The Battle (On Hold For A While)

Its About 1 girl named jasmine but she prefers amber and then her {bestie tiffy } will they escape or will they fall for there kidnappers find out

and plz don't hate me its my first time and im in highschool so I will try my best to update


1. {chapter one} getting ready to meet one direction and joey graceffa

                                                                        { Ambers Pov}


It Was A Nice Warm Day in L.A Hollywood. When The Radio Announced That u Can Win Tickets To See Joey Graceffa And Spend 2 Days With Him I Start getting My Phone Out Right Away And Call The Number -Waits a Few Mins- CONGRATZ! You Have Won 2 Tickets To Visit Joey Graceffa Thanks For Calling Bye :3.  -I Scream And Jump Up And Down { Texts My Bff Tiffy Hey Nicki  I Just Won 2 Tickets For U And Me To Meet Joey Graceffa for 2 days}


                                                                                 {Tiffy  pov}


Gets Text OMFG EKKKKKKKKK { Pick Me Up At 12 ;) Byes Bestie Be Carful I Don't Want u Getting Hurt Before We Meet Joe } I Head Out The Door And Grab My Keys And Go To The Mall And Go Shopping For Clothes


                                                                     { Authors Note}


                                         Plz Don't Hate Me I Have a Cold And Stuff I Will Update ASAP

                                                              Bye My Little Carrots

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