This story follows the journey of Alexis as she lives life with her dream boy. Harry Styles.


2. One Infection for One Direction

"There! It's done" "It looks amazing!"Alexis yelled. "You know, it was really stupid for us to fight over a One Direction concert." Chanel said. "Yes. I agree. Now, we have this awesome poster to present for social class! I hope the dolls that sing and the figurines and t-shirts aren't too 12 year old like" "Don't worry about it! I like it." "Thanks Chanel" Alexis exclaimed. Honk! Honk! "Hurry Alexis! You don't want to miss the bus!" "It's ok Chanel. I was going to drive anyways, after all, I have to make sure the display doesn't get ruined." "Suit yourself! I'm taking the bus, P.S. the dolls and stuff are in my bag!" Chanel shouted as she hopped on the bus. 


"How's the poster doing?"  Chanel whispered quickly as they walked to the doors of the school. "So far so good. I just want to get a good mark. I love the project though." They both ran to the doors and laughed. 


"Good luck class. Now present!" Mrs. Nickels exclaimed. 

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