This story follows the journey of Alexis as she lives life with her dream boy. Harry Styles.


1. College

"Hey! Chanel! Come see this!" Alexis yelled from the bench across from the swings. "What is it?" Chanel yelled. "Just come see already!" Chanel stomped over to Alexis' side. "Look! I just got a ticket to the One Direction concert!" "That's awesome!" Chanel shouted. "Who's going with you?" "Just my mom and I. I guess." Alexis said back. "I... I...I... I could go with you!" Chanel screamed. "There's a problem. I am telling you the complete honest truth. I invited someone else already." " could you?" Chanel said with tears in her eyes. "I'm sorry. Really sorry Chanel. If I had just gotten one more ticket," "I know the truth. It hurts. See you in class." Chanel whispered as she ran off crying. 


                                                       *                   *                  *


"Alright class, time for a project!" "Aww, another project??" Tommy the class clown yelled. "Stop talking and listen!" Mrs. Nickels screamed. "The project is" Alexis and Chanel looked at each other and nodded "British culture" "YES!!!!!" Chanel and Alexis screamed. Everybody then looked at Alexis and Chanel and at once all asked to be their partners. They started singing 'Taken' and everybody whispered 'nevermind'. 

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