Saving aLife

Cam Parker has had it rough, and she has a dark secret that nobody else knows about, she is faced with all of these life decisions, and doenst know what to do! She is ready to just drop, and give up, but "something, or someone gives her the last ounce of hope that she needs to pull threw everything.


18. Never too Late

Harry's POV

She is my love, and I won't et anything hurt her. I told her the truth, the only reason I took the offer was because I wanted to get closer to the beautiful, smart, funny, clumsy, strong, independent girl she is, and I felt stupid that she found out the way she did.

I loved her, and I should have been the one to tell her one on one, she shouldn't of found out the way she did, I was so happy when she gave me a second chance, I just.. I felt like I was ontop of the world, and nothing could ever drag me down.

I woke up thrashing out from her touch, but I only go the empty space where she was laying.

"Cam?" I asked, but I got no reply in return, I just assumed that she was with the boys in their room.

I started walking down the hall to the boys room.

"Is Cam here?" I asked

"No we thought she was with you?" Zayn said looking curious as to what was going on.

"She was here maybe about two hours ago Harry" Liam said We all headed downstairs to see if the man at the front desk had seen her.

"Yes she left about two hours ago, some man came and picked her up out front"

I knew what she was thinking, and I knew what was happening, she was scared that Calub was going to hurt me in the boys, but I told her it was fine. I guess she decided not to listen, I was so angry, I didn't know what to do, I grabbed the bowl off of the front desk, and threw it across the lobby almost hitting Louis.

"She went with him" I managed to mumble out, and I was surprise it felt like my throat was going to close.

Zayn's POV

I knew that something was wrong when Harry walked into the room without Cam. I knew that she didn't want us to get hurt, but it was stupid to think she could handle it by herself.

I could tell by all the boys faces that they were all worried about her, and Niall was pale as a ghost, he really did love her like a little sister, and he would never let anything happen to her. He was a great big brother, but I don't think anyone could have stopped her.

She may have been brave but she was so stubborn.

I felt my phone start to vibrate in my pocket, and I just ignored it. Once I got into the car with Louis it started to ring again. I finally got annoyed enough to answer it.

"Hello mister?" a tiny fragile little voice said

"Yes? Who is this?

"It's Carry, I am Ken's little sister" I could tell that she had been crying or running, maybe even both.

"Why are you calling me off of Cam's Phone love?"

"Calub had Cam, and he killed Ken, he has a gun"

"Where are they!?" I asked almost yelling at the little girl.

"He has her at their house, and he is gonna hurt her mister, you need to help her."

"Listen Carry you need to go to the first house that you can and ask them to call the police okay? "

"Yes" She said and the call ended.

Louis drive to cam's old house now, Calub has her, and he has already killed someone.

I texted Harry, and told him where to go, we pulled up a block away to try, and make sure that Calub didn't see us.

We walked to the back of the house, and I started calling for Cam.

"Zayn? is that you?" I heard her ask desperately.

"Yes baby girl I am here for you we all are"

"Get out of here, he is going to be back soon, and he already killed Ken, you don't want to know what he would do to you guys." I could here from her voice that she was scared for all of us.

"We are not going anywhere" I heard Harry say angrily behind me.

"Babe leave he will kill you" She said pushing us away out of the window. I heard a car pull up, and then she ran away from the window.


I was so happy to see the boys, I knew that they all really cared about me when they were there, the only one of them I didn't see was Niall. I heard the care pull up, and I quickly ran over to the door. I was knocked flat on my ass my Niall.

"What the fuck are you doing here!?!?!" I asked him almost crying just thinking about what Calub would do if he saw him.

"I wanted to make sure you were okay sis"

I pushed him in the closer, "STAY HERE"

I wanted to make sure that nothing would happen to him, somebody already died because of me today, and there was no way I was going to let another. I ran out and hugged Calub, and he picked me off of my feet.  He carried me to our bedroom, the room where Niall was stuck in the closet.

He threw me on the bed, and crawled on top of me, and then started kissing me, "Babe not right now please"

He got a little rougher, and when I put me hand on his chest he ripped my shirt. "Yes now" My ribs where still in so much pain. He was leaning right on them, and I couldn't help but yelp out in pain.

I heard a bump in the closet, and I knew Niall had fell or something. I also knew that Calub had heard it to, he was just about to get up when I jumped ontop of him on the bed.

"What are you doing babe" He asked me brushing hair out of my face.

"I started kissing his neck.."I want you babe" I said desperately trying to get his attention away from the closet.

"Oh really?"

I nodded, and kept on kissing his neck, he pulled his shirt off, and starts to pull my pants down. He got on top of me, and starts to rub his junk up against my stomach. I was just laying there hoping that Niall could stay quiet.

I felt him start to kiss down my chest, and my underwear slide off my legs. I knew what was going to happen, and it happened everytime. I felt him start to thrust inside of me, and the pain was unbearable, and every time I screamed he would hit me, but not hard enough to knock me out. I couldn't stop screaming, and it wasn't because it was good. I was in so much pain, that I had nothing else to do.

Niall came running out of the closet pulling him off of me, and tackling him to the ground. I quickly put on a Tshirt trying to cover myself up. I could hear sirens outside, and I knew that the police had been called, which would only make Calub ever more angry.

Niall get off of him, I screamed.

Calub was up, and with two punches knocked out Niall cold. I was at his side, and then Calub grabbed my hair dragging me to the Kitchen and placing me on a chair, "STAY THE FUCK HERE"

Seconds later he brought Niall in, and Nialls face was already swollen up. He placed him on a chair beside me, and then tied his hands to the chair. He left me, he knew that I wouldn't leave Niall little own try anything to piss him off even more.

"People just keep getting in the way baby" He came back loading the gun.

"Babe don't do this please, he is my brother, babe please stop im begging you" I said starting to cry, he whipped the tears off of my face.

"Babe I hate to see you upset like this"

"Then let him go outside babe, I will stay here with you I promise, I wanna be with you remember, that why I came back baby for you" I think I sounded a little desperate, but I could tell he was thinking about it.

"Okay fine" He smirked, and then shot Niall in the leg. I screamed and ran to Nialls side, he was wide awake now  and screaming in pure agony.

"You said you would let him go!" I screamed crying"'

"He can crawl out of here" He said smiling still

I untied Niall, and hugged him. "Please get out of here I will be fine Niall I swear you have to leave, please do it for me"

He was in so much pain, and I hated it, "please Niall I begged him.

He didn't want to but before he could say anything Calub picked him up, and was carrying him over to the Door. He opened it, and threw Niall out of it. I heard him hit the ground, ad I ran to the front door, almost out of it screaming for Niall. Calub picked me up, and I was clawing and hitting him trying to break free, my hands were reaching for Niall, and I could tell he was trying to crawl back in the house, well until Calub closed the door in his face.

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