Surviving the apocalypse: A One Direction Fan Fiction

Earth becomes plagued by a virus that turns the living into the undead. As zombies take over the world and civilization fades, those that are left are forced to survive and try to work together and rebuild a life for themselves. This is the story of two girls Jane and Kaya as they search for a place that is safe enough to call home, and the group of boys they meet along the way. >>>This is what I have so far, I just came up with the idea and am going to be writing as I come up with other ideas. Please bare with me, and comment what you think!


2. The Boys

 "Niall wake up! You gotta see this!" Harry yelled to Niall, who was still sleeping in the back of the tour bus.

"What, what is it?" He asked in in his sleepy morning voice. "This better be good."

"I can't get a hold of my family." Liam said panicked.

"There are people eating each other." Louis said in awe while staring at the television.

"No one is answering anywhere," Zayn told the boys.Niall entered the room, he turned his head to the television which Louis and Harry had been staring at unmoving. He saw a shaky camera that a field reporter was holding. The reporter and her cameraman where in a moving van capturing live footage of the carnage that was happening outside their window. The woman was frantically talking in the background. She was driving the van while the camera man was taping. "We are in Nashville just a few miles outside the city and I don't know what is happening but our state is in total chaos. I've been informed that we will only be broadcasting live for a few more minutes, the entire nation has been affected by this virus billions have already died." She paused for a brief moment and continued. "There is no one to run the power, or anything else for that matter, we are slipping right back into dark ages."   The camera showed houses on fire and people running and screaming all around. The camera zoomed in on a group of people. It looked like five or six people surrounding an elderly man lying on the ground. The group of people were clawing at him and ripping flesh away from his body and shoving it in their mouths.

"What the fuck is this?" Niall asked bewildered. "This some kind of joke? Cuz if it tis it's not funny."

"It's no joke," Liam told him. "We've been trying to get a hold of our families for the past twenty minutes and we can't get a hold of anybody else."

"They're saying it's a virus, some kind of biological weapon." Harry said slowly still staring at the television.

"So what now?" Zayn asked.

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