Adventures With The Doctor

I've loved Doctor Who ever since I can remember, and even though many of you will disagree with me on this, my favourite doctor is Matt Smith, and favourite companions tied between Clara and Amy. These are my made up adventures with The Doctor and Clara, and sometimes Amy reappears with Rory. Eventually, I will bring out new characters. There will be made up aliens to fight, and made up time dimensions to explore. WARNING: I will not be updating this THAT regularly, so I'm sorry if I make you wait. I hope you enjoy, and comment if you want. Thanks!


6. The Curse Of Christmas (Part two)

Crunch nom slurrrp. The Doctor finishes his meal of fish fingers and custard and licks away his custard moustache before speaking.      "So. Why...are you people acting as if you've never seen Christmas before? Time...for some answers." he says, pulling out a notepad and a pencil from his pockets.      "How about I...ask the questions?" Clara suggests wisely. "You might give away some...ahem. And you're kind of scary." she finishes awkwardly.      "Excuse me. Oswin, I am not scary. Am I scary? I'm not scary." the Doctor jumps up from his seat, rejecting her words and asks the couple, who swallow nervously and look at each other. "Ah right. Ahem. Carry on, then, Oswin." he clears his throat and sits back down.      "So why are you all acting as if you've never seen Christmas?" Clara asks.      "Do you really want to know the story? It's an incredibly sad one, with the mayor as the culprit." the woman informs, whilst her husband remains quiet beside her.      "Oh yes." the Doctor says, dipping his finger into the remaining custard and sucks it. "Answer time." he rubs his hands together in excitement and then opens his notepad.      "When he was a small boy, he hated Christmas. He grew up hating Christmas. And so when he became our mayor, he ordered for all of us to hate Christmas. That was over 35 years ago. And nothings changed since the first day he made the rule." the woman tells, her eyes clear and blue, misty, as if she is travelling back to see that day for herself again.      "Did no-one say anything? Rebel? Stop the law or rule?" Clara asks. She sounds horrified to hear that someone had stopped Christmas purely because he had never liked Christmas himself.      "Well, there was nothing anyone could do. He was the mayor. It was either obey it, or leave. He's a man who takes no prisoners. But the villagers had nowhere to go. This was and is their home. So they stayed, and obeyed. And so does everyone who comes along. It's the first rule. No-one should be happy when it's Christmas. None of the traditional 'nonsense' as he called it. It was to be just a normal day. And it's been the same ever since." she finishes.      Clara nods, but looks sad. "But why did he hate Christmas when he was a child?" she asks again.      "No-one knows. That's a question you're going to have to ask him yourself." the man shrugs.      "Where would we find him?" Clara asks for the last time.      "The town hall. His house is next door, but he spends nearly all his time there." the woman clarifies.      "Well, Doctor, what did you get?" she turns to ask him.      "You were talking too fast, so I only managed 'boy' and 'hated' and 'rebel', I think that's enough." he says proudly, but Clara has to force a smile, knowing that the words the Doctor managed to write down are useless to them.      "Well, we better be on our way. Thank you for the story." Clara stands and walks towards the door.      "And for your fish fingers and custard." the Doctor follows.      "I'm glad we could be of service." the couple show them to the door and wave them goodbye as they walk away.      "So where to?" Clara asks, as she holds the Doctor's arm as they walk back out towards the main streets of the village, back the way they came from.      "The man with the answers." the Doctor replies and turns to smile down at her. "To the town hall."   Thank you for being patient for this very late chapter! It means so much to me that some many of you have liked and read and favourite this! kswiftie1314.
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