The Battle (On Hold For A While)

Its About 1 girl named jasmine but she prefers amber and then her {bestie tiffy } will they escape or will they fall for there kidnappers find out

and plz don't hate me its my first time and im in highschool so I will try my best to update


10. Hospital!!

(ambers POV )

I Woke Up to A Sharp Pain in My Stomach I Hit Harry And Told Him My Water Just Broke Harry Drove Me Fast To The Hospital And The Nurse Can Tell I Was Prego She Got A Wheel Chair And Put Me In Delivery I Pushed For A Good 20 Mins The Nurse Told Me It Was A Healthy Boy I Named Him Chase And We Got To Bring Him Home 2 Days After I Was Happy That I Had A Child I Gave Chase To Harry And Went To Sleep

(Harry POV)

I Looked At My Son And Said Hey There Little Guy I'm your Dada I Feed Chase Some Milk And He Fell Asleep In My Arms I Put Chase In His Crib And Slept With Amber I Kissed Ambers Forehead And Fell Asleep

                                           ( Amber's POV)

I Woke Up To The Baby Crying I Picked Chase Up And Rocked Him  I Looked into his eyes He has the same eyes as Niall When I Put Chase Down I made some tea And Went On My Laptop  I Went On Twitter And Looked At My Followers

( Tiffys POV)

I Woke Up To See  Niall's Pretty Blue Eyes I Giggles And Kissed His Lips  I Got Up And Took A Shower Then I added Some Black Streaks To My Hair When I Went Down Stairs I Saw Louis Eating Carrots I Stole One Of His Carrots And Ate It Hey Guys Can We Go To The Beach Today Plzzzzz Yes All The Boys Said All The Boys Got Ready And We Got In the Car When We Arrived  At The Beach I Took My Tank Top And Shorts Off Niall Looked at  My Leopord Print Bikkini I Giggled And Jumped In The Water Then I Felt To Strong Hands Go Around My Waist And Then he Said ''Guess Who'' He Said In A Thick Irish Accent I Giggled And Said ''Niall'' I Kissed Him And Looked At His Blue Eyes Does  I Walked Around The Shore Line And Felt The water Hit my Feet And Went Back When I Walked I Found Niall On One Knee In The Sand  And A Ring In His Hand I Looked At him Shocked Tiffy Love You More Than Ever Will U Marry Me I Nooded My Head And He slipped The Ring On My Finger I kissed His Lips And Then I Heard A Cough I Looked Beside Me To See The Others Looking At Us And Saying We  Are Gonna Be Brother In Laws Yayyyyy!! I Laughed And Drove Home With The Boys when We Got home Me And Niall  Went To My Room And then I Felt my Clothes Come Off I Felt Niall's Hand Going Up My  Chest 

                                  and Well ......  use Your Brain For This Part

                                                            { Ambers Pov}

I Called Jenna On My Phone And Said hey Girl Where Are You I Miss You '' Omg Tiffy Is That You I Miss You To Hey Maybe We can have  Girl Night Out Sometime Well I Got to Go To School See Ya Later '' in a while Crocodile'' I said happy And Hung Up


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