Adventures With The Doctor

I've loved Doctor Who ever since I can remember, and even though many of you will disagree with me on this, my favourite doctor is Matt Smith, and favourite companions tied between Clara and Amy. These are my made up adventures with The Doctor and Clara, and sometimes Amy reappears with Rory. Eventually, I will bring out new characters. There will be made up aliens to fight, and made up time dimensions to explore. WARNING: I will not be updating this THAT regularly, so I'm sorry if I make you wait. I hope you enjoy, and comment if you want. Thanks!


5. The Curse Of Christmas (Part one)

     Vworrrp vworrrp thud. The TARDIS lands swiftly with a soft bump before the systems shut down with a zap of the Doctor's screwdriver.     

     "Can't live without that thing can you, nowadays?" Clara asks, laughing as she walks to the Doctor.    

     "Who can?" he replies, holding it up, before tucking it safely back into his coat pocket.     

     "Very true." Clara nods, and heads to the door, opening it slightly, but when cold air rushes in, she bangs it shut again and turns around with her back against it, facing the Doctor. "On second thoughts, fancy another spin around the world, and then come back here when it's a bit warmer?" she raises her eyebrows in hope, but the Doctor only steps in front of her to rub some warmth into her body.

   "Thank you. It is freezing out there." she reads the signals wrong.

   "No." The Doctor replies, with an apologetic expression on his face.

   "No?" asks Clara, but before she can argue, the Doctor presses a finger against her lips to silence her, to which Clara stares at, going cross-eyed.

   "If there's an adventure waiting out there, then I don't mind the cold." he says, and takes his finger away. "And neither should you." he ruffles her fringe, before smoothing it out again, and Clara's eyes follow once more. 

   "But it's Christmas! I say put our feet up with some hot chocolate and marshmallows, what about you?" Clara decides, putting her hands on her hips.

   "Sounds great!" the Doctor exclaims, watching her face light up. "After our Christmas adventure." he finishes, and Clara's shoulders sag.

   He turns to face the door, and after straightening his waistcoat, he opens the doors, watching snow float inside, invading the warmth surrounding them. He laughs, and then peeps his head around the door, to which Clara smiles, but copies him. Two faces peep out of the TARDIS, and into the cold of Christmas.

   "Look at this!" the Doctor laughs. He steps out, and spreading his arms, he starts to spin around on the spot, enjoying the festive season. 

   Clara watches, fascinated by his 'little boy' tendencies. After travelling with him for so long, she realises something that she had forgotten long ago, about the Doctor, and about herself. "Come on, then, are you ready for a Christmas adventure or what?" she laughs, stepping out of the TARDIS herself and catching the Doctor's hand in mid air and leading him through the village in front of them.  

 The little village seems perfect, with thick snow coating the roofs and streetlights guiding the villagers along the streets. Snowflakes are still falling heavily onto the pavements, creating a thick layer of snow carpet that eventually melts underneath the soles of shoes. Despite the beauty of the village, something or somethings seems incredibly wrong.

   No one seems happy, or in the festive spirit, no one is carrying presents or laughing or having snowball fights, or building snowmen. Everyone looks as if it's just a normal day. 

   "Look at everyone. It's like they haven't realised that it's Christmas." Clara observes, frowning as her eyes look over the people in the village.

   "There's something very wrong here." the Doctor murmurs, pulling out his sonic screwdriver and scanning in front of him. "But nothing unusual." he frowns and scratches his head but sighs.  

    "Maybe we should ask someone here." Clara suggests and walks over to a middle aged man carrying boxes. "Hello. Has there been anything strange happening here lately?" she asks, as politely as she could, but is taken back by his answer. 

   "Hah! Bah humbug." he shouts angrily, before walking away, pushing Clara aside at the same time. She blinks, dumbfounded by his reply and walks back to the Doctor, who seems to be interrogating a couple at the side of the street.

   "Yes, I'm the Doctor. Just the Doctor." he babbles on as his normal self before removing his top hat from his head and bowing graciously and them placing it back into place. The couple raise their eyebrows, but laugh at his behaviour. I can't say I blame them. He seems to bring joy wherever he goes.

   "Well, Doctor, what can I help you with?" the woman asks.

   "Why are you not celebrating? You know? It's Christmas! You should be running about in the streets and helping children build lopsided snowmen and smashing snowballs at each other and trying to cook turkey before realising it doesn't fit in your ovens and panicking in kitchens and wishing there was five of yourselves. Not...this." the Doctor waves his arms around to what he means before taking a deep breath. 

   Clara decides to cut in. "He means why is everyone acting as if it's a normal day and acting sad, and not being Christmassy?" She concludes and watch as the couple sigh and look at each other with an exasperated expression on their faces.

   "It's Christmas." the man whispers after looking around him, as if he was going to say something that was forbidden. 

   "Does that mean something bad?" Clara asks from their expressions. 

   "You'd better come with us...if you really want to know the reason behind this." the woman nods towards to villagers.

   "Do you have any fish fingers and custard?" the Doctor asks. "Can't solve a mystery on an empty stomach." This is the first part of a new adventure!


I'm so sorry you guys have waited so long and I know it's late for a Christmas one...but thanks so much for being patient! Next part will be up soon. -Kswiftie1314. Xx

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