Adventures With The Doctor

I've loved Doctor Who ever since I can remember, and even though many of you will disagree with me on this, my favourite doctor is Matt Smith, and favourite companions tied between Clara and Amy. These are my made up adventures with The Doctor and Clara, and sometimes Amy reappears with Rory. Eventually, I will bring out new characters. There will be made up aliens to fight, and made up time dimensions to explore. WARNING: I will not be updating this THAT regularly, so I'm sorry if I make you wait. I hope you enjoy, and comment if you want. Thanks!


4. Blue Box Man Returns/ Truths and Lies (Part 4)

"What? Wh-Ho-Why?" Clara stutters as she takes into her head what the Doctor has just told to her.

It's coming for you. it's coming for you. It's coming for you.

"I don't know. That's the one thing. I just don't know. Every single other time, I've had an explanation, there was some kind of portal, some kind of reason, but this time, there isn't." the Doctor scratches his head. He is obviously still trying to get his head around the situation too.

"Well, what did you mean it's human? It can't be. Humans don't just disappear like that." Clara remembers the disappearing act that occurred when he left.

"Exactly. Meaning there has to be some kind of portal, loophole, something...or so I thought...but there isn't. I don't understand either." he returns to staring at the screen of the computer, and beckons Clara closer too.

"Look. The width between the spikings show that it is human, whatever it is, since that's the only thing or feature you human's have in the common. Just the width of the spikings. But then, the height of the spikings. His goes higher and lower that yours goes, and any human like you. It wouldn't go any higher. It can't. It's just how a human is designed. That showed personality, looks, things like that. And that's where you two differ. He's obviously human, but has different personalities, and things like that." the Doctor concludes.

Clara takes a moment or two to soak in the information the Doctor has just spilled out. She concentrates on the screen so much that she doesn't even notice the him wander away from her side until he sighs heavily.

Clara turns around to find him sitting forward on a chair with his elbows resting on his knees and his hands rubbing his face in frustration. "I just don't know anymore, Clara." he whispers, the sound of pain and strain clear as crystal in his voice. It is only now that Clara realizes that something is very wrong.

"Doctor. What is it? We'll figure this out in the end, we always do, don't we?" she walks slowly towards him, kneeling down and looking up at him in the eyes. "I believe in you."

"Well you shouldn't! Yes, it's always 'we'll figure it out, there's always a loophole, always an answer to everything in the universe, every adventure'. You shouldn't believe in me, Clara Oswin Oswald, everything I do and everything I say turns into nothing eventually." he shouts, leaving his chair and almost knocking Clara off balance, leaving her to stare after him in complete confusion.

He walks over to the control panel and leans against the railings, breathing heavily. Clara climbs back up, and walking towards the Doctor once more, she stands in front of him. "I will always believe in you. Whatever you do and whatever you say. Because in the end, I know I'm always safest with you."

"But you're not. Look at all the people I tried to save, all of the universes. Some died anyway. Amy and Rory. The Weeping Angels took them. Everyone I once cared for and loved, the universe takes them away in the end. Just like it will eventually take you away from me. it's better if you don't believe in me. Walk away when you have the chance so that I can't hurt you anymore. Before it's too late." the Doctor gazes despairingly into Clara's eyes, before holding her head in both hands and kisses her forehead softly.

"Doctor. No. The end will come for all of us anyway. But I would rather travel through time and the universe with you and have more of a chance of goodbye than return to my old life and live as if you never existed. I can't do that. I've never regretted anything when I'm with you, and that's not going to change. I bet Amy and Rory would say the same. Doctor." two pairs of sparkling brown eyes lock together and tears roll from the Doctor's eyes.

Clara laughs but dances away from his hold to the computer screen. Seconds later, he follows her, standing by her as they were before and concentrate on the information once again.

"So are we ready to solve this thing or what?" Clara turns to smile at the Doctor.

"Or what." the Doctor replies, looking as if he never broke down before.

