Behind The Mask

Come on Rebecca, take a deep breath. It’s nothing, just open and enter. They’ll be nice, you know that. No one will think you are a freak because you aren’t. Just take it slow, remember to smile, and everything will work out smoothly.
It’s now or never. Having friends is fine, but why are you here? To learn. If you don’t learn you’ll be kicked out.

Rebecca Clarkson is a shy and lonely girl who only wants to fit in with her classmates. But she's different from the others. She's chubby and ugly, and no one wants to talk to her. Or is that really how it is?


1. Prologue



I took a firm grip on the doorhandle and pulled. It would not move. I kept pulling, but it did not move an inch. I could see people walking around on the inside. Was I really too weak to pull the door?

“Excuse me?” A girl said from behind me, “You have to push the door open…”

I tried to push it, and it opened. I began blushing as I said thank you for the help.  My first day and I had already embarrassed myself.

As I entered the hall, I decided to pull up the schedule from my bag to see which room I had to go to. B201 was the number. I kept looking for a map of the school, but without luck. What looked like a person too old to be a student, and therefore had to be a teacher, came towards me.

“Excuse me sir?” I asked him.

“Yes?” He asked. He was carrying a lot of stuff. I looked at his face. He had a full beard, curly hair and a big nose. On top of his nose a pair of glasses was placed, which covered a pair of blue eyes. His mouth was big and his smile flashed a set of crooked teeth. He was wearing a white shirt with a pair of brown shorts and black converse on his feet.

“I am looking for room… B201, could you tell me where that is?”

His smile became wider. For every second I spent with him, he started to seem creepier.

“Yes of course, you can just follow me; I am going there for the next class!”


Great, first day at school, and I would arrive to my new class along with the teacher, instead of meeting up alone. I felt like it could not get any more worse.

“So you are the new girl… Rachel, was it?”

“No, Rebecca…”

“Oh…” He said, embarrassed of not being able to remember my name. If it had been me in his situation I had definitely been embarrassed too.

“So what classes do you teach?” I asked him. Not because I was interested, but to break the ice.

“I mainly teach math and science, but I am also educated to teach history.” He said solemnly. He stopped, and so did I. We had already arrived to the classroom, and he opened the door for me, and there they were: my new classmates. 

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