Surviving the apocalypse: A One Direction Fan Fiction

Earth becomes plagued by a virus that turns the living into the undead. As zombies take over the world and civilization fades, those that are left are forced to survive and try to work together and rebuild a life for themselves. This is the story of two girls Jane and Kaya as they search for a place that is safe enough to call home, and the group of boys they meet along the way. >>>This is what I have so far, I just came up with the idea and am going to be writing as I come up with other ideas. Please bare with me, and comment what you think!


3. Only Chance

Jane shoved two bottles of water in her One Direction messenger bag. Stopping and quickly realizing that she had forgot about them for a brief moment. "KAYA!" she yelled at the top of her lungs. Kaya came rushing into the kitchen from her room.

"What? What's goin on?" Kaya asked semi winded. Jane had a worried look on her face.

"The boys, I hope they're okay." Jane's eyes started tearing up. "I wonder where they are."

"Well I checked Twitter yesterday and he said they were in Tennessee." Kaya told her.

"Did it say where they were in Tennessee?" Jane asked.

"Near Knoxville, I think." Kaya replied.

"You should get on and see if they have tweeted anything." Jane said. Kaya used her phone and got on the twitter app. She checked Niall's page...nothing. Then she checked the rest of the boys pages. Nothing on any of them that was recent. She showed it to Jane.

"We should go there and try to find them." Jane suggested. "Why not I mean, it's the end of the world as we know it. I think now more than ever we have a chance to be with them."

"Okay, but it's four hours from here we need to get more supplies, gas and some weapons. Let's try the pawn shop up the street." Kaya told her. She searched the kitchen for the best weapon she could find which was of course a butcher knife. Jane finished packing what supplies they needed into her 1D bag and searched for a weapon she could use. They didn't have anything else.

"Fuck, what the hell am I supposed to use as a weapon?" she asked Kaya.

"Um-mm, oh I got a crowbar in my trunk. It's better than nothing, actually probably better than this knife."  Kaya joked.

They started for the door, Jane looked out the peep hole and didn't see anything. She started to open it very slowly and peeked out. It was now eerily silent and still. "I think we should move slow, and try not to make any noise." Jane suggested to Kaya. She agreed, they moved slowly and quietly out the door. Kayas' car was in the driveway about five feet from the front door. Jane went to the trunk to get the crow bar and Kaya jumped in the front seat. As Jane rummaged through the trunk and pulled the crowbar out, Kaya started the car. All the sudden they saw figures running at them from a few houses down. Jane quickly jumped into the passenger seat as Kaya put it in reverse and pulled out of the driveway. They sped off in the opposite direction. 

"Oh my god, that was fucking close!" Jane yelled.

"I'm still shaking." Kaya said holding her trembling hand up for Jane too see.

"Yeah me too; Kaya we have to get to them fast."

"I know," Kaya replied.

They headed for the highway dodging wrecks and abandoned cars along the way.


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