Surviving the apocalypse: A One Direction Fan Fiction

Earth becomes plagued by a virus that turns the living into the undead. As zombies take over the world and civilization fades, those that are left are forced to survive and try to work together and rebuild a life for themselves. This is the story of two girls Jane and Kaya as they search for a place that is safe enough to call home, and the group of boys they meet along the way. >>>This is what I have so far, I just came up with the idea and am going to be writing as I come up with other ideas. Please bare with me, and comment what you think!



Mitch led the group to a building at the edge of the town. He peered around the corner, zombies covered the streets. He took a quick guess at how many he saw. He motioned to Paul to come closer. "There's about 50 or so out there, we're going to have to find another way." He whispered to Paul trying not to alarm the boys. 

"What's wrong?" Harry asked Paul. The boys gathered around Paul to hear what Mitch had told him. Paul gave them a concerned look. 

"There's too many out there for us to go through the town, we have a couple of weapons. I don't think it will be enough though. We have to find another way around the city."  

Zayn was looking at the building they were hiding against. It had graffiti all over the side of the building. Some of it had "probly been there before all this shit went down," Zayn thought to himself. He saw other things that he knew were more recent. Scribbles of names and words. "Meet me at dads", "Mom is dead", "All Is Lost", and "We are being punished." He shivered at this. As he was looking at this he the group was in a discussion of what they were going to do next, when Zayn noticed a door on the side of the building. He walked up to it and a pulled the handle. It was unlocked. "He fella's come take a look at this." They walked over to the door and Paul looked inside with his pistol raised. 

"Should we go in?" Louis asked.

"I think it's a bad idea, we don't know what's in there." Liam said.

"I think we might be better off in ther den out here." Niall said as he past everyone to get up behind Paul.


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