This story follows the journey of Alexis as she lives life with her dream boy. Harry Styles.


3. Grades

"A plus!!" The girls yelled. "I knew we did the right project!" "Me too. Alexis. Now, I have to get home. And by the way, enjoy that concert." "Thanks and I'll tell you about it soon. I'm going on vacation in two days." "Have fun. I'll miss you." "It's ok Chanel, nothing's going to happen. I'll miss you too." Chanel ran to Alexis and hugged her. "Now, I really have to go! Bye." Chanel yelled as she ran to her car. "Ok. Now what? The concert's tomorrow night." Alexis thought to herself. She grabbed a sandwich out of the fridge and ran to her room. "Pyjamas, toothbrush, water, snacks, clothes and a pillow." Alexis counted. "Oh! Shoot! I forgot a blanket!" She screamed. "Bye mom! I'm going! Love you!" "Bye sweetie!" Her mom yelled. 

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