Adventures With The Doctor

I've loved Doctor Who ever since I can remember, and even though many of you will disagree with me on this, my favourite doctor is Matt Smith, and favourite companions tied between Clara and Amy. These are my made up adventures with The Doctor and Clara, and sometimes Amy reappears with Rory. Eventually, I will bring out new characters. There will be made up aliens to fight, and made up time dimensions to explore. WARNING: I will not be updating this THAT regularly, so I'm sorry if I make you wait. I hope you enjoy, and comment if you want. Thanks!


3. Blue Box Man Returns/ Truths and Lies (Part 3)

     Out of the house and into the TARDIS. The Doctor drags Clara by the hand past the garden and down the familiar roads surrounding her house. Eventually, they end up in a dark, abandoned alleyway. Steam from old restaurants billow out of the small chimney pipes, black bins overflowing with rubbish ending up on the concrete are spread down the alleyway, and the place smells of garbage and sewage. Why did the Doctor choose here of all places to land?

     "You landed here?" Clara asks, an expression of disgust crosses her face as she wrinkles her nose.

     "It was close, and that's the only reason. Well, another is that it was abandoned. No-one would think that they're hallucinating when they see a big blue box on the street. I do have my reasons, Oswin." he replies, smiling 'as-a-matter-of-factly', as he runs towards his beloved box.

     "Sometimes." Clara mutters under her breath, while she tries hard not to inhale the disgusting odour of her environment.

     "Hmmm? I heard that." he raises his eyebrows just as he reaches the door of the Tardis, cocking his head to one side as he just about catches her out.

     "Heard what? I said 'smart man', what did you think I said?" says Clara, frowning, but does a good job of covering up her act.

     She walks towards the Doctor, who is struggling to open the door of the box, and frowns when she reaches. The Doctor never has trouble with his own equipment, especially not the TARDIS. He seems as if he has recently lost his strength.

     "Doctor, are you alright? You seem different." Clara asks worriedly, about to reach out her hand, but then decides that it is best just to speak words and not involve contact. The Doctor's not really one for that kind of thing.

     "I'm fine. Ahh, there! Welcome back, Oswin." he reassures her and opens the door swiftly, welcoming her into the warm, familiar atmosphere. The lights and the space seem friendly to her, and it is only then that she realises she has missed the adventures with the Doctor more than she had thought. Everything in her sight brings the memories-the insane and intense, but beautiful memories-back. She smiles as she steps into the TARDIS, replaying the first time she had ever done, back.

     "So, this little-big thing is going to help us uncover why and who that thing was? That looked like you? And was with me?" Clara asks, suddenly feeling unstable, and slightly scared.

     "Clara. Nothing is going to hurt you. We will find out together, who it was and why it came to you. You will be safe. I promise." the Doctor takes her by her shoulders and makes eye contact with her. He speaks the words out slowly, and Clara remembers the many times before when he had said the same things.

     You will be safe. You will be safe. You will be safe. I promise.

     "I know. I've always known, with you. I always will." Clara nods bravely, and knows that he will never break his promise, no matter what comes in their way.

     "Good. Now, let's check out my mean machine!" he laughs, spinning back to his control panel, and starts flicking switches and pressing buttons. Clara stares after him, giggling. He is a Doctor that has never changed. She hasn't seen him in months, yet he's still the same old Doctor. Childish, immature, and annoying, but brave, grown-up and kind at the same time.

     "So, first, what are we going to do?" Clara asks, climbing up the steps to the Doctor's control panel, to stand beside him, watching as he hurries to work the magic from his fingertips. He types in random and mysterious codes, then presses a few buttons, leaving Clara only being able to follow his work.

     "We're going back in time. To when you first met him-me-him." the Doctor confuses himself, but makes Clara laugh. "And everything will be exactly the same, but I'll be with you this time. And I will try to track down his signals and wavelengths to find out who and what it is. we may have to do this a few times, so that I can get it right, but we will, in the end." he explains, in great detail, blabbering the words out.

     "Right, so everything will basically be replaying the same as that night? Will I have control over what I say? Or will I say the same things but just in another time dimension?" she asks, slightly confused over what will happen to her.

     "It will be you, the same you as that night, you can control what you say, but it won't be any different, because there were specific things that you said probably, when he came, so it will be completely the same, except me. I will be there, and when he appears, I will do what I have to, and you will be able to control what you're saying by then." he explains, very informative, taking a nodding Clara through the process of another adventure.

     "You say you'll be there, where exactly, and are you going to turn up again the day after? Like you did? Since it's a replay." Clara asks, but understand most of it.

     "I'll be hidden, but I will definitely be there with you. And no, as a matter of fact, I have programmed this so that as soon as I manage to catch something, a signal, or even if I don't, a few seconds after it, the TARDIS will automatically bring us back to now." the Doctor informs her, and it looks like he has answered all of her questions.

     "So when are we going?" Clara asks, looking around the TARDIS.

     Suddenly, the TARDIS makes the shifting noise and sparks fly from the control panel. There is slightly shaking, which increases.

     "Now." the Doctor decides, slightly too late. "Hold on!" he shouts, over the increasing noise as everything starts to shake and fly out of control.




     Clara's eyes open to the view of the kitchen. The Doctor is in front of her, and in the palm of her hand, she holds a single soufflé.

