The Battle (On Hold For A While)

Its About 1 girl named jasmine but she prefers amber and then her {bestie tiffy } will they escape or will they fall for there kidnappers find out

and plz don't hate me its my first time and im in highschool so I will try my best to update


3. { Chapter 3 Trying To Get Away But Failed}

                                                           {Amber Pov}

As I Open My Eyes I See Harry And He Sits Beside Me "What Do U Want" I Spat" " I Can't Answer That Question Only When We Think U Are Ready " He Said And As He Left I Went To The Window And Tried To Open It " Dang It ' I Said In A Low Voice When I Layed On The Bed For A Few min Just Then Louis Showed Up I was Scared And Cold I Wanted To Go Home  Louis Slapped Me 8 Times On My Right Cheek  I Screamed In Pain" What Was That For" I Said Madly  " First That's For Trying To Escape Cause I Always Peek Through The Door To Make Sure " He Said  Louis Left The Room And In Came Harry I Was Scared I Went In  A Corner And Started Crying "Plz Don't Hurt Me ' I Said While Crying As He Stood  Up In Front Of Me I Cried More  "I Wont Hurt You" He Said I Looked Up At Him With Puffy Eyes


                                                       { Harrys Pov}

I Looked At Her Beautiful Face And Said "Look I Won't Hurt You I Like You " She Stop Crying And Looked At Me With Her Red Puffy Eyes{ I love her eyes} Look Dinner Is Ready Why Don't u Sit Next To Me .


                                                              Authors note

hey guys sorry I didn't update in awhile  my cousins had to come over and u know nicki  well she is going to be called tiffy now so byez my little carrots!!

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