Surviving the apocalypse: A One Direction Fan Fiction

Earth becomes plagued by a virus that turns the living into the undead. As zombies take over the world and civilization fades, those that are left are forced to survive and try to work together and rebuild a life for themselves. This is the story of two girls Jane and Kaya as they search for a place that is safe enough to call home, and the group of boys they meet along the way. >>>This is what I have so far, I just came up with the idea and am going to be writing as I come up with other ideas. Please bare with me, and comment what you think!


5. Into the chaos

Jane and Kaya made it half way up the on ramp before they ran into a mass of abandoned cars.

"We have to find another way, like back roads." Jane said to Kaya. Kaya put her car in reverse and went backwards down the on ramp. Jane pulled out the travel map that Kaya's dad always made sure she kept in the glove box "Just in case." 

"Where am I going Jane?" I gotta know somthin' cuz I don't wanna have to stop for gas." Kaya looked at Jane, somewhat jokingly; trying to make the best of the moment. They figured out which back roads to take. 

"What are we gonna say to them if we find them?" Jane asked Kaya.

"I haven't really thought about that yet. I just hope Niall is ok."

"And Zayn.." Jane snapped.

"Well of course but you know I love Niall." Kaya said touching her heart with her hand. "I don't know what I'm gonna do if he's not ok." Kaya starts tearing up. Jane puts her hand on her shoulder trying to comfort her knowing she feels the same inside. Is Zayn ok? Are they going to be able to find them?

As they traveled down the road they saw zombies everywhere. They even had to swerve around a few that were walking in the road. They ran after the car as it passed. Eventually they would fade into the distance. They saw people being chased on foot and then being tackled down and eaten by these fast moving zombies.

The world was in chaos, Jane and Kaya felt lucky to have each other. They both felt it at the same time and gave each other a look. One that they both understood without saying a word.



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