The Battle (On Hold For A While)

Its About 1 girl named jasmine but she prefers amber and then her {bestie tiffy } will they escape or will they fall for there kidnappers find out

and plz don't hate me its my first time and im in highschool so I will try my best to update


9. Tiffy and jenna

 {Ambers Pov}

I Just Thought Of Tiffy'' Guys I Forgot Where's Tiffy! '' Oh  She's In The Guest Room'' Liam Said Worried  I Ran Into The Room With Food And Water And Opened The Door TO See Tiffy Lying On The Floor Weak I Ran To Her And Gave her The Food And Water After She Ate It She Hugged Me And Cried I Cried With Her" I Missed You So Much I Promise I Wont Leave u Like This Ever again ''2  Mins Later The Boys Came In And Looked At Us  Guys Meet Tiffy She And I are Like Sisters  

                                               {Tiffy's POV}

I Looked At The Boys And Smiled Niall Came Next To Me And Said why Don't We Get u New Clothes I Said sure So Me And Niall Went To Forever 21 And Bought A lot Of Stuff When We Came Home It Was Dark hey Niall To U Wanna Go To Nados I'm Hungry  I said Rubbing My Stomach He Laughed And We Ate At Nados Hey Niall Can u Sleep With Me Tonight He said Sure When We Got Back Home I Flopped On My Bed With Niall And We Fell Asleep

                                     {Next Morning}

I Woke Up To Giggling I Heard Louis And Harry Laughing And Saying she You Are Gonna Wake Them Up I Opened My Eyes And Said Its Time To Get Up I Got Dressed And I Smelled Pancakes I Screamed Pancakes And Ran DownStairs And Ate 5  Pancakes Geez I Never Knew Girls Can Eat More Than Niall Louis Said Laughing I Blushed And Said Can We Have A Lazy Day Today Plzzzzz Fine Harry Said Giggeling Yay  I Said And All Of Us Sat on The Couch And Watched Hunger Games And Toy Story

                             {1 year later Tiffany's Pov}

Louis Helped Me And Harry Carry The Boxes After We Were Done I Told Harry I Was Prego Harry Looked At Me And Smiled We Are Going To Be Great Parents Harry Said And Kissed My Stomach I Smiled And Took A Nap  And Smiled In My Sleep

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