Saving aLife

Cam Parker has had it rough, and she has a dark secret that nobody else knows about, she is faced with all of these life decisions, and doenst know what to do! She is ready to just drop, and give up, but "something, or someone gives her the last ounce of hope that she needs to pull threw everything.


17. Not Leaving your side

I knew that I had to talk to the boys about Calub, and it wasn't going to be easy. I got up, and left Harry sleeping on the hotel bed. I went to the bathroom and checked my phone.

FROM: Calub-

hey babe, I miss you! I think it's time you come home

and then another message just minutes later

"You are coming home, or I am coming to get you!"

"I know that they won't let you come back, and see me, and if they don't let you come see me, I will be there, and take you. I can promise it won't be pretty for those boys of yours"


I knew he would hurt them, he hurt me and he supposedly loved me, I wouldn't want to see him hurt Harry, or any of the boys for that matter. I couldn't live knowing that the boys got hurt because of me, I wasn't worth it.

Like Calub always said, I was just trailer trash and that was all I would ever be, what did my life matter to anyone?

I peeked around the corner to see Harry sleeping there with a smile on his face, I smiled but only for a second. I knew what I had to do, and I knew what Calub would do. I stopped, and took a deep breath, I walked over to the bed where Harry was, and kissed his cheek. He moved a little, and the smile only grew wider on his face. I went, and knocked on the boys door, they were all in there.

"Hey guys" I said trying to hide the fear in my voice.

"Hey sis" Niall said smiling at he ate a piece of cake. I laughed, I was going to miss him so much.

"You know I love you guys, and I am so thankful for everything you have done for me, you guys are like my brothers, and I couldn't ask for anything more." I smiled, and gave each of them the last hug that I would ever give each one of them, but they didn't know that.

I smiled one last time at them all before I left the room. "Cam, you made a huge impact on all of our lives, thank you" Louis said smiling up at me. It made me feel loved, and it has been a long time since I felt like that.

I got out of the hotel lobby, and called Calub.

"It's about time you called babe" He said but something in his voice scared me, it made me fear him even more then I did before.

"Pick me up at the Holiday INN"

"I could hear his deceiving smile through the phone, and I hung up.

He was there in minutes, and I jumped in the front seat. He smiled at me, and I just looked out the passenger window, up at the room that Harry was in. It broke my heart leaving him, but I knew that it had to be done.

He took me back to the hell hole I had been living in for three years. I hated the site of it, and it made my skin crawl. I actually didn't know what he was going to do, but he didn't look right, and I knew that much.

I braced myself for the worst, "Hunny we are home" he smiled over at me, and I just started walking into the house.

I hated him, I hated everything about him, he ruined my life, and now he was taking me away from the only people that had made it better.

I took a deep breath, "So what do you want Calub"

"I want you back babe, I missed you so much, I couldn't believe it when you left me"

"Okay" is the only thing I could get out of my mouth.

"I have to go out for a bit hun, but I will  be back soon." I nodded my head, he walked over and hugged, me and I just stood there like a dead person.

He left, and I heard a whole bunch of locks, he had locked me in the house from the outside in everyway possible. I started looking around, when I saw a doctors not laying on the table.

I read it, and wasn't surprised at all by what I read.

"Calub Samuel, we are to inform you that you have no been diagnosed with a split personality disorder." I ran to the laptop, and Google'd it immediately. His mind has made up different personalities up, and he didn't even know about it.

This explained why he would be so angry the one second, and then begging me to forgive him the next. He must of developed it a while ago. I think getting angry is what triggered him to be aggressive, and what not.

Now that I knew what it was, I could try to avoid making him angry now, and if that failed try to calm him down, I just hope that I could do that soon.

He scared me even more knowing that he can't control his actions when, this "other" person took over. I knew something was wrong with him, and I tried to bring it up so many times, but he would just get angry with me, and then lose it like every other time.

I heard him start to walk back in the door, and I ran to the living room, and sat on the couch. He walked in, "Hey hun! Look who came to say Goodbye"

I turned around, and there was Ken standing right beside Calub with duct tape around his mouth and wrists, and Ken's little sister standing behind him.

"Calub, let them go please" He pushed Ken on the ground, and his little sister came running up to me crying.

"Shh Carry its going to be alright I promise, just go to the backroom, and don't come out until I call you, Okay?" I said and she ran off.

"What the hell do you think you are doing?!" I screamed at Calub.

"He came to say goodbye" He pulled out a gun, and I took a step back. "Babe please put that down"

Calub looked like he hadn't slept in weeks, and I could tell he was on some kind of drug.

"No, because when he is gone you can't leave me for anybody, it will be just me, and you, nobody can ever come between us." He said smiling at me while he put the gun to the back of Ken's head.

If Ken dies, its all my fault, "Babe don't be silly I would never leave you.." The gun went off, and Ken was laying on the floor. "Ken! I screamed as loudly as I could.

"Babe now you are all mine" Calub laughed, and walked towards me giving me a hug. I couldn't look at anything else except for Ken laying there. He wasn't moving, and I could see where the bullet entered his head. I knew he was gone, and I couldn't even cry, I was angry not sad. I wanted to kill Calub, well that is if he didn't kill me first.

My bestfriend was gone, the guy I called when I needed anything, the guy that stood up for me no matter what, even when I was wrong is gone, and I couldn't bring him back, he was gone because of me, and I started to let the sadness creep in my body. He laid there, and I knelt down beside his body. I was bawling my eyes out, and there was no denying it.

"Ken, please get up" I said I knew how desperate I was, I was in shock , and my hands shook, as I gently rolled him over.

"Please let Carry stay here, please don't hurt her babe" I looked up at Calub saying

"Fine she can stay, but keep her quiet.

"I am going to clean up this mess, and I will meet you back here for supper." I nodded, and ran to the back room to comfort Carry. I could tell she knew what happened, she heard the gun shot, and she was crying. She was scared, and shaking, and I knew exactly how she felt.

"Carry, hunny listen to me okay? Calub is gone right now, I am going to sneak you out of the house, and I want you to contact this number" I gave her the number, it was Zayn's.

She nodded, when they answer the phone I want you to tell them to call the police, okay? Can you do that? I need you to be brave for the both of us right now" I kissed the top of her head, and squeezer her tightly.

I brought her to the bathroom, and she could barely just fit threw the small window, I heard her feet touch the ground, and then she was gone. I took a deep breath, and when I came back out to the living room, Ken's body was gone.


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