Saving aLife

Cam Parker has had it rough, and she has a dark secret that nobody else knows about, she is faced with all of these life decisions, and doenst know what to do! She is ready to just drop, and give up, but "something, or someone gives her the last ounce of hope that she needs to pull threw everything.


15. Recovery


The fire had spread so fast, and the door was blocked, I still didn't know where all of the exits are in this house. I ran the farthest I could get away from the fire, the music room. Even in there is didn't take long for the smoke to starts coming in threw the cracks on the door.

My eyes searched the room for any way to get out, but there was nothing. I went to the far back corner, and closed my eyes. I heard a loud crash, and then there Harry was standing in the door. I had never been so happy to see his beautiful face.

He grabbed me, and picked me up throwing me over his shoulder. We were almost there when Harry threw me to the ground, and I didn't know what was happening. When I looked back, a part off the roof that had caught fire was laying ontop of Harry, my heart dropped.

The part of the roof didn't stay there for long, Harry pushed it off of himself. I knew that he couldn't feel anything yet, but his leg was bent out of shape, and he had burn marks all over his body.

I ran back over to him, and helped him up the best I could, but he was so heavy, and my ribs where telling me other wise. It hurt so bad, and my lungs were burning from all of the smoke that I was taking in, I tried to keep Harry as low as possible so he didn't breath any in. We got to the window, and I pushed him out, a man grabbed him from me, and then two pulled me out.

It was impossible to breath, it felt like no air was getting to my lungs, just lots or smoke, and it clogged my lungs up. I dropped to the ground, my lungs on fire, and my whole chest in pain from my ribs.

Everything was going in slow motion, I watched them load up Harry on the stretcher, and I knew he was going to be okay, atleast I had that not to worry about. He had a broken leg, and some burns, but nothing that wouldn't heal. I saw all the boys run over to him except for Niall. I turned my head, and I didn't even notice he was standing there helping the paramedics work on me.

"Cam?" I heard Niall say, and I tried to reply to him, I tried so hard, but nothing came out except for little squeaks here and there.

"I love you Cam stay in there for me" Niall shouted over all of the sirens, and noise.

I mouthed I love you to back to him, and he gave me a small smile as he wiped the tears away from his face.

When we got to the hospital they put me on an air thing, I really wasn't paying attention to what the doctors told Niall. Harry was right beside me, he demanded the same room as me. He was laying on his side facing me, and I didn't see him smile once.

The doctors wanted to see if my breathing would correct it self, and it slowly, VERY slowly started to. Niall, and the boys came and visited a lot, especially Niall. He didn't want to leave, but he had to.

When I was sleeping I was startled by a noise, I peaked a little, and it was Simon coming to talk to Harry.

I thought it would be best to keep my eyes closed.

"The stunt you pulled saving that homeless girl was amazing Harry" Simon said patting Harry on the head lightly.

Harry just nodded.

"If you keep things up like this, then our ratings for the band will go up, everybody wants to see you with the charity case, and helping her get better it is so great for our press."

"I" I couldn't take it anymore, I got up, and I was walking over to Harry.

"You ass! I trusted you, and all of this time you were using me, a 'CHARITY' case just to get more fans, and more press. You used me Harry, and you said you would never hurt me, you lied!"

I yelled tears starting to freely flow down my face, half because I was crushed, and the other half because of my breathing. "Harry, I never want to see you again!" I screamed as loud as I could without to much pain kicking in.

Everything was so fake, him liking me, the fake date, and not he only ran into the fire to look good in front of everyone, not because he actually cared about me! I was crushed emotionally, and I couldn't help but cry.

"Cam , it" the nurse came in interrupting what he had to say, and I didn't want to hear it, I was sick of all the lies that came out of his mouth.

"I want another room" I demanded to the nurse, as she helped me back to my bed. A few moments later I was wheeled to a different room, and I couldn't of been any Happier.


I knew that Harry was only using Cam for press, Simon asked all of us who wanted to do it, but Harry was the only one to agree with it.

I couldn't of done it, lie to a girl that has been told nothing but lies her entire life, and betray a girl that had lived a complete life of betrayal. I don't even get how Harry said yes to that, he is my best mate, and I was shocked when he agreed to it.

