Midnight Sun (Book 2)

Sequel to Eternal Flame, after hearing some heartbreaking news Renesmee goes on the run. The Cullens are terrified that something has happened to her, something terrible to do with Lukas. Will they find her or will time run out......


3. Friends

After arriving back at the hotel I felt glad I had met Taylor. I couldn't help but think I was on my way to making friends, even if he did act like a complete pig when we met. I could move past that though, right? I quickly checked my mobile, I had recieved seventy-two missed calls along with thirty messages. All from my so called 'family.' I chucked the phone across the room where it landed softly on my bed. I sorted through the small amount of shopping I had done before hopping in the shower. After washing I left the bathroom as my phone began ringing, I glanced at it but was relieved to see Taylor's name flash up.

"Hello," I said, answering his call.

"Hi, I know it's quite sudden but I was just wandering, do you want to come bowling tomorrow. Since you are obviously new to town I can introduce you to everyone, it's a chance to make new friends," he replied, trying to get me to go out.

"Sure, I would love to, as long as it's not a date  or anything," I said laughing.

"Don't worry, it's not. I'll text you the details," he replied lightly before hanging up.

I couldn't believe it, it was my first full day in Philadelphia and I had already began to make friends. Maybe life on my own would work out after all. I still had the problem of having somewhere to live though. I know I can't stay at the hotel for much longer before my family realise where I am. I mean after all, they do use this hotel regularly and it won't be long before someone just happens to let my parents know they have seen me. I couldn't think about it anymore, I would deal with it in the morning, or after meeting up with Taylor. I mean I should be more careful meeting up with him, what with being in a new city and everything. Yet, none of this matters, I don't know why but meeting Taylor feels like a good thing. 

Taylor, why do I feel like I'm attracted to him. Is it the way the sun reflects off of his blonde hair, or the way you get lost in his eyes. The blue pools that pull you in. What am I saying, I've only just met the guy, all I know is his name. Should I go that way or not? I mean I need something to take my mind off my family and..... and Jake.  

I fell asleep thinking of Jake and his muddy brown eyes. The fact that the thought of him sent a smile across my face. And of course all the good memories that come along with him.....

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