The Battle (On Hold For A While)

Its About 1 girl named jasmine but she prefers amber and then her {bestie tiffy } will they escape or will they fall for there kidnappers find out

and plz don't hate me its my first time and im in highschool so I will try my best to update


7. Dinner


{Ambers Pov}
As We Walked Down Stairs  I Get butterflies In My Stomach God Why Do I Need To Be Nervous When Me And Harry Got Down Stairs I Sat Next To Him And Waited For The Food { 38 seconds later} All Of a Sudden The Front Door Bursted Open And Came 4 Boys With Food In Their Hands" We Are Home" The Boys Said And "We Got Food "Said The Blonde One  I Just Looked At Harry With Who Are The Boys Look  " Well There Is Liam Niall Zayn And Louis " Yea Me And Louis  Sort of Met Before  Louis Looked At Me With A Glare I Got Chills Down My Spine And Shivered I Told Harry I Was Not Hungry So I Went Up Stairs And I Went In My Bag And Went into The Bathroom And Dyed My Hair Bright Red When I Get Out Of The Bathroom I Go Down Stairs  And Every Body Stares At Me " What I Was Bored" '' Well I Like It And Will You Be My Girl Friend...'' 
Whats Gonna Happen Next Stay Tuned 
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