It made me almost mad at him for doing it, scratch that it did make me mad that he was doing it. This poor girl has gone threw hell, and back, and she finally thought she caught her break, but she was just being used.

I wanted to tell her, but I knew that Simon, and Harry would both be angry with me if I did. She was so breath taking, and gorgeous, and strong, and I knew that a lot of people admired her for that, for everything she had gone threw, and I was one of those people.

Niall wanted no part of Simon's plan, he knew it was wrong, and he was the first person to turn  the offer down. He really wanted to help Cam, and he did, he adopted her into his family, and he was happy. He was trying to give her a better life, and nobody, NOBODY could deny that.

I think in a way the first time we all met Cam, we fell inlove with her, weather it be as a sister, or more than that. I was trying to figure out which way it was for me.

Me, and the three other boys, (not including Harry) wanted to help her, and protect her, and I knew that Louis wanted to protect her more then anything, having all his sisters. I knew that he couldn't care to watch his sisters go threw that, and I guess he just thought of Cam as a sister, and so did Liam.

I, I don't know what I thought of her yet, but Harry has no right to be doing what he is.

It was a couple days after the accident, and we all came back in to see Harry, and Cam. I walked in the room, and there was a neatly made bed right next to Harry's.

The first thought that came to my head was that she was gone, "She found out" Harry said not even looking at us.

"How" I asked intrigued

"She over heard me, and Simon talking"

"Serves you right!" Louis burst out.

"She was such a sweet girl, and you hurt her Harry, just think about that!" Liam said in almost a calm voice, I don't think I have ever seen him lose his cool.

I just sat there, everything that the boys was saying was true, me and Niall left the room to the front desk, and asked what room she was now located in.

We started walking there, and there she was, in a little kids room, it had rainbows, and horses painted all over it. Me, and Niall burst out in laughter, "It was the only room that they had left!" She tried to explain, but it was just to funny to stop laughing.

"Be honest with me, did you know what Harry was doing?"

I didn't know what to say, I was scared to tell her the truth, but I know it needed to be done.

I explained everything to her, and so did Niall, we told her how Simon offered it to all of us, but Harry was the only one that took up the offer.

"Thank you for being the only two people in the world to be honest with me" I could tell she was trying to smile but she was in way to much pain emotionally to.

"Niall, would you get me some food" Cam said trying to sit up from her laying position.

"Of coarse! And when you get out of here, I am talking you to a full coarse buffet" Cam, and I both laughed at how excited he was.

It was just me, and her in the room, and to be honest, I hadn't even really talked to her yet, I just had the casual regular conversations with her.

"SO how are you feeling?" I asked smiling walking over to her bed.

"Better then I did two nights ago"

"No I mean how do you feel with the whole Harry thing?

"Honestly Zayn, I have never been so hurt by somebody in my life, I had only known him for a short period of time, but I let him in so fast. I have been hurt by other people before but this wasn't just a simple lie, it was complete, and utter betrayal."

I paused, "I know I am sorry, I wanted to tell you sooner, but Simon would have my head"

"I know Zayn, it isn't your fault, you turned down the offer."

I caught myself staring at her  eyes, and then quickly looked away.


Cam's POV

I had never been so hurt in my life, I trusted him, and I knew I shouldn't of, he used me, and my situation to better himself, not anybody else. The thing that hurt me the most was, I started to think that I was actually falling for the Prick.

Zayn was cute, and I could tell that he was trying to help, but I don't think that anything could really help me anymore.

I trusted nobody except for Niall, and the three other boys. Nobody else needed my trust, and nobody deserved it the way that I saw things now.

Niall came back into the room with two trays full of complete junk food, I had never seen him so Happy.

Zayn, me, and Niall sat there for about an hour talking, and eating all the food that Niall brought back, and they made me smile, and laugh a lot. I couldn't get over how perfect everything was with them.

But perfect is always a simple illusion that is bound to wear off sometime. I had Calub to worry about, and I knew that he wasn't going to stop until I was dead, or back with him.

After being with the boys, I don't think that I could go back to living the way that things were. I couldn't do it, I would end up killing myself.


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