All of a sudden, the alarm sounds, and the Doctor automatically turns to fiddling with his control buttons and switches, whilst the TARDIS starts to spin around out of control and smoke billows out from nowhere, causing electric sparks to fly off in random directions.

"What's going on?" Clara shouts over the noise.

"The TARDIS doesn't like it. Something's trying to get in through the force field, so she's getting ready for lift off." he replies, although most of his voice is drowned out by the noise.

"What do we do?" Clara stumbles and loses her footing, causing her crash onto the floor.

"Don't worry. I have it all under control." the Doctor explains as he flicks some more switches and tries hard not to panic.

"It really doesn't look like you do!" Clara manages to climb back up, with the support of the railings behind her.

"Just go with it!"

"There's nothing to go with!"

And just as fast as the TARDIS spun out of control, it regains control and stops, forcing both the Doctor and Clara onto the floor, again, but now, there is a whooshing sound, and the other Doctor reappears again.

"Doctor! It's the thing again!" cries Clara, clambering back up and backing away from it, but this time, it starts to follow her slowly.

"Right, yes, that would be what causes all of..this..mess." the Doctor uses his hands to try to act out their situation, but Clara starts freaking out.

"Some help, Doctor! Why is it following me now?" she backs further and further away, but only ends up walking backwards in circles, whilst the Doctor starts laughing at her situation.

"Doctor! I'm serious! it's going to start killing me in a second!" Clara cries out.

"Ahem." The Doctor clears his throat, regaining posture again. "Yes, about that." he rushes over to the control system and types into the computer.

"Doctor! I hate you sometimes." Clara mutters.

As soon as the words have left her mouth, the Doctor stands still, causing Clara to tilt her head in confusion, before creating eye contact with Clara. In one moment, it takes away the past ten seconds of the event, before shifting the contact again.

"Doctor? What was that?" Clara questions, but holds her gaze.

" can't be." the Doctor breathes.

"What? What is it?" she runs towards the Doctor quickly, leaving the Doctor where he is.

"How did I not know this before? It's a Trusa." He holds out his hands in a surprising fashion, seeming delighted with his discovery.

"Really? A Trusa, right, that explains everything-what's a Trusa?" she asks suddenly, breaking the Doctor's happy moment.

"A Trusa. A truth sayer. It takes away the lies you've said in a specifc moment, to make sure that it never reoccurs in a point of time. The widths of both of your scans, that shows the similar looks between you, and the height, well, that shows that one of you is human, and the other isn't." he concludes.

Another whooshing sound, and when the Doctor and Clara look over to where the Doctor used to be, they realize that he is gone.

"So that's it? Just another alien?" she asks, seeming unconvinced.

"Yes, I suppose, a nice alien, what do you want a horrible one that really wants to kill you?" he asks.

"No, of course not, but all along, that was it? Just an alien that takes away your lies?" she asks again.

"Through time and space, Oswin, you meet good aliens and bad aliens. Consider yourself lucky that it was nice this time, before you meet one that wants you alive. And anyway, you love me." he comments, smiling in his 'I-know-you-better-than-you-think' way.

"What? I don't know what you're talking about." she shrugs dismissively, turning away.

"You said that you hated me sometimes, before the Trusa came and took those ten seconds away from you. You lied. You love me."

"Well, consider that lucky, because that sentence...escaped me. It won't happen again." she reassures him. Turning around, she places her hands on her hips and smiles cutely.

"I'll have you hold you to that." he says.

"So you might have to." she replies.

"Ready for another adventure?" he asks.

She laughs and runs towards to control panel to where he stands and spins to face him. "As ever."

"Hold on." he whispers to her.

"Forever." she whispers back.

"In that case, there's one thing left to say."

"And what's that?

As the TARDIS lifts off and spins around through time and space with the Doctor and Clara looking for another year, another time, and another adventure, there's only one voice in the TARDIS echoing throughout time, saying one thing.






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