well round about. She has dark blond hair, blue eyes. She is also quite petite, like me. Lucy is extremely pretty. I hadn't really spoken to her but she seemed like a nice girl.

I walked over to the dresser and sat down on the velvet chair, I slowly dried my hair before pulling it up into a ponytail, leaving a few curls framing my face. I then put on a light coat of foundation,  a small amount of  pale eye shadow and mascara before placing a pale pink lip gloss on my lips. After doing my hair and make-up, I wandered over to the wardrobe where I delicately picked out my outfit. A white floral vest top (black underneath), a pair of blue-mint jeans, black jacket, black heels and a small black bag that has gold on it.

After putting on my outfit, I checked the time again, 11:50am. I knew the bowling alley was only a few minutes away. I checked that I had my purse, phone, room key, lip gloss and my gum. I then left the comfort of the hotel room and made may way down to the street below. It only took me several minutes to get to the bowling alley. I stood outside, I felt nervous yet excited. I pushed the door open to see Taylor and his friends were already here. I made my way over to their lane. Taylor introduced me to everyone. Beth, with her ginger hair and bubbly personality. Lena, with her brunette hair and petite features. Jai, with his dark hair and cute face. Kai, with his dark hair and white teeth. And finally Lucy from the hotel. They are all really nice, they're bubbly and fun. They don't take themselves to seriously.

Before we got into a game, we ordered some food and I gave Taylor some money, as he had payed for me when he arrived at Lucky Strikes. We had been in the bowling alley for a few hours, although it felt like minutes. The time had gotten away from us quickly. After finishing up our final game, we said our goodbyes before departing ways. I walked back to the hotel with Lucy, because she worked there full time she was given her own room. We laughed and talked about the day. She told me that Beth and Kai were dating whilst Lena and Jai were dating, it also turned out Jai was in a band. They were playing on Saturday night at Shampoo Night Club (a club for under 18's).

When we arrived back at the hotel I left Lucy and returned to my room. I changed my top and shoes , brushed my hair, and removed my make-up. I then wandered down to the dining room where I had dinner before returning to my room once more. I changed into my pyjamas and cleaned my teeth before climbing into bed. I fell asleep as soon as my hit the pillow...

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