Adventures With The Doctor

I've loved Doctor Who ever since I can remember, and even though many of you will disagree with me on this, my favourite doctor is Matt Smith, and favourite companions tied between Clara and Amy. These are my made up adventures with The Doctor and Clara, and sometimes Amy reappears with Rory. Eventually, I will bring out new characters. There will be made up aliens to fight, and made up time dimensions to explore. WARNING: I will not be updating this THAT regularly, so I'm sorry if I make you wait. I hope you enjoy, and comment if you want. Thanks!


7. Writer's note

It's been a while since I wrote here, but I have to tell you that these stories won't be continued anymore. As some of you may know, the 11th Doctor, Matt Smith, was and always will be my favourite, so, instead of giving you a story, I've decided to give you guys a poem from the start to the finish of the tale of Raggedy Man. Thanks to you all for reading and for coming on this rollercoaster with me, and know that Doctor Who will always hold a dear and special place in my heart.


11th: Raggedy Man:


Fell out of the sky,
In a big, blue paradise,
Man of the heart,
Sailor of the stars,
He was her saviour,
Her hero, her reason.
Ultimate ginge Amy,
There was a unique spark that he could see,
Adventures he gave her,
The waiting girl.
Pirates at sea,
Aye aye, me hearties,
Vincent Van Gogh,
Hope to the greatest painter who lived,
Whale in outer space,
And then a centurian,
Waiting thousands of years,
Just the start of the days,
A fez, a stetson,
And then came her,
The ultimate woman, River
But they kept meeting in wrong times,
Until they realised they crossed the line,
A long, complicated relationship,
Melody Pond became River Song,
And the story goes on.
But they fell in love.
Then The Angels Take Manhattan,
And adventure strikes,
And soon after, Rory Williams dies.
Amelia Pond had a choice,
Stay with the Doctor,
Or go after Rory for a chance to be together,
And seek the truth,
To this, Amelia Pond says her goodbye,
And who would've known that the Doctor would lose?
But then came the spark of Amy's last page,
And the Doctor realises their twists of fate.
No more companians, he sets out to find,
The Impossible girl, the one who saved him time and time.
Victorian London, and the asylum,
The Bells of Saint John, 
Here we come,
A city wired with wifi,
A mystery for him to set his mind,
Clara gets sucked onto the cloud,
But he saves her and a solution to the mystery, that's what they found.
But Impossible girl, who could she be?
And for him, there's something he could see,
'The only mystery worth solving'
The next mystery involves singing and then a speech,
Followed by a hungry parasite who eats her leaf,
Then a journey to the centre of the tardis,
A surprise for him and that's the farthest.
He demands to know the truth,
But she has nothing to lose,
Impossible girl, souffle girl,
Unique, the only one in the world,
He doesn't give up,
And then comes Sweetville,
The Crimson Horror,
Another mystery like there's no tomorrow.
They find out its the work of a creature,
And then it dies,
He still has no clue of Clara, despite his tries,
But the end of his journey is coming too soon,
The Time of The Doctor comes along,
And he realises he must move on.
In the town of Christmas, he stays trapped,
While saving Clara,
But she comes back.
The older him and the younger her,
She talks to the crack of the wall,
But can the Time Lords hear her call?
Her begging and pleading helps him glow,
His regeneration cycle becomes fresh and so,
After a quick meal of fish fingers and custard,
He gives a speech on moving on,
Amy Pond comes back for a goodnight,
The folded material drops to the ground,
A link of two hands is nearly found,
But after a tearful goodbye, a new face comes around.


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