     "Want one?" she asks, holding up the freshly baked soufflé, still warm in it's wrapping paper, despite the length of time Clara had been talking to the Doctor, reuniting.

     "Oooooh! Soufflé!" he yelps excitedly, snatching one off the palm of her hand in 'the Doctor way'.

     He cups it in the palm of his hand whilst he flicks out his sonic screwdriver from his inside blazer pocket and zaps the soufflé a couple of times, observing the blue light that beams onto the soufflé from his screwdriver.

     "There's nothing alien in that, Doctor, it's just egg, milk and flour, and sugar, of course, only a little, don't want you getting high, now, do we?" Clara jokes absentmindedly as she turns her back on the Doctor to wash the equipment she used.

     "I know. Just checking. Can't be too careful, now, can we?" he says, before taking a huge bite into the soufflé.

     "Mmmmm! Yum!" he mumbles through the mouthful of soufflé, dropping small crumbs from the corners of his mouth. "It goog, Cgarga!"

     Clara laughs heartily, throwing her head back, and the Doctor copies, thanks goodness he didn't choke like that.

     Whilst the Doctor picks the last crumbs from his soufflé wrapper, Clara drains the water from the last few pieces of equipment and deposits them onto the rack.

     "So, what are you doing around here?" she asks, leaning against the table top.

     "What do you mean? I just wanted to visit you." he replies, though clearly, he is more interested in the soufflé wrapper than the conversation.

     "Like, aren't you supposed to be fighting Daleks, warning off Cybermen and whatever other aliens you encounter through the universe?" Clara questions him.

     "Nah, I wanted a holiday." he explains, chucking the soufflé paper into the nearby bin.

     "A holiday?!" Clara giggles, surprised that the Doctor knew what one was from his never-ending battle and adventures through time and dimensions in space with aliens.

     "Is that so weird?" he asks, surprised by her laughter and such humour.

     "No...Doctor, even if I've only known you for a short while of my life, I know that when you're around, aliens aren't far away from you. So I just though, you know...?" she trails off, but the Doctor understood perfectly.

     "You though it was adventure-time again?" he asks, a smile gradually growing on his cheeky face.

     "But since you're on holiday, I think we should give adventure time a rest, for now." she says, tucking a strand of hair that fell loose back behind her ear.

     "Well, thanks for the soufflé, it was very good, I have to get back to my little blue box now." the Doctor says, in a rush.

     But suddenly, the Doctor appears from out of nowhere behind him, quickly pulling out his sonic screwdriver out of nowhere too and scans the other Doctor quickly, from head to toe, before he disappears, into thin again, in the blink of an eye. A few seconds pass as he studies the blue light from the tip of the screwdriver, as if it is sending messages to him.




     Everything blacks and then returns to normal. Clara and the Doctor reappear in the TARDIS, Clara looking slightly flushed from the time travel, but the Doctor is looking rather mysterious as he concentrates on the information the screwdriver is giving to him.

     "Doctor? Did you get what you needed? Or do we need to do it again?" Clara asks, slowly walking towards him, worry starring in her eyes.

     "No, no...I got everything..." he trails off, and Clara becomes increasingly worried.

     "So then why des it sound as if you're hiding something from me?" she asks again, this time, slightly suspicious that he is hiding something rather important, that she needs to time.

     "Doctor? Doctor!" she exclaims, when he says nothing back to her.

     "It's giving me very mixed signals. Look." he frowns, pointing the screwdriver's information to the TARDIS computer and scans it, transferring the data. On the computer screen, a rather unusual graph is displayed. Much like a human heart monitor.

     "You see? Then compare it to a human signal." he tries to explain, scanning Clara's own signals, then transferring it in the same way.

     The computer screen halves, showing two separate graphs, the left one, the previous Doctor's, and the right one, Clara's.

"See how the width of all of both readings are the same, and the spaces between are too? But the spikings for  his readings reach much higher and much lower values than yours does, or that any humans will do." he evaluates, from the graph.

     "So what does that tell us?" Clara asks, unsure of her feelings.

     "A great deal. It's not what I expected at all." the Doctor seems surprised at his own discovery. But this makes Clara more edgy.

     "And what does that mean?" Clara asks, even though she's not sure if she should.

     The Doctor turns to face her, taking her by the shoulders and looking her in the eye, once more, just like last time, and the fear in her rises. The only time the Doctor ever does that is either when he needs to tell her something important, or that she's in danger. For some reason, which is blindingly obvious, she knows that it's something to do with the second reason.

     "Doctor? What is it? I need to know." she whispers, her voice barely audible, even though the noise of the time travel had long faded away.

His stare is gentle, yet important. He takes a deep breath and swallows, before saying.


"It's human. And it's coming after you."



-Thanks so much for reading this new chapter, and I'm so sorry that I haven't been able to update in SUCH a long time. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this one. So what did the Doctor really mean? Will he describe to Clara? Why is it coming after her? If it's really human, then why did it disappear so inhumanly when the Doctor scanned it with his screwdriver? So many questions...and so many will be answered next time...hopefully :)

Please, like comment, and fav. I would love to hear your opinions on my chapters and stories, so do feel free. Till next time... :) x kswiftie1314

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