The Battle (On Hold For A While)

Its About 1 girl named jasmine but she prefers amber and then her {bestie tiffy } will they escape or will they fall for there kidnappers find out

and plz don't hate me its my first time and im in highschool so I will try my best to update


2. { Chapter 2 Meeting Joe!!!}

                                                                         {Amber pov}

Wakes Up In The Moring Ugh What Time Is It { 11:50}Shit As I Get Dressed I Take A Poptart And Puts It In The Toaster And Eats It I Grab My Keys And Head Out The Door As    I Drive To Nicki's  House I Phone Her To Tell Her To Get Ready { 10 Min Later} Knocks On Nicki's Door Hey Girl You Ready :3 To Meet Joey Graceffa.


                                                               {Tiffy Pov}

Answers Phone{ Hello Ok I'm ready I'm Going To Be Waiting Outside Bye } As I Brush My Hair I Charge My Phone And Put It In My Jean Pocket I Go Outside And Get In Amber's Car.  OMG Amber I Can Not Believe We Are Going To See Joey Did u Get The Tickets.


                                                                       {Amber's Pov}


Yup I Got The Tickets Gives Nicki The Ticket Here Is One -Parks On The Side - We Are Here  I'm So Excited. {Knocks On Joey's Door } Um Hi My Name Is Amber And This Is my Friend Nicki We Are Here Cause We won Tickets To See U


                                                                           {Joey The Kidnapper }

Yes  U Guys Plz Come In { Shuts Door} Take A Sit   I Go In My Room And Calls Niall ,Harry And Louis  Hey Guys Come Get Them They Are At My House And Come From The Back } Gets Tea And Gives It To Amber And Nicki  As I Get Up I Get 2 Cloths And Puts It Over There Nose.


                                                                         {Ambers Pov}

All I Remember Seeing Is Nicki's Eyes Close And Then The World Turned Blacked

                                                                              { Harry's Pov}

As I Get To Go Get The Girls With Niall I Noticed A hot Blonde Girl Next To Her Friend Niall Go Put Them In The Car  As Niall Puts The Girls In The Car I Wait For Niall And Drives Back To Our House I pick Up The blonde Girl and Niall Takes the Brown Headed Girl And We Set Them On The Couch And We Lock All The Doors And Windows  BOYS COME DOWN  HERE..........

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