Surviving the apocalypse: A One Direction Fan Fiction

Earth becomes plagued by a virus that turns the living into the undead. As zombies take over the world and civilization fades, those that are left are forced to survive and try to work together and rebuild a life for themselves. This is the story of two girls Jane and Kaya as they search for a place that is safe enough to call home, and the group of boys they meet along the way. >>>This is what I have so far, I just came up with the idea and am going to be writing as I come up with other ideas. Please bare with me, and comment what you think!


4. Already gone

"Where are we?" Harry asked their driver Mitch.

"We just passed the Kentucky Downs." he replied. "So we're in Kentucky now."

Just then he slams on the breaks. The road ahead was obstructed with cars and trucks that have been abandoned or wrecked. 

"I don't know if I can get the bus through that mess." he says, loud enough for everyone to hear.

"We'll have to ditch this bus." Louis said. 

"Are you crazy man? We will be eaten alive out there." Liam snapped. "We have to stay on the bus."

"He's right." Paul agreed. "The bus is the safest place."

"Then how'r we going ta get through that mess?" Niall asked.

"We have to get off the bus, there's a town not far from here. Look there's a sign. It says Franklin." Zayn pointed out the big green sign twenty feet ahead of the bus.

"He's right we can't stay on this bus forever, and we can't make it through. So we have to take a vote." Harry suggested. They all nodded in agreement. "Who thinks we should stay?" Harry asked. Liam, Paul, and Mitch raised their hands. "OK, that's three against four. So we go." 

The boys gather essentials like food and water bottles. Paul and Mitch scavenged the bus searching for things they could use as weapons and other useful items.

Paul had a pistol that he carried on him at all times for the boys protection. Mitch found a tire iron. They had no other weapons. Niall grabbed his guitar. Zayn grabbed his drawing pad. 

When they had everything they could find of use they moved to the doors in uniform line. Mitch opened the doors and they headed off the bus. Paul was first pistol in his hands watching every direction, inspecting cars and looking for movement. When he didn't see anything he motioned for the boys to follow.

Louis stepped off the bus following Harry, then Liam then Niall and Zayn. finally Mitch followed behind the boys tire Iron ready. They made their way through the burning wreckage of abandoned cars, toward Franklin city. Not knowing what might await them when they got there